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Third party webcam

-0001-11-30 | Default
i bought an inexpensive webcam that is mac compatible. however, it won't work. i called the company, DYNEX, and they had me run through a series of steps and questions. at the end, they said the problem must be my computer because everything else seems fine. they told me to contact macintosh and ask them to help me adjust sound and video settings. of course now i am past my time limit so it will cost me 50 dollars just for them to try to help me. any ideas?

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Hello iBook fan
When looking at the suggestions Tony links above, consider ALL the uses you contemplate for your webcam. Some software (such as Apple's iMovie) requires Firewire DV input that cannot be provided by USB webcams. Therefore, if you want to use your webcam as a video source for iMovie, stay with a Firewire model.

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