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webi report


Problems access to a web application (Web Interface or Web report)

Hi, We found problems with the access to web application. Some users have problems with direct links to the web applications(Web Interface or Web reporting), when they click on the link an error message appears, the message displays the following tex[More]


How to remove blank pages from WebI Report in view page layout option

Hi,          I am working in Business Objects XIR2 environment. I have a WebI report with several sections. I need to show the report as a book with 69 sections (each section on new page). there are 69 sections on cost center and each cost center sec[More]


Change order of key figure is not working in Web report output (using WAD)

Hi, We are using BI 7.0, release 701 and level 008. We are facing problem in WAD (web report output). When ever we do 'Select filter' for key figures and 'change the order' of key figures, it does not get reflected in new order. Though drag and drop[More]


Analysis Authorization in BO 4.0 Webi report

Hi All, I am using BO 4.0 and creating connection from Information Design tool to a BW query using BICS client. This connection is then published to CMC. We are using SAP authentication and importing the roles from BW system. We have added profiles t[More]


BW Analysis authorizations issue in BO Webi Report

Dear All, I have one webi report which is on BEx Query-universe. Query has 6 authorization variables with ready for input(optional). User has authorizations for all 6 fields. But when we execute the webi report it is throwing error message  like" que[More]


How to add A single row at the middle of the table in a Webi report

Hi,      I created a Webi report using Universe(Created universe using bex query).Now i have a requirement to display a row at the middle of a report. Can you please tell me ,how to add a sigle row at the middle of a Webi report.                     [More]


How to create a event at the time of scheduling a webi report

if event fires then only it schedules the webi report give in a brief steps pls its urgent for me.Refer to the below blog Thanks, PrithviRead other 2[More]


Error while executing webi report

Hello Experts, I created a universe using SAP BI query. Now I am using this query to create webi report. so while creating webi report i select 1 characteristics and 1 key figure from the universe and putting them on result objects pane. After puttin[More]


Error when scheduling WEBI report to FTP server

Hi We are getting error "destination directory error. CrystalEnterprise.Ftp: 550 Requested action not taken" while scheduling WEBI report to FTP server. Any help would be appreciated Regards, AnisaHi All, I want a run my report once by schedulin[More]


Error while creting webi report on top of query ,using BO XI3.1

Hi, I'm getting below error while creating webi report ,tried to applying some patches but no luck SAP021_sales value report a database error occured ,the data base error text is error in MDD darasetBW.getcelldata.system error in program CL_RSR_MDX_B[More]


Schedule a Webi report

Hi All, I am getting error "A database error occured. The database error text is: Failed to execute MDX query. Reason: Inconsistent input parameter (parameter: <unknown>, value <unknown>). (WIS 10901)  " while scheduling a Webi repor[More]


Getting error while schedule a webi report

Hi All, I am getting error "A database error occured. The database error text is: The supplied XML is not valid. [Measures].[4KO5AOUTL3ZKE55WDDOMUB0AI]. (WIS 10901) " while scheduling a Webi report. Could anyone help me regarding the error? Rega[More]


Error while refreshing webi report

SAP BO XI 3.1, when i am trying to refresh data in a webi report, its giving error, Invalid prompt definition contact BO admin WI 00005. Though i deleted all filters in Bex query, save the query, import universe, refresh univerese, save universe, exp[More]


URL error while executing a web report in WAD

Hi, When I execute a web report through the Web Application Designer, I get the following error: The requested URL could not be retrieved While trying to retrieve the URL: The following error was encountered: Una[More]


Re : Java error while opening WEBI Report in BO 4.1

Hi Team, while opening webi report i am getting folowing error java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.lang.NullPointerException at Source) at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask.get(Unknown Source) at[More]


SAP BusinessObject Mobile WebI Report Prompt Issue

Hi, I have problem to view the Prompt value in Long Text for WebI report in my iPad. The SAP BusinessObject Mobile application is on version 5.1.12. We are using BI Platform 4.1, and the WebI report is connected to Bex Query using BICS connection. Be[More]


SAP BI Mobile Publishing Webi report issue

Hi All, We want to use the BI Mobile App on IPad for Webi reports. The app is successfully implemented on the IPad, connection to BO server is done, categories are visible. But no report. In Webi I tried to publish my report to the respective 'mobile[More]


Values not getting refreshed in web report.

Hello Friends, Currently i am running an web report. The scenerio is i have check box with 5 options For Ex: IMS , IMR, IMN,IMM,IMP. IMS is the combination of all divisions and IMR is the combination of only three divisions. In BEx we runthe report w[More]


Data not coming in web report

Hi, I have created a multiprovider based on two cubes...have done neccessary identification and selection as well. But the query->web report is not displaying data from one cube. It only displays data for char n kf for one cube and the char n kf for[More]


Convert a web report into pdf and print (in BW 3.5)

Hello gurus, i have few web reports ( created using WAD). i am looking for a possibility to convert a web report (viewed in a browser by a user) into pdf and print them and this should be done by pressing a button. Is it possible in BW 3.5 version?.[More]


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