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qosmio g30 freezes


Qosmio G30 freezes upon Norton Internet Security 2008 startup

Norton Internet Security 2008 will freeze my computer as soon it tries to load and the only way to go on is to restart the system by pressing the on/off-button. My notebook is a Toshiba Qosmio G30-177 (Model No. PQG32E-02G022GR) with Vista Ultimate a[More]


Qosmio G30-126 - black sceen after waking up from sleep mode

Hi, if I just put my Qosmio G30-126 to sleep mode (button or just close the cover) it start back only with dark screen. HD is running but nothing else. I have to switch off power and start again with switching on. Of course came up screen with menu t[More]


Qosmio G30-194 What type of Vista (Home, Business or Ultimate)?

I have two Qosmio G30. One at work (G30-153) and one at home (G30-194). I use both for working and also to play movies, games, etc. At work I use a domain. Please advise me about what version of Vista is better to use. I prefer to have the same versi[More]


Qosmio G30-126: how to connect analog TV and satellite TV simultaneously

Hi, I have a Qosmio G30-126 and have a problem with simultaneous receiving analog TV (by TV-in port in built-in TV tuner) and satellite channels from satellite set-top-box (by AV-in ports). I can programm Windows Media Center for analog TV (but witho[More]


Qosmio G30-116: How to connect the Sky Digital box to watch TV?

I just recently purchased the Qosmio G30-116 on the understanding that I can connect my Sky digital to the laptop (somehow) and watch and record sky on the laptop * note: I am not using freeview or normal TV I am using SKY DIGITAL * usint the supplie[More]


How to connect a Qosmio G30 to the TV

Could someone please help me. I am not at all good with computers so really need it. I want to conect my Qosmio G30 to my TV. It' s an old TV not LCD or plasma. I have a cable with my laptop which connects from the laptop to the TV via a scart connec[More]


Re: How to upgrade memory on Qosmio G30-201 and where to buy memory

Hi, I have a Qosmio G30-201, with the following spec: - Intel Centrino Duo Mobile Technology featuring Intel Core2 Duo Processor T7400- Genuine Windows XP Media Center Edition- 400 (200 + 200) GB Hard Disk Drive- 2,048 (1,024+1,024) MB DDR2 RAM (533[More]


Qosmio G30-126 - Strange scratching noise

Hi! I have a Qosmio G30-126 and OS Vista Ultimate. about a month ago my laptop was taken to service because it wouldn't turn on, but since last week, when I started it up there was a prolonged scratching noise on the startup, and since then whenever[More]


Qosmio G30 - black screen on external monitor

Qosmio G30 (PQG32E) running Vista Home Premium, NVIDIA GeForce Go 7600 driver, I cannot get a picture on an external monitor (tried two different monitors). Specifically: 'Windows Mobility Center' will recognise that a monitor is connect[More]


Qosmio G30 - Media center remote control doesn't work in windows

Dear All, I have Qosmio G30-194, first i had a problem with the VGA , i send it for repair, when it comes back i noticed that the remote control is not working on windows Media Center, while in A/V mode it work perfectly. I tried to do full system re[More]


Windows Vista 64 Bit and Button Support - Qosmio G30?

Windows Vista 64 Bit and Button Support?Everybody claiming that Vista x64 (or Ultimate) can't be used with FN keys or Flash Cards is utterly wrong! I have a Qosmio G30 running Vista x64 Ultimate, and have both FN keys, Toshiba Flash Cards and (partly[More]


Qosmio G30-126 monitor become black and FN buttons don't work

Hello, I have small problem, ehm two problems but perhaps small for you :) Last week I install Vista ultimate WITHOUT RECOVERY CD.. It's OK, but I'm closing cover of notebook and instantly open, monitor become black and i can't anything do beyond res[More]


Windows 7 installation on a Qosmio G30

When performing an advanced installation of Windows 7 on a Qosmio G30, the HDDs are not seen. I mean, on the screen where I am supposed to select the drive to install Windows, there is nothing on display. Do I have to uodate the HDDs drivers? If yes,[More]


Re: Qosmio G30 - RAID Problems on OS Installation

I've had my Qosmio G30-161 for half a year, and thought it'd ought to be time to reinstall the whole thing, so i could get rid of stuff i didn't need (Programs, Viruses and non-interesting video clips). So i took my XP MCE Cd and tried to install, an[More]


Can I put Blu-ray drive on Qosmio G30?

Hi all, I have a Qosmio G30-163 with an HD DVD Drive (MATSU****A G8CC00031720) and I am currently in the process of upgrading it. I recently bought a 4GB RAM upgrade kit from Crucial (CT2KIT25664AC667) and am looking into further upgrades. Does anyon[More]


How to switch to S-video- or AV-input on Qosmio G30-188?

Hello! How can I see the pictures which are coming in from the av- or s-video-input on the right side of my Qosmio G30-188? I couldn't find a way in the media centre. Please help. Thanks in advance.Hi You can start the Media Center Edition by pressin[More]


No sound through the HDMI connector using Qosmio G30-201 & Vista

I am getting no sound through the HDMI connector using VISta. I have XP and Vista on my laptop. When i boot into Xp I can get the sound to come through the television but when I boot into vista I have no sound coming through. I have just reloaded bot[More]


Qosmio G30: SPDIF option unavailable in Audio Properties

Qosmio G30, SigmaTel HD Audio Codec, running XP 2 I'm attempting to route the audio signal thru the built in coaxial out to amp. No signal. When I go to Sounds and Audio Devices>Advanced>Volume control panel /Properties there is no slider /column fo[More]


Qosmio G30 212 - Recovery CD in English

I am searching the links to download the Recovery CD for my Qosmio G30-212 but in English instead of French (what I have now). Does anybody know where to look for there CD's ? Any help is Welcome ;-)Hi You can order the Recovery CD from the ASP in yo[More]


Qosmio G30 TV tuner problem

Dear All, Notebook Model: Toshiba Qosmio G30 I have formatted notebook and installed Windows XP pro, I did my best installed all drivers and programs. I began to test notebook, I have seen one problem TV tuner. As we know before in notebook was Windo[More]


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