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X1carbon doesn t turn on

2015-12-10 | Default
My x1carbin thinkpad doesn t turn on. Have made a hard reset but still nothing. Please help!

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Hi Danizao,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
As per the query we understood that you are facing issue with your ThinkPad X1 carbon not switching ON.
Is there any LED indication on your system when you switch on the system?
Have you checked with different power socket/Power adapter?
Is the hard reset which you have performed is that reset hole, am I right?
If the reset is done from reset hole and issue still persists then you have to replace the system board.
Suggest you to visit nearby service center for further assistance, as this could be a hardware issue.
Hope this helps.
Best regards,
Hemanth Kumar
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X1carbon doesn t turn on

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