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  • Image in Bridge won't open in Photoshop CS5

    When I right click on an image in Bridge and select Open it won't open in Photoshop like it used to. Why? What can I do?I was posting incorrectly. I have no further comments.Read other 9 answers

  • How to send report to the Inbox of user using RE SDK?

    Hi, I want to send a report to the Inbox of user using RE SDK. How can i proceed to perform above task. Can anybody send me the detail code? it will be helpful for me to understand. please help! Thanks in advance Amol MaliAny help on this ? thanks An

  • Why the White Lines around imported Photoshop Images

    Working in CS6, importing native Photoshop images into an Illustrator gradient.  Certain imported Photoshop images, with transparent background, produce white lines bordering the images.   The white lines stand out against the AI gradient.  The white

  • Reg. Alv report using function modules

    I have a ALV report in which i am displaying a report in main screen1. i have a pushbutton on the main screen. when i click the pushbutton it has to display the interactive report below, in the main screen1 itself. like it has to display first the ma

  • Template problem - displaying css in Safari

    Safari disables CSS after adding an Editable Region to a template. Safari seems to be choking on <!-- TemplateBeginEditable name="" --> <!-- TemplateEndEditable --> tags. When these tags are deleted the page shows up just fine in Saf

  • How to retrieve SQL statement in the CR 2008

    I'm using Crystal Reports 2008 in MS Visual Studio 2008, how can i retrieve SQL statement from *.rpt file, i have tried this code, but it doesn't work: ReportDocument rdReport = new ReportDocument(); rdReport.Load("Reports/EmployeeTest.rpt", Ope

  • Does OBIEE picks up Email Id of the user from LDAP?

    Hello All, As soon as I configured the iBot I want to send the reports output as email. I assigned them to the user. It is failing with the following errors. " No devices for user: xxxxxx" My understanding was LDAP where the user authentication

  • Content Viewer for iPad is still broken.

    Yikes. I've got 3 folios giving me update messages when there are no updates. I go to update one of the folios, and the app crashes as soon as I hit the Update button. Another folio updates okay, but crashes as soon as I tap View. Adobe?One folio sim

  • Please explain to me why the glass and digitizer have to be replaced together ?

    I do not understand why the glass and digitizer have to be replaced together. My Ipad works fine with cracked glass, so the digitizer must be perfectly fine. Why can't I just replace the glass ? Please explain to me the mechanical function of the dig

  • Too many disk I/O tasks. (Elastic Audio) (-10022)?

    I'm also getting an error that says: Extreme compress factor detected during playback. (Elastic Audio)(-10025) The project I'm working on is actually quite basic and simple. Logic keeps stopping my sequencer and posting both the messages. What's up?