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  • Nokia Asha 201 - Picture messages B&W Fuzzy ???

    Hi I am getting MMS messages that contain pictures from other people (using different phones) all in B&W , and can hardly tell what they are, as they are extremely pixelated.. I am using the latest firmware/ software, as i have updated Why is this ha

  • AUDIO help...IMAGES help!!!!

    I have recently created a site using iWeb 1.1.2. All looks and works well in iWeb. I uploaded to the server, (my own domain, not .Mac) and the audio files I put up do not load, there is either a question mark or the quicktime Q. Nothing happens if yo

  • Couldn't resolve the host name (AGAIN!!!!​)

    I get this error alot! I've searched all kinds of forums and tried so many things that sometimes work (e.g., clear cache, restart). This is a common problem that renders the Playbook useless. It's so frustrating when you need to quickly jump online t

  • IPhoto slideshow has wrong aspect ratio for iMovie and/or FCP

    When I output a slideshow at 720x480 from iPhoto then import it into iMovie or FCP, the images are stretched vertically. I can adjust the ratio in FCP (-10 seems to be a good number), but there is no fix for iMovie. I like the iPhoto slideshow capabi

  • Database version for compaq 4.0d

    Can someone tell me what kind of oracle database I can use on compaq 4.0d? thanks pedroHello Dimitri, Thid is very intersting but I do not understand why I have on any version of Apex export the same error: name: ora-20001_error_import_apex_applicati

  • SAP workflow documents needed

    Hi, Please provide the documents related SAP workflow.. <THREAD LOCKED. Please read the [Rules of Engagement|] to discover why> Edited by: Mike Pokraka on Sep 5, 2008 12:13 PMhai john, plea

  • 2x2.8 Quad Xeon 26 gig shuts down on it's own generally after a few minutes. Help....

    My tower is an inferno of shut downs. usually after a few minutes more when I try and use Adobe apps (photo shop CS5 and Bridge). I have reinstalled all adobe software.  all updates are current. Running OS 10.6.8 I have pulled the Ram cards for a few

  • ComboBox width issue

    Hi: I have a popup window of a fixed size which is used through out the application. This popup has a combobox of a set width. But the length of label data in the box is longer than the width so data is always hidden. for example, say  my combobox wi

  • Installation du logiciel LR sur mon deuxième ordinateur.

    Acheteur d'un Leica M9, j'ai installé LR4 sur mon ordinateur principal dès l'acquisition du matériel. Je souhaite installer cette version sur mon deuxième ordinateur, Mac Book 13". L'installation est refusée systématiquement. J'essaye LR3. L'installa

  • Infinete poll

    Hi! We are trying to create a network surveillance page, where we use poll. But the poll has a timeout, how can we avoid that timeout? /CasperHi, I have not found any timeout property for af:poll. It has the following properties id="p1" interval