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Hi , We have a requirement to capture customer information with sales data , in current data structure sales data is flowing through SAP POSDM to SAP BI and SAP ECC system , for inbound we are using multi-create IDOC . Please tell how can we capture[More]


POSDM TIBQ entries in error status

Hi POSDM experts, We have set up jobs to pick transactions from inbound queue for every 5 mins using the program /POSDW/INBOUNDDISPATCHER. We noticed that certain queues ran into status /posdw/tibq-recordstatus = 2 (error). We can identify the queues[More]


Line item details of transaction in SAP POSDM

Hi , Can any body please tell me how to get the line items value of a particular transaction in POSDM. I think there is a Function Module that should be used. Can anybody please tell me the Function Module name. I have to get the sales value of each[More]


POSDM Duplicate records

Hi Experts,                     Is there a way to handle duplicate records in SAP POSDM? Thanks in advance, KhanHi Abhijit,                Thanks for the reply. Is it mandatory that we have to maintain rule code to maintain a precondition filter? and[More]


POSDM Documentation

Hi Does any One has some good deocumentation on POSDMHi, If you are looking for technical help, Did you check this technical guide? <> AJRead other 2 answers[More]


How to find a standard abap proxy?

Hello,dear all We are integrating SAP POSDM and third party system with XI, the data flow is 3-rd party --> XI --> POSDM.The third party system will send a xml file to XI,XI convert it and send it to POSDM using IDoc. Idoc type is WPUBON,the process[More]


How can I generate IDOC(WPUUMS) from XML file in POSDM or in SAP Retail

Hallo Retail expert,                             I have following scenario, I have Retail Store who send me their daily sales report through Wincor Nixdorf Point of sale. There i am using standard POSLOG2 to SEEBURGER(its a middleware which act as Co[More]


How to upload data from POS Workbench to BW Info Cubes and then to SAP R/3

Hi, I have used some sample data as input to BAPI "/POSDW/BAPI_POSTR_CREATE" to create sample transactions in POSDM. Then I had executed this data to POS Workbench. Now my requirement is to upload this data further to Info Cubes and then to R/3[More]


Setting aggregation level in POSDM

Hi experts I would like to consult from you regarding SAP standard function on aggregation level to be set in POSDM. The requirement I get is to aggregate sales in the level of day/store/article/promotion ID. Are there any solution to this in terms o[More]


Problem in value mapping in POSDM configuration!

Hi Experts,                           I am sending data from POS to POSDM. I hav used standard name spaces like GM store Connectivity, BI and Store Connectivity 2.0. I hav also done settings in ID . Made a File adapter and RFC adapter and RD, ID, SA[More]


POS XI POSDM integration

Hi Experts,                      I am into POS XI POSDM integration . My queries are,    1. Is there any specific forum in XI where I can get in touch with those, who have undertaken the following type of integtarion.     2. My scenerio is File 2 XI[More]


Using Enterprise service for POS integration to POSDM

Hi I have few question on using Enterprise Service  for POS Inbound . 1. Is it possibe to get this XML schema for Enterprise Service 2. Lets say we have to use a third party POS to  integarte POSDM via PI. But then if we don't want to do any transfor[More]



Hi 1. How does data is sent from XI to POSDM. I mean like should we execute any job in POSDM to pull the data from XI. 2. How does data integrity is done in POSDM? Is POSDM mechanism is same as LSMW? Regards AnnieHi Annie, do chk this link SAP POS DM[More]


Different aspect to extract data from SAP retail.

Hi Gurus,       I will working on SAP retail system , including SAP retail/POSDM,  please tell me how to extract data from those systems, is it different from  the way to extract data from SAP ECC , eg SD/FICO etc? Many Thanks,Hello , Retail will use[More]


POS - XI POSDM - R/3 Implementation.

Hi experts,         Currently I am into the POS - XI POSDM - R/3 Implementation scenerio.I hav  doubts. Data frow from POS to XI to POSDM to R/3. . Similarly data from R/3 to XI - POS.       I wish 2 know from the experts, wether they agree with the [More]


POSDM link missing

HI experts, After enabling POSDM content in BI, link for *SAP POS* is missing    (POS Data Warehouse Management -- POS Inbound Processing -- Integration with Other SAP Components ---SAP POS ) Pls tell me  the solution to get the missing link. regards[More]



HI experts, After enabling POSDM content in BI, link for *SAP POS* is missing    (POS Data Warehouse Management -- POS Inbound Processing -- Integration with Other SAP Components ---SAP POS ) Pls tell me  the solution to get the missing link. regards[More]


POSDM ERROR....Sales data not uploading

Hi I'm doing ISR,POS & POSDM integration as an XI Consultant.(using standard XI contents) While uploading EOD sales data in posdm... I got the following error... Exception caught with cause error while p[More]


POSDM - filter value for category code determination

Hi Guru's Pl advice on significance of setting the filter value for Category Code Determination in POSDM config under /posdw/img -> general settings. If my inbound tlog contains all the relevant POS transaction type codes , which have been defined in[More]


POS Interface with no POSDM!! Possible?

My client is planning to implement standard POS interface in IS Retail. I have worked several times with POSDM in order to post the Sales, Financial and Inventory Data into SAP, but all used standard POSDM. The client does not have POSDM license and[More]


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