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Oracle as XML Proxy?

Hi gurus, I am a newby in XML, but need an XML parser as proxy filter. As I know there are recursive structures possible within XML. I want to filter these XML documents with these structures and I want to check the tags in the document. Only a restr[More]


ACE 4710 Redirect to Different Server Farm based on URL

I have a weblogic 11 serverfarm where i want to redirect to a different serverfarm based on the URL. I am able to do it and it appears to be working however I am having issues with the cookies. I seem to be getting logged out of our App when switchin[More]


OSB - ALSB / WLST / Security / add entry with WLST in  Access Control

Hello, I try to reproduce with WLST script the input from the consol to declare user on Access Control proxy (security). sbconsol->$Proxy Service->Security->General Confiruration->Access Control->Transport Access Control->Add Conditions[More]


Weblogic Cluster recovery of servers declared dead

          Hi           1)When the HungServerRecoverSecs time is over and the server is declared dead,           why does the server not behave as a part of the cluster even when it is brought           up?           2)What steps need to be taken to m[More]


ABAP server proxy- parser-item missing error

Dear all, I am working on File to proxy scenario (ABAP server proxy). When I executing my scenario, I am getting following error at call adapter pipline step .    < SAP:Category>XIProtocol</SAP:Category>   <SAP:Code area="PARSER"&[More]


XI PROXY - FILE, hex rep of spaces are # signs in ABAP, XML can not parse

Hello I have a proxy to file scnerio in which I am setting up the data for a length delimited flat file to send to a vendor via XI. I cannot use the DT/MT becuase of the complex file data structure I am working with to specify the columns and its len[More]


EREC: Replace Resume parsing demo by a functional XI proxy

Hello, I'm trying to set the standard SAP solution Resume Parsing. I have reviwed the notes 1122135 (EHP3), 1276543 and 1516634 (EHP4). And I don't have clear how to replace the demo proxy by a functional proxy. Where this customization has to be don[More]


Parse JavaScript '.pac' file and get proxy details using C# code

Hi, I have PAC  file --> (A proxy auto-config (PAC) file defines how web browsers and other user agents can automatically choose the appropriate proxy server (access method) for a given URL (inbound request)). This PAC file contains a JavaScript func[More]



Hi, fDoes anyone know how to get around proxy settings for rss-reader apps on a mobile phone. I got a tutorial code from netbeans website( but it's not working when i use it on the[More]


Using awk or sed to parse the web proxy file

I'm trying to figure out how to extract the web address from the proxy log, so that upon seing the function would only return Essentialy I'd like to find the first instance of .*/ (so it could be .com/ .ne[More]


Settings: firefox will not accept easy hideIP. cannot get firefox proxy settings changed.

easyhideIP will not be accepted by firefox and the prosxy settings of firefox will not change. They are set to auto accept but that does not work, the reload feature does not work. I have uninstalled firefox and reinstalled and the problem persists.[More]


Creative Cloud Package Installation Issues - School network behind a proxy

Greetings All, I have created a package using creative cloud manager.  I am now testing it before deployment by running the setup.exe (or the msi using msi exec) but it keeps stopping part of the way through.  I have tried everything I can think of a[More]


Problem with WebLogic 10.3.3, Apache 2.2.3 and WebLogic Apache proxy plugin

I have a problem with using Apache 2.2.3 as a WebLogic SSL proxy. I have Apache 2.2 running and successfully configured an SSL cert, config in ssl.conf is... <VirtualHost> # Setup SSL for ServerName secure[More]


Remote App from Ipad return "Failed to parse authorization Challange"

Hi, I have set up a Remote App infrastructure on Windows 2012 server , I have publish some apps , I have publish my server on internet opening port 443 and 3389 for RDP with a public rapid SSL wildcard certificate  ... everything works on pcs but whe[More]


