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outbound delivery without reference


Goods Receive for Outbound Delivery Without Reference using MIGO

Dear Colleague ... We might need your insight on the case below related to Goods Receive of Outbound Delivery without Reference using MIGO: (1) In the current SAP Enjoy screen of MIGO, we are allowed to select the reference document (e.g. = PO, Mater[More]


Can we create outbound delivery with reference of purchase order

Hi All, can we create outbound delivery with reference of purchase order?dear friend, as far as i know you can create it with the following references: -to sales order; -to STO; -to subcontract order; -to project; -without any ref are you talking abo[More]


I faile to create outbound delivery with reference to scheduling agreement by using BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CREATE_SLS.

Dear Team, Can you please help me by providing the BAPI name for creating the outbound delivery for Scheduling Agreement in SAP SD . I faile to create outbound delivery with reference to scheduling agreement by using BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CREATE_SLS. Th[More]


Vendor subcontracting with outbound delivery without reference

Hi Experts, please do you know if it is possible to manage subcontracting movement (541) using an Outbound Delivery without reference to any Sales Order nor Purchase Order? Can you send me please the detailed description of settings in master data an[More]


Create an outbound delivery with reference to a purchase order

Hi folks, would you tell me if I can create an outbound delivery with reference to a purchase order? I tried to use the transaction VL10B but after I run there is no data is selected. Should I set up anything else for that? Thanks in advanced.Hi, Yes[More]


RFC to Create Outbound Delivery without Reference

Hello, we used the function module  "SHP_VL10_DELIVERY_CREATE" to create a PO and outbound delivery. Our business process has changed, just need to create an Outbound Delivery without reference to an order. Having trouble identifiying what funct[More]


Creating outbound delivery with reference to inbound delivery

Dear all, My requirement is as follows: I get an inbound delivery from my vendor for the our sales orders. (For n number of sales orders having same shipping point, shipto party ad sold to party, we get one inbound delivery) As of now we are using th[More]


Outbound delivery without reference and customer-material info record

We use outbound deliveries without reference (L0). Several customers want their own material number printed on the delivery notes. So we considered using customer material info records. Unfortunately, the customer material number is not copied from t[More]


WM relevant ....Outbound delivery (without reference) VL01NO

Hi , I have created a delivery with Delivery Type WGO using T code VL01NO .... but in the picking tab of outbound delivery , it is neither showing me warehouse number nor OverAllWMStatus ( status is NOT relevant). The material is available in warehou[More]


Create outbound delivery with reference to purchase order

Hi, I've created new plant and when i make purchase order i cant see the PO in VL10B, and there for i cant create outbound delivery. In the PO in Item Detail there is no shipping category. What i need to do ? Thank you.Step1: In SPRO - Materials Mana[More]


Outbound delivery with reference to STO

Hi all, When i run the Functionmodule   BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CREATE_STO in SE37. It is creating delivery but the generated delivery number is not available in LIKP or LIPS. Please tell how can this generated delivery be available in LIPS or LIKP. input[More]


Delivery with reference to PO

Hi all, Can we create Outbound Delivery with reference to the Purchase Order from customer directly? If yes what is the procedure. Regards, Bhaskar.KHi Vijay, You can do it using VL10B. GIve shipping POint, Go to Purchase orders and give the PO numbe[More]


HU - handling unit is currently part of an outbound delivery

Hello Experts, i need to create an HU assigned to an outbound delivery. I tried with function L_TO_PICKHU_ASSIGN, this function create the HU not assigned therefore VEKP-VBOBJ = 12. What i need is an HU with VEKP-VPOBJ = 01 - The handling unit is cur[More]


Create Outbound Delivery without Stocks

Hello. Anybody with AFS experience? When creating outbound delivery with reference to an STO, the system allows me to allocate the full quantity (60pcs), even if the available stocks is only 40pcs. How is this possible?  My understanding, we will onl[More]


Create delivery without reference and without movement

Dear All, I have a requirement to create an outbound delivery without reference (the easy bit) but also without movement for normal "FERT" stock items. The reason for the requirement is we have a production planning plant set up and the receivin[More]


Using BAPI for outbound delivery processing "BAPI_DELIVERYPROCESSING_EXEC"

Hi all, I am using this bapi "BAPI_DELIVERYPROCESSING_EXEC" for Outound delivery processing. But How can I use this BAPI for Batch Split functionality. Because Here we have to enter batch also while processing outbound delivery with reference to[More]


Additionals Articles in Outbound Delivery.

Hi Experts, I am very new in SAP Retail and I need your help for creating an end to end scenario for additionals articles. So here is an overview that so far I've done. Please let me know if you think that it might be a missing configuration or funct[More]


Qty miss in outbound delivery

Dear Experts, in some when we create outbound delivery with reference purchase order by T-Code VL10D, few article qty miss  in outbound delivery why this happening has coming pls give the solution .... and that will allow manually qty fill after exte[More]


Outbound delivery conditions- price

Hi Gurus, I am creating an outbound delivery with reference to PO using Tcode VL10B. But in conditions tab of out bound delivery its not showing any condition type. Kindly help me Regards, prasad svsPlease check the copy controls (T-code VTFL, at the[More]


Need IDOC type to create outbound Delivery in SAP

Hello, I am looking for the IDOC basic type, message type and process code which will be able to create an outbound Delivery in SAP.    Scenario: Inbound data needs to be integrated into SAP to create an outbound delivery with reference to a Sales Or[More]


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