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OSB fileadapter perfomans tuning


Looping of OSB Proxy Service

Hi All, We have OSB file based proxy services to read data, transform each obbject and individually upload the transformed message to a JMS Queue. The execution is smooth for any file/content that takes less than 10 min of processing time.If theexecu[More]


HAFileAdapter based OSB processing 1st file twice in 2 node cluster env

Hi, I am trying my hands in OSB with HA File Adapter and came across a strange issue where in OSB service designed to pick up a message of "*.CSV" format and process it's record one at a time recursively as per below details: The reason I am say[More]


Can't get rid of a TX - message keeps appearing and being processed by OSB

I have some sort of a poison message or TX I can't flush. Every 10 seconds I get a log message like the second one below, and the number of pending messages in multiple places and OSB proxy service messages processed keep climbing - all without produ[More]


File Adapter in OSB 11g

Hi I am using a File Adapter created to read a file using OSB But after i publish that osb project, i am getting the below warning and file is not been polled by the proxy. ####<Feb 23, 2011 10:08:30 AM IST> <Warning> <JCA_FRAME[More]


Error encountered while polling a file using OSB

Hi, This is the Exception when i try to poll a file using OSB <Error enco untered while polling the resource for the service endpoint ProxyService$CASE_RC $BUILD_DATA$FILE_HEADER$FileProcessPS: javax.naming.NameNotFoundExc eption: While trying to loo[More]


OSB Error in deploying a project with jca file adapter

Hi, I am facing an issue where I am getting an error when deploying a service from Eclipse. I am using OSB/SOA 2 node cluster. I have an OSB service where I am writing to a file and am using file adapater. I created a composite with file ada[More]


SFTP Issue in OSB invocation resulted in an error: java.util.NoSuchElement

I created a Proxy Service to do SFTP Poll to read the file from abcserver and its working fine . (OSB is on abc server). known_hosts file is present on OSB server. It has abcserverhostname,IP ssh-rsa AA................. == I created a business servic[More]


SOA-- Invoking OSB Service Getting Error :ORA-00084: global area must be PGA, SGA, or UGA

Hello Friends, Really appreciate your help/inputs on the below Error Message encountered while running a Concurrent Program--using SOA:Same encountered in recently refreshed DEV instance, Can it be related to some Developement Instance Configuration[More]


How to append binary data to existing file in OSB

Hi, I have an OSB project that I need for it to append binary data via ftp.  Here's my current flow: MFL binary output --> Replace $body with mfl binary output --> Publish to action (Business service that's configured to ftp binary data). However, w[More]


OSB Http Transport Custom Authenticatiion (X509 in Http header)

Hello! I'm trying to solve this case. We have F5 Load balancer that terminates SSL Connections From client to the OSB. When terminating the SSL, the LB adds the clients certificate into headers of the Http request going to OSB. OSb proxy service is c[More]


How to get specific OSB business service HTTP endpoint failover?

I am trying to get the following behavior in an HTTP Business Service in OSB, and I'm not finding the answer (if it exists) in the docs. I have two backend endpoints, "production" and "backup." I want all request to go to the "pro[More]


Problems starting Server on OSB 11g

Hi Everybody, I have a problem, I just installed the Service Bus 11g on Red Hat and I have problems when I start the server. I particular first I start the Admin_Server without any exception and then I start the Server but I get this excedption: PATH[More]


OSB 10gR3 - Starting Managed server on remote machine

I have 2 Windows 2003 Enterprise machines. I have OSB 10gR3 installed on both with Node Manager running on default port, on both. I create the servicebustutorial domain and start the admin server on the first machine. On the second machine, I use the[More]


Need Help:Handling CLOB in OSB Proxy Service

Hello All- We have created an AQ in Oracle DB which will have the following message Structure: CREATE OR REPLACE TYPE enqueue_payload AS OBJECT ( field1 VARCHAR2(100), field2 VARCHAR2(100), field3 DATE, field4 VARCHAR2(100), field5 NUMBER, payload CL[More]


Error in mail proxy on OSB Server

Hi, I am facing following issue in my production, but no idea. please help me to resolve. ####<Apr 8, 2013 11:26:19 AM SGT> <Error> <WliSbTransports> <PRODSVR> <OSBMGNDSVR1> <pool-16-thread-1> <<anonymous>>[More]


OSB Error using Database JCA Adapter

I had a project working with a business service in OSB using JCA Adapter Service, after i inactivated the datasource to do unit case testing, the following error started appearing. I have recreated the datasource, the database adapter config and the[More]


OSB 11g proxy service test console fail with Broken pipe

Hi everyone. I have a strange problem with OSB test console (and sometime with java client). The proxy I built cannot response after several request. In other word, I tried to test console for dozens time, sometime I cannot have response from OSB. I[More]


SOAP Header based user/password authentication in OSB 11g Proxy Service

Hi, I have implemented SOAP Header based authentication in my OSB 11g Proxy Service. In the Security settings of my AnySOAP(Soap 1.1) HTTP Proxy service, I have amde the following changes: 1. In Transport Access Control link, i selected the User pred[More]


OSB - Holding lock SOAP/http

Hello, Have problem. Web service call via osb (WS Client -> [ OSB Proxy Service -> OSB Business Service ] -> WS Server) blocked thread: Stack Trace : <May 27, 2010 3:58:51 PM MSD> <Error> <WebLogicServer> <BEA-000337> <[More]


OSB  server is going in health warning state.

I am getting following log entries in my os b log file ####<Feb 4, 2014 9:29:53 PM EST> <Info> <Deployer> <> <osb_server1> <[ACTIVE] ExecuteThread: '0' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)[More]


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