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Updating BIOS without floppy drive?

Hi I wish to update my BIOS so I can use my new dual core cpu but it seems incredibly complicated. Like the title says, I don't have a floppy drive. However I've heard some say this doesn't matter and I can install the new BIOS from the hard drive. M[More]


MOVED: Updating BIOS without floppy drive?

This topic has been moved to AMD64 nVidia boards. from: Naff8000 on 09-January-09, 23:42:33 I gave up and tried inserting my old athlon 64 3500 in and it now works, although sometimes the screen[More]


Can't update BIOS?

Am I to understand that I simply cannot update my BIOS, on account of that I'm using WinXP with NTFS and don't know anyone with 98/ME? I really hope I'm missing something here, because that sucks. I shouldn't have to rely on "friends" with outda[More]


Power cut while updating bios

help required.. i was trying to update bios of my newely purchased MSI BOARD VIA K8M800 while updating the bios inbetween the process there was a power cut and know the system is not booting at all Regards Inder[More]


Update BIOS SATA drive

I have recently purchased new PC (Hopefully main spec in sig). The BIOS recognises 4GB of RAM whilst Vista Ultimate only recognises 2GB. I am trying to update the DIOS using a USB floppy drive and have copied the files across to c:\Temp as suggested[More]


Thinkpad t43p update bios, problem

Hi forum, i've a T43p model 2668, Windows 7 Ult., EC 1.06, BIOS 1.27 How to update BIOS to 1.29 (Windows 7) Solved! Go to Solution.I would be afraid to run the BIOS update for an older system from within windows 7. Maybe someone wi6th direct experien[More]


Cannot update BIOS on Satellite L40-14H

Hi, guys! I`m actually use L40-14H notebook with 5.40-WIN BIOS (for XP). When returned to Vista x64 I try several times to update BIOS to 1.90-WIN (for Vista) in Windows mode, but nothing... Any ideas how to do that without USB floppy?Hi, Just nothin[More]


Update 100 Row Data In One Time against a Code

Dear Expert, How can I update a Master Data Row Table record using a particular code. Like I write a query Update Table Set U_UDF = 'Value' Where Code = 2 U_UDF is the field of Master Data Row Table's field. There are 100 Row against code 2 & I want[More]


Can not access BIOS after update BIOS

Can not access BIOS after update X220 BIOS to version 1.19 Type: 4290-R32 BIOS: 1.19 Ask google and try anyway but[More]


Updated bios via Live Update and now my Network card isn't detected

I have an msi Z87-GD65 Gaming Motherboard and I updated some drivers and the bios via msi Live Update 6 last night and now my computer refuses to recognize my network adapter. The adapter is a TRENDnet N600, plugs into PCIe if I'm not mistaken. Wifi[More]


Updating single row by multiple users at the same time

Hi, I have been asked to develop an application where a single row from a table will be accessed by multiple users. Even multiple users can try to update the same row at the same time. So, to provide a solution of this problem should it be the best w[More]


How to update multiple rows in one query using php

i am new to this can any one help me how to update multiple rows at a time i am doing an school attendance pageOften the situation is such that you have multiple courses across a range of dates.So students may take more than one course, and you need[More]


Update one row at a time, Data Grid

Is it possible to update one row of a mx:DataGrid at a time.  I want to be able to have a user push a button and info populates one row of the data grid, user changes some properties and pushes the button again and another row of values populate the[More]


Update all rows in a View Column via one Apex Form field

Appreciate any helpful answers to this query. I have an Apex App (4.x) where I have a view: PRICE_MODEL_CRA_V In the view, I have the following applicable columns: COUNTRY GRADE SALARY In the form I have the following fields :P16_COUNTRY (DROPDOWN) :[More]


How to Update Particular row in a table from OAF page

Hi Can anyone please help me on the following requirement: In my oaf page i am displaying table values(supplier site details from base tables) with update and delete icons . When i click on update button a new page opens in which we used to update th[More]


How to add new row and update existing rows at a time form the upload file

hi How to add new row and update existing rows at a time form the upload file example:ztable(existing table) bcent                      smh            nsmh         valid date 0001112465      7.4                       26.06.2007 0001112466      7.5   [More]


Error in replicat when updating a row

Oracle 11gR2 OGG I am getting the following error when updating a row that exists in both the target and source db: OCI Error ORA-01403: no data found, SQL <UPDATE....The following is in the discard file: Record not found Mapping problem w[More]


Can not update BIOS R830-14U

Notebok Satellite R830-14U (part ? PT32LE) with BIOS 2.70 & EC 1.10 after upgrade Intel Management Engine Interface v. i can not update BIOS - error "This computer is not supported"[More]


Need help in SQL Query: Update a row in a table & insert the same row into another table

I want to update a row in a table say Table A and the updated row should be inserted into another table say Table B. I need to do it in a single SQL query and i don't want to do it in PL/SQL with triggers. And i tried with MERGE statement but its wor[More]


Trigger in mutation - Update another rows in the same table with a trigger

Hi , I try to do a before update trigger on a table , but the trigger is in mutation. I understand why it do that but my question is : How can I update other rows in the same table when a UPDATE is made on my table?????? Here is my trigger : CREATE O[More]


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