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Utility error

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I recently changed to Yosemite and since then I have a funny situation, which is bugging me.
Every 20 minutes on the dot a window pops up from the console with the message "Utility error" In the box is a cloud visible with a zipped up zipper. When I open up the console the information for this incident says
Facility                    org.pythonmac.unspecified.Utility
CFLog Thread        1307
GID                         20
Level                       4
ReadUID                 501
Sender                    Utility
Message                 Utility Error
I have no idea, what that means and how to get rid of it.
Can somebody help please.
best regards
Mark Riccius

Latest answer

You can find which application threw this error from activity monitor. In my case it was an application called ZipCloud. After I trashed it, the error popup has gone away.

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