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Unable to create image-based pop-up menu

-0001-11-30 | Default
Working in FW MX (yes, I know I'm behind the times!).
Created a pop-up menu; want to experiment with image-based
options, rather than html. When I choose IMAGE on the Appearance
tab of the pop-up editor, no styles are available in the style
choosers for up/over states. (And there ARE styles in the
assets--including some that I've just created.) Furthermore, when I
click through the NEXT buttons to DONE, then return to edit this
pop-up menu, it's defaulted back to html. Image just won't stick.
The documentation says this should be simple and
straightforward, but it ain't. I've spent several hours struggling
with this.

Latest answer

Okay, on the suggestion of one tech support person, I logged
in as a different Windows user. Whaddaya know, the style options
were there! However, when the file is exported, all I get is the
html version, no image/style-based popup. Same when I preview it in
browser (IE7, FireFox). But the preview in the pop-up editor does
show the styles applied--they just don't make it to publication for
some reason.

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