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  • How to display total in alv only for single row

    Hello, I wish to replace VAT field in my ALV OUTPUT from another ITAB using READ TABLE. But in ALV output I have multiple rows for one document number. So the value is assigning to all the rows in output, is it possible to assign that VAT value to on

  • Schedule lines of Schedule Agreement

    Hi Friends Can any one please provide me detailed defination of Schedule Lines of the Schedule Agreement. Helpful Answers will be rewarded. Thanks in advance.Hi, check tcode ME33 TABLES EKKO HEADER TABLE        EKPO ITEM TABLE Regards, V.Balaji Rewar

  • My CF card reader no longer works with OSX 10.9

    I am a video editor, I shoot my content on a Canon XF-305 which creates MXF files on CF cards. Until I updated to OSX 10.9 everything was fine and I used to insert the CF cards into my Kingston FCR-HS3 USB card reader and then import/convert the foot

  • Using Font Folio in InDesign to export in PDF to app store

    Our customer is creating applications using In Design.    These applications are exported into PDF format for viewing on mobile devices.    Is there any additional licensing needed from Adobe in this scenario? Also, in the future (not now) if the cus

  • Oracle InterConnect 10g

    Can you install Oracle AS Interconnect 9.0.4 with a 9iAS Rel 2 (9.0.2) Infrastructure? I noticed an issue listed in the 10g certification matrix : "383392 - Oracle AS InterConnect is only certified with metadata repository"...does this r

  • Mounting external drive while in Single-User mode

    Last night, a friend of mine's hard drive was failing in his Macbook (in San Diego, I'm in Colorado). Booting into normal mode would cause a lot of errors. He booted into single-user mode and could not figure out how to mount his firewire drive. I bo

  • Difference between macros..? urguent can any one plz..?

    1) Rp-read-infotype pernr-pernr 0041 p0041 pn-begda pn-endda. 2) rp_provide_from_last p0041 space pn-begda pn-endda. what is the difference between the two macros..? plz reply as soon as u can friends..? regards satish.vHi Satish, Not sure though...

  • Ready to switch

    Why does Verizon continue to call another number besides mine on my account in regards to late payments. I have repeatedly told Verizon to call my cell number but to no avail.    Oh no! We really don't want you to switch due to the calls being made t

  • Can't import contacts

    Heita, Nokia 3120 classic, Windows XP professional, Nokia PC suite Just installes the whole lot & connected via bluetooth. Tried to edit my contacts on the phone (both SIM & phone memory active) but all I see on Nokia PC suite are the imp

  • I cannot sign onto my iclould account.  ID is not correct.  Changed apple ID and password, icloud is still showing old ID when attempting to enter on iphone.

    I cannot purchase items in the APP store as well.  Indicated password is incorrect.  Changed in itunes and and can access information there with ID and passwork, cannot purchase or get app's to recognize current password on any device.  Icloud will n