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  • JAEHYLEE  (R11i AP)   Payables Open Interface Import  REJECT CODE:NO TERMS

    Purpose Payables Open Interface Import REJECT CODE:NO TERMS Symptoms 'EDI' Source로 invoice를 import할때 Payables Open Interface Import program 이 error로 종료된다 정상적인 에러 No Terms로 출력이 되나 , 데이타 상에는 아무 이상이 없으며 debug log file 의 reject code는 NO TERMS INFO라고 출력된다

  • Using the same photos and music between two user accounts in the same Mac

    Hi, I think this question might have already been asked in the forum. 1. I have one MacBook Pro and two user accounts (One for me and one for my wife) 2. We are having two seperate iPhones with seperate AppleIDs 3. We want to maintain the apps / cale

  • Bridge cs4 web photo gallery

    How can we increase the number of photos to display? 10 pictures is not much of a gallery?that's only for preview purposes, you don't need 100 pictures in a gallery to preview how it will look. You can have as many pictures in it as you want when you

  • Lightroom 2 is up and running - what do I do with Lightroom 1?

    Mi Lightroom 2 is up and successfully running. I am now confident that I do not wish to go back to V 1.4, which I did not uninstall upon installing V 2. The question is: can I now get rid of V1.4? How? Any risk I should beware of? I'm a Mac user, run

  • Recording from iSight - no sound in iMovie 8

    Just tried this twice - restarted iMovie just in case. Any ideas on how to fix this?Welcome to Apple Discussions, kenadianz You're built-in iSight has no mic, so iMovie 7 ('08) will need to use your iMac's built-in mic or an external one. If you have

  • TCode to find the list of Leads &quotations for whcih orders arenot created

    HI SAP CRM Experts, Could you please provide me transaction code(s) in CRM when I want to download list of all leads, opportunities and quotations from which the sales orders havenu2019t been created yet? or How can i achieve this ? Thanks in advance

  • Short name for  Webmail.

    hi i'm new on solaris and Sun Messaging Server I have some question about my work i use Messaging Server Ver. 6.2 LDAP After changed as below. dn: uid=aaa,ou=people,,dc=xxx,dc=co,dc=th changetype: modify replace: mail mail: [email protecte

  • Strut and EJB

    Hi guys, I am trying to call EJB in my strut action classes using @EJB and got the error java.lang.NullPointerException while I use InitialContext to lookup for the EJB manually it works. The error indicates, to me that the container did not inject t

  • HP Pavilion p6-2155a (64bit, running Win8.0)- Problem with AMD Radeon HD7450

    Hi, Have noticed various posts re problems with AMD Radeon HD7450. For several months, I've had problems with my "video hardware causing Windows to stop working correctly". Until yesterday, this was more of a nuisance than a real problem (so I t

  • Setting Netflix audio/subtitles on AppleTV

    So the AppleTV 4.4.3 update finally added Netflix for Mexico and it works fine, except for one little problem: When I tried to watch a movie, the language was set to "Portuguese", when I usually have it set to "English" when I watch it