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VISA detection of reflective memory


Why PCI reflective memory card can not be detected?

It was confusing when I use a VISA Find Source node to detect instruments connected to my computer. A VMIC's reflective memory card----VMIPCI5565---can not be found while it could function well with its  own exacutable programme borned with driver. W[More]


Poor reflective memory read performanc​e

I'm having some trouble with the GE 5565 PIORC reflective memory set of VIs for use with our reflective memory setup. I need to copy a pretty sizable chunk of memory out of reflective memory and into a DLL I've written, but the performance on the "GE[More]


Do I have to use LabVIEW Real Time with a reflective memory node?

For reference with an external data system that will be temporarily installed at a customer's site, they have asked that I tie into their data network to record data from their control system.  They apparently use a reflective memory network for data[More]


Problem with E71 detecting photos in Memory card

I have a Nokia E71. I tried encrypting the memory card first. After this i could not access my data on the memory card hence I decided to decrypt it. Everything on the memory card seems fine except that the Gallery is not recognising the photos on my[More]


DV7 - Error 03F0 - No Boot Device Detected - Passes both Memory and HDD Test

Hi there,  My DV7 will not boot up at all.  When powered on, I see the HP loading screen briefly, then into "dos type" font saying "No Boot Device Detected - Error 03F0" I have run both the memory test and hard drive test from the diag[More]


Detection of low memory???

Just got a brand new iphone 4. only used 4GB so trying to play a game but its telling me "the game has detected your device may be low on memory. restarting may help". Is something wrong with my phone? what do i need to do?Thanks Julian[More]


When will my icloud folder reflect memory upgrade? I am trying to move files from google drive folder to icloud.

My icloud folder does not reflect storage upgrade.  I only had 25GB on my google drive and I have 500GB on my icloud but cannot move these files over. Whats up?How much free storage do you have on your system drive?  Since all files on iCloud Drive w[More]


Gallery not detecting files from memory card -N80

I'm using N80, the gallery is not showing any gallery files in the memory card, if i switch the camera settings to phone memory, the camera images are being shown Any idea ?? thanks " Never think of the negative unless you have fully discovered the p[More]



see question above and help me please... it's slowing down my computer. JHThe figure may not necessarily be high depending what you are doing with firefox. Do you know how much RAM is installed on your computer ? The report is apparently being genera[More]


Does Visa have any buffer/memory or similar?

Hi, I have a comunication with 2 radiomodems via RS232 port, and I get data with VISA in my laptop and have a Visual Basic program that controls the frames in the other embbedded PC that sends me frames of an electronic compass and a GPS. The thing i[More]


VMSERVER detects less Physical memory (RAM - 585 MB) than actual RAM (4 GB)

Hi , I'm a new to Oracle VM. I downloaded Oracle VM and installed it on a Machine with 4GB physical RAM, but after installation of the Oracle VM it shows me only 585 MB. Is anyone came across this problem? Kindly let me know is there is any workaroun[More]


How can i detect "Memory leak" with large LabVIEW projects.

Hi, I have a huge LabVIEW application that runs out of memory after running continuously for some time. I am not able to find out the VI that is hogging up memory. Is there any tool that dynamically detects the VI that is leaking memory. Or, is there[More]


My iPad no longer detects my memory card reader to transfer photos from my camera?

My iPad is no longer detecting my apple memory card reader to transfer photos from my camera to my iPad 2You could try closing the Photos app completely and then re-open it to see if that makes a difference : from the home screen (i.e. not with Photo[More]


Memory corruption detected with linux 3.9.2-1

I have this message with dmesg and kernel 3.9.2-1, it disappears with kernel downgrade (3.8.11), what can i do ?? p.s. the system seems to be stable. [   61.584649] Corrupted low memory at ffff880000006598 (6598 phys) = ff0000000000 [   61.584695] --[More]


Unable to close VIs in memory.

I am using LabVIEW DSC 7.0 I am not able to build the exe because during the build process, i get a message saying the following vis are running in memory. close before build. But i do not have any VI that is open. Some of the VI s that are shown run[More]


Finding Memory Leak in LabVIEW

Hi NG, we wrote a sort of hugh application in labview that collaborates with our ..NET driven device framework and a variaty of unmanged c++ libs. As we are now close to the release we did performance testing and it showed up that the app is consumin[More]


SCRAMNet, LVRT driver and VISA layer

Hello guys, Some of you already have been using SCRAMNet reflective memory boards with LV (here, here and here) I'm trying to use one on my current project, but it makes my target RT PC crash (almost all times). The LVRT SCRAMNet driver I'm using rel[More]


How can I use my Zen Xtra like a flash memory

Hello, I want to know how can I use my MP3 player like a flash memory. I have one and if I conect it with other computers I can't transfer documents and with a flash memory I conect it in all the computers with Windows XP and all of they detect the f[More]


1:1 FSB:Memory ratio on 865pe fisr (250+Mhz)

Does anyone have memory that is capable of running 250mhz and over? I was interested in knowing whether the bios changes your ratio to 5:4 when you select 250mhz FSB and over like mine does. I don't know why it changes the ratio when the ram is capab[More]


Using Open VI Reference to run a VI, on an RT target, with sub-VIs not loaded

I've been using Open VI Reference and Call By Reference Node to remotely run VIs on my RT controller.  I usually wire string data to the vi path input, but this requires the VI to be in memory.  I understand (from LabVIEW help) that I can wire a path[More]


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