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Use oracle http server to configure mod_plsql

2015-12-10 | Default
I have a question.
I have already installed HTTP server using the Oracle Database10g Companion CD
on my Windows 2000 SP4.
At the end of the installation, it refers to http://<computer_name>:7777
to open the HTTP server page.
It seems work fine that it showed the Welcome page of HTTP Server and I find this
"Oracle HTTP Server is the Web server component of Oracle Application Server 10g Release 2 (10.1.2). Oracle HTTP Server is a robust, reliable Web server based on the Apache HTTP Server, version 1.3."
But I could'nt do anything of using the mod_plsql components nor another
Modules (mods) which showed in the welcome page since there is no link to such things.
BTW, I have experienced with the HTTP server previously on Oracle9i
When I open the HTTP server page, it showed links to some Modules (mods)
components such as mod_plsql, etc.
Does the HTTP Server in this version need to be configured to use the links like in Oracle9i's HTTP Server?
Or the new Oracle HTTP server does not support for this thing?
Actually, I worked on Oracle Workflow, which need the Oracle HTTP server to configure
some few things such as DAD.
Please, can anybody help me to solve this problem.

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look at
hope this helps

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