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trace mac address on network


How to trace MAC  Address Of a Machine with PL/SQL

As MAC Address Of a Machine is Unique, for security, how to use trace the MAC Address of a machine on a WAN/LAN and record it in the database.Please note that it is important part of Audit TrailMAC ADDRESS is unique, whereas IP Address is variable. E[More]


[SOLVED] Lost MAC address on network card

It seems that my wired ethernet card has lost its MAC address. Some information/output: # lspci|grep Ethernet 02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 88E8055 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller The card uses the sky2 kernel module #[More]


Airport allows deleted MAC addresses on network

Am I misunderstanding Airport Security and timed access? I've deleted Mac addresses from devices previously on my network, but the devices are still able to join the Airport network again. (I have not changed the password.) I thought this set up requ[More]


Blocking particular Mac-address in Network

Hi, The problem is regarding virus infected machine in network. The machine is not in city, is in distant region. We have IP address, Mac-address for the machine. Even could find out which machine it is, and able to disconnected it from the network f[More]


Blocking Mac-address in Network

Hi, The problem is regarding virus infected machine in network. The machine is not in city, is in distant region. We have IP address, Mac-address for the machine. Even could find out which machine it is, and able to disconnected it from the network f[More]


Windows Network Load Balancing - Virtual MAC Address

Hi All, I have environment that running 2 Exchange 2010 server with CASHT and join windows network load balancing as a node. My question is, If NLB service is restart, is it virtual MAC Address for NLB will change to new virtual MAC Address? Thanks f[More]


Getting Mac address

hi all is there any way to get the mac address of Network Interface Card. i need it in my form application thanksHi, not from Forms directly and I doubt you can do this from Java. If so, you could use the Java Importer to obtain this information. Oth[More]


Looking for my computer name and mac address.  Where do i find them?

I think this should be straightforward.  Where would I find my Mac Address and name of my computer?  I want to tether with my phone and need to give my phone this info. Thanks in Advance. DebYour Computer Name is found in the Sharing preferences at t[More]


How to map MAC address to Logical name

Hi all: Is there any command to get the logical NIC name according to MAC address? The 'ifconfig -a' command only list the network information for these plumbed network card. But how to get the logical name for these unplumbed network cards if I know[More]


Why does my AE gen 2 crash when I put my iPhone MAC address in?

AE gen 2 with Time Capsule. I use MAC address for security (I think that is OK). I have a number of items that need WIFI and their specific MAC addresses are put into the box. All OK so far! Recently my wife and I have purchased iPhone which I also w[More]


Change MAC Address

How do you change the MAC address in Leopard?I've found that works great in Leopard... for spoofing the AirPort MAC address. Not so much for the ethernet. It seems that something changed in Leopard and I haven't seen any informati[More]


MAC addresses are different

I bought a new MacBook Air a few days ago and have been setting it up. When I tried to connect it to the Internet, I had to enter the MAC address of the computer into the system of the Internet provider. I looked up the MAC address by going into "Abo[More]


New MacPro eth1 MAC address showing as HP?

Hi All, Just purchased a new MacPro with 10.9.2 on it. We record MAC addresses for network troubleshooting, and while capturing those addresses I noticed something strange with this particular Mac Pro. There are two physical Ethernet interfaces on th[More]


SCOM Network Discovery - Duplicate nodes with different Device Keys (MAC address)

Hi There, We have deplyed SCOM 2012 SP1 for server and network monitoring. In the "Network Devices" view, there are few duplicate node entries for the same device. When i look at the details of each entry, the device keys (MAC address) are diffe[More]


Tools to find a mac address on a port in my network

I would like to find a tool to help me to easily locate a mac address on the network. At the moment I use the following comands : On the central switch : sh mac-address-table then sh cdp neighbors to locate the witch on with the mac address is connec[More]


Ethernet MAC address has changed and I can no longer connect to the network

I have a new iMac, 21.5" running 10.6.4. It was purchased in the past month. I am using it on an ethernet network and using DHCP to obtain the address. It has been working for the past few weeks. I turned it on today and it is failing to connect. Aft[More]


HT1178 How do I restrict access to my network to mac addresses?

I am setting-up a new Time Capsule and wish to restrict access to my wireless network to only those mac addresses of my equipment.  I can't find instructions on how to do this.  Any help in pointing me to the correct resource would be appreciated.Sug[More]


Can I get the Mac address in Audit logs of Active directory server for the user's machine which connect to the network/Domain

Hello All, I am trying to get the information of all the user's who connect to our Domain network by signing in using the domain account. For this I am using the Windows audit group policies ( I am not sure of there is any other way). I can see when[More]


I have just bought a Humax PVR and Humax W-Lan dongle to connect to my Airport Extreme. I have put the mac address into the AE. The installation screen is picking up my network name no problem but it won't connect to the internet. Can anyone help please?

I have just bought a Humax 7500T PVR and a Humax W-Lan dongle to connect to my Airport Extreme. I have put the mac address into the AE. The installation screen on my TV is picking up the network name but once appied it won't connect to the internet.[More]


TA24649 mac address needed to join wireless network

i am unable to connect the device to our secured network without the mac address how do I get it?Settings> general> network.Read other 2 answers[More]


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