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qosmio g30 freezes


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  • URL missing from Media tag

    I am trying to stream a live video from Adobe Media Server. I am sending  a video to the server from Adobe Flash Media Encoder 3.2. On Adobe Media Server I open the sample video player (videoplayer.html) in a browser. In the STREAM URL field I put: h

  • Add a play/pause button on old Macbook

    I got pretty used to have a play/pause button on my new iMac. But as I still have an old Macbook Pro (the first Intel core duo 2006 model) Apple didn't make buttons on the keyboard to navigate through your media in iTunes or Spotify or whatever media

  • "Unexpected Quit" in Asset Encoding stage

    Lately every time I have tried to make DVDs out of my iMovie projects it runs asset encoding for hours and then I get a "iDVD has unexpectedly quit" message. These are not huge movies and I have a lot of extra space on my G5 - I store other proj

  • HELP !!!...How do I resolve this ERROR.

    Hi All I have a production database running on windows 2000 advanced server, database version is 8i(8.1.7) and I am getting this error message in nmi.log file, does anyone knows what it is?? and how do I resolve it. Fatal NI connect error 12560, conn

  • No backlight when Leopard installer loads on MacBook Pro

    The installation process starts. As soon as the language selector pops up, the backlight on the display turns off. The display is still on, I can barely see what's on it if it's on the middle of the day and sunny weather, or if I use a flashlight and

  • Photoshop CC - There was an error opening your printer..

    OSx Maveriks + iMac27" late 2011 16Bg DDR I have some trouble with some files and print/printer. This is the message I get. This issue happens only with some files link this : LINK With some others I have no problem at all. Have restored PS preferenc

  • Descriptor version does not match runtime version ERROR

    My application tag is as follows: <application xmlns=""> I even tried (same error result): <application xmlns=""> adl.exe version

  • Xv6800 wifi connected but pages do not load error?

    we just got verizon fios wifi in our house and my xv6800 phone is connected but pages dont want to load? ive also entered the code from the router? ive used wifi before with this phone and works perfect?As long as you are connecting to the right rout

  • WRT54G help!

    Hello Linksys forums! I've been having extreme troubles with the aforementioned router model and I've called Verizon Technical Support and spoke with a Linksys tech person but to no avail. The situation: My Vista computer that has a DSL modem which i

  • Enhancer in Eclipse IDE

    I was advised to add -tcl false flag to the kodo.enhance.JDOEnhancer. How do I add the same flag to the Eclipse IDE enhancer?Shirish- There is currently no way of specifying flags for the enhancer when run within our IDE integration. This could proba