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sap rptime00 accum ne validity


Sap hr: Infotypes without validity dates

Hi 1)Can u  name some of the Infotypes in sap hr without validity dates, 2)what r the infotypes v have to assign in         a) Trermination         b) pramotion         c)retirement         d)pramotion Akhil.Hi, All of the infotypes in HR need to be[More]


Error in SAP HCM OM No valid interval found (internal number assignment)

Hi Experts, I am facing a typical problem. When ever I am trying to create any OM Object from any transaction say PO10,PO13,PO12 what ever the system is giving an error "No valid interval found (internal number assignment". I have check every th[More]


Custom Function in SAP MDM Data Manager Validation

Hi SDN, Can we write our own custom function for Validation of the records. Actually my requirment is   For a particular Account Group The value of the G/L Account must be in particular range and it must have a specific Length. For Example: IF( Chart[More]


SAP BPC 5.1 Validation Tolerance in Validation Business Rules

I am trying to use the the validation tolerance field in the validation business rules and I make it work This is how i understand it: For example, I am trying to create a control that check that net assets = equity in the balance sheet with a tolera[More]


SAP note validity

Hi experts, I've read that SAP notes are changes to standard code which are to be included in the next release. I was approached by a team to implement a SAP note; upon checking the validity the note is only applicable to previous SAP versions. Our s[More]


Development of:  SAP- XML IDOC Validation - Mapping - EDI-VAN

Hi , I am novice to SAP. I would appreciate, if you would suggest best way to achieve following Scenario: With Minimum Cost. No High Cost middleware products, beacuse we have only following two scenarios. 1.  SAP - > XML IDOC (SHPMNT01) Validation -[More]


SAP Validation

Hi, I am working in a pharma company. My question is: For validation of SAP Does SAP provides the prepared validation protocol with the software itself or we will have to order it separately? Is that protocol is sufficient to validate Whole SAP or we[More]


CUP - Issue regarding creation of New SAP ID in CUP.

System :  SAP GRC 5.3 SP 12.. We have requirement where in we need to design a workflow for creation of New SAP ID. The Naming convention followed for SAP ID is FIRST LETTER of FIRST NAME and LAST NAME with maximum 8 characters. For Eg JOHN SMITH wou[More]


SAP installation in windows vista

Hi All, For latest windows vista operating system shall SAP installation will support? Thanks. Regards, Srinivasa Anil KumarNo. Vista is a CLIENT operating system. If you want to use Windows use Windows 2003 or Windows 2008.[More]


Multiple Valid Addresses of a specific address type -- SD Customer

Hi Gurus - My customer wants to add a new address type called "Job Site Address" (ZJ) which they want to attach to all customers. I believe this is standard functionality. However, they have a situation where the customer could have many valid J[More]


Check in failed -

Hi ,    I tried to chekced in Webdynpro Dc but it failed. I m sending log for error. What can be problem??? Development Component Build (2008-02-11 02:18:25)   Component name: prp   Component vendor:   SC compartment: asianpaints.com_[More]


JDBC -- SAP -- JDBC Scenario!!

Hi All, The scenario is like this: Sender : picking the data from multiple tables in MaxDB like      Order ID,Customer ID etc... and passing this values to SAP. In SAP, if the Order ID,Customer ID doesn't exists then we need to create in SAP. For thi[More]


Total number of users with valid passwd

Hi all, what is the way to check the total number of users (existing on my SAP system) with a valid passwd? I know how to find the total number of users but I just need the info for the valid passwd. Thanks in advance, LoukasHI Loukas, Transaction SU[More]


XML validation in ABAP

Hello all, Need a little help, I have implemeted a program which creates an XML file after an DTD(eq. BMEcat). How a validation can be implemented in this report which check if the XML file is well formed after the DTD? To mention that for creating t[More]


SSL error when connecting in SAP HANA Cloud Portal tutorial

Hi, I'm going through the tutorial for SAP HANA Cloud Portal - SAP HANA Cloud Portal Developers Tutorial Unfortuanatelly I have problems with deploying public destinations (page 9). When I try to deploy the destination for the CRM back from the comma[More]


Does SAP support work and motion study

Does any of the SAP module supports Time and motion study analysis. Something like the "Maynard Operation Sequence Technique (MOST)"Yes..I got a reply from SAP. It is valid for ECC 6 too.Read other 2 answers[More]


BP search query gets Valid Value error

I am using the tutorial example to add all business partners to a combo box. The only change is to the query used: RS.DoQuery("SELECT DISTINCT CardCode, CardName FROM OINV T0 join INV1 T1 on T0.DocEntry = T1.DocEntry WHERE U_Active = 'Y' ORDER BY Car[More]


ECATT integration with Mercury QuickTest for SAP

For the past few months I have been evaluating Quick Test Professional from Mercury and eCATT (extended Computer Aided Testing Tool) from SAP as testing tools for SAP. Mercury has a strong partnership with SAP and the two companies have offered ways[More]


SAP FI/CO Training Materials & SAP 4.6C Installation File

  Hello ALL, Is  SAP FI/CO and SAP 4.6C  a valid version to study SAP ? Regards, MA IQBALHi Mohammad, You want study material(E-book) or SAP software ?Read other 2 answers[More]


Inputs for Data validation

Hi, can anyone share the inputs for data validation. Source data to SAP retail data any validation tools? any enay method to extract data from SAP, apart from tables Regards, ArunHi vamsi nagaraju it depends on wich version of ECC you are using, if y[More]


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