Proxy Activation - ECC 6.0 to SAP PI system

Hi All, Our envirnonment - 1) SAP ECC 6.0 ( R/3 system) 2) SAP PI ( R/3 system) To  establish communicate between SAP ECC 6.0 to SAP PI ( R/3 system using proxies )- we have setup following steps on ECC 6.0 system- 1) Created a HTTP connection in the[More]


Java Proxy Runtime:  failure to locate proxy bean on inbound call

Hello gurus of the SDN, I have been trying to get an inbound Java Proxy scenario to work in XI 3.0 but have not been able to get the JPR to recognize my generated and deployed java code.  My scenario is set up to call the java proxies generated from[More]


System Error in Message Monitoring -Proxy to SOAP async scenario

Hi All, My scenario is ABAP Proxy---> SAP PI 7.1 ---> WEbService(Asynchronous SOAP ). In Moni message is showing successful Flag, but message has got stuck in "system Error" at message monitoring.I can't see any Audit log in Message monito[More]


Getting Bad Type Error when calling a method in the proxy class

Hi, I have generated the proxy classes from wsdl. When I am calling the methods in the proxy class from one of external class, I am getting following error. Can anyone please help me in resolving this issue. org.[More]


Problem with web service proxy and connections.xml

JDev 11.1.14 Hello I'm trying to create a web service proxy that takes advantage of the connections.xml so that the endpoints can be changed without recompiling the code (as described here[More]


RMI exception calling web service from proxy class

I am getting the following error attempting to call a web service from a proxy. It appears to relate to the type of objects I am trying to send vs the type that is expected. Following the exception I am adding a copy of the control where calling the[More]


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  • Unable to display information message written inside badi

    Hi All, In customer creation i want to display Info message after pessing save button. I have written the message inside the badi. I can see my message in debugging mode in status bar, which on debugging mode off can't able to see. I tried with more


    My father-in-law gave me a BEFW11S4 ver.3 router and said that it was working fine.  I downloaded the user guide from Linksys and follwed the instructions to hook it up through my DSL modem but it keeps saying "NETWORK CABLE UNPLUGGED".   I'm tr

  • Not able to access DM Packages through BPF

    Hi Friends I have created a Team name BPF and i have assigned the user. That user has following task for his task profile. The Task Profile is neither a SYSTEM, PRIMARY OR SECONDARY ADMIN TYPE. And the task that are being assinged are EXECUTE BPF EXE

  • HT1711 how do i activate my new mac to let me play my iTunes that i have already purchased.  It does a great job telling you that you have to activate your computer but it does not tell u how?

    how do i activate my new mac to let me play my iTunes that i have already purchased.  It does a great job telling you that you have to activate your computer but it does not tell u how?You can authorise your account on your Mac's iTunes via the Store

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    I'm selling my laptop and want to erase everything on it. How do I do that?Never mind, I figured it out.Read other 2 answers

  • Sound has gone on my phone ?

    There is no sound on my phone ie can't hear it ring or when a message comes through although still vibrates ? Key sounds gone also ?Do you have the mute switch engaged? It's the little slider over the volume buttons on the side. If you can see orange

  • Can i replace cost center by funds center in new G/L FIGL_C10 cube?

    Hello, I want to replace the cost center infoobject by Funds center. From business perspective I think so they both are same. I checked the master data for both the objects and it is the same. We have created a lot of nav attr on funds center and the

  • Interface with SAP

    Hi We need to integrate lab analyzer to SAP , for automatic transfer of inspection results. what are all the important steps need to be consider Does any one did it before , please share your expereince. thanksYou can post this query in an XI forum,

  • Secure IDOC transfer to external via XI

    Hi I would like to send an IDOC to external customer R/3 system. Below option is unsecured FTP communication, and customer may not agree to accept to open the FTP port. My R/3 IDOC fileFTP>XIFTP>Customer FTP server<--Customer R/3 What are the oth

  • Report Header Monthwise

    hello Experts, I am working on  3.5 BW. we are uploading some data monthwise into BW from application server .the data is qty and value for last 3 months. we have mada a report on that cube  but the user is asking to chane the headers of the columns