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Stand by time on Yoga 2 Pro

2015-10-11 | Default
Just curious what you folks are getting when your tablet is not in use.
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Thanks! Still thou, that's great standby time! Sure the Pro is 13.3 and the usage will vary because of the massive screen, but it's still a good reference. I'm still debating with myself if I should keep mine (arriving today) or ship it back in favor of different brand. The lack of lenovo's support and track records updates and patches is scaring me off.

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Stand by time on Yoga 2 Pro

Just curious what you folks are getting when your tablet is not in use. Solved! Go to Solution.Thanks! Still thou, that's great standby time! Sure the Pro is 13.3 and the usage will vary because of the massive screen, but it's still a good reference. [More]

2015-10-11 Default

Yoga 2 Pro display/screen wobble in laptop or stand mode

Been looking around but can't find anyone mentioning the screen/display wobble when using the yoga 2 pro in laptop or stand mode.  That baffles me.  I tried normal touching on the screen on the Yoga 2 Pro at Best Buy in laptop and stand modes and the [More]

2015-10-11 Default

Yoga 2 Pro: Touchpad doesn't disable in Tablet or Stand

When I flip to tablet or stand mode (i even get the toast notification that it's switched), the touchpad doesn't disable. I am still able to move the pointer and click. The keyboard however is disabled. I have installed the bios update, energy manage [More]

2015-10-11 Default

Yoga 2 Pro rotation too sensitive & stand mode not working

In tablet mode the Yoga 2 Pro is too sensitive. It seems to rotate for the smallest thing. You have to hold it vertically in order to prevent it from rotating. In stand mode, the image is always upside down. I cannot get it rotated, even after pressi [More]

-0001-11-30 Default

Problems with new Yoga 2 Pro (battery, fan noise, yellow, screen orientatio​n, on-screen keyboard)

I purchased the Yoga Pro 2 on Thursday October 17. I love the computer for so many reasons, (especially since it replaces my 4 year old Compaq that was 6.5lbs!) however, I am also having a few issues with it. It is the i7/8GB/256GB model from BestBuy [More]

2015-10-11 Default

Yoga 2 Pro Touch screen not working

I've had no problems with my yoga 2 pro for over a month, but last night I decided to do windows updates.  This is the model with the i7, and 8gb of ram.  I let it update and then restarted it.  After it started up, I tried to swipe the cover screen [More]

2015-10-11 Default

Poorly designed Yoga 3 Pro keyboard workaround

Several users have been griping about the keyboard of the Yoga 3 Pro. Also certain reviewers have lambasted it (e.g. Gizmodo). First, the physical side of it is lacking for the typical quality you expect from premium Lenovo laptops (e.g. Thinkpad). T [More]

2015-10-11 Default

Yoga 3 Pro Touchpad "Momentum" or "Inertia"

The Yoga 3 Pro appears to use a Synaptics touchpad driver. I have used a Dell at work and an HP at home both using Synaptics touchpads as well as my wife's Toshiba Satellite. The device drivers for these offered "Momentum" which, once you get us [More]

2015-10-11 Default

Yoga 2 Pro vs Thinkpad Tablet 2

Hi Lenovos,  I have a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro tablet which I got as a gift and I'm rarely using it coz of the size and Android. I'm Web a Developer so to do some on-the-go coding, I thought to exchange this with a portable windows tablet and I got some off [More]

2015-10-11 Default

Yoga 2 Pro Tent Mode/Mode Switch Issues

Hi, I can't get my lenovo yoga 2 pro to go into tent mode. In fact, the screen won't even do a full 180 degree flip, but it will do a 90 degree flip to vertical (so I know the screen flip is working to a degree). Further, when switching to tablet mod [More]

2015-10-11 Default

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