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next int


Can not refresh data int the report...

Application on C#. Steps: 1. Get Report without data from the database 2. Change the dataconnections in report to the current user 3. refresh data on the report (FilePath = TempFilePath) 4. Resave report file with data 5. Automatically open CrystalRe[More]


ArrayList e .RangeCheck(int)line 546

Hi guys I am working on this project in few word I have to draw different shape on a panel moreover when two similar shapes collide ( 2 circles ) they make a bigger circle when st change direction almost everything works import java.awt.Graphics; imp[More]


How to get Int value from request.getParameter()?

Hi all, I have a integer value which is passed from one page to another page. i am geting this value in the next page using request.getParameter(). Eg. Suppose value of "i" in page1 is 32, i pass this as hidden variable to next page. <input t[More]


How can I convert an int to a string?

Hi How can I convert an int to a string? /ad87geaoHere is some the code: public class GUI     extends Applet {   public GUI() {      lastValue = 5;     String temp = Integer.toString(lastValue);     System.out.println(temp);     showText(temp);   pri[More]


Fields appear as "Read Only" in an Int.Form called from a WD

Hi Experts! I am having a doubt in an Adobe Int.Form, that is called from a WD application. The fields that are in my Form, always appear as a "read only". It is not possible to modify anything there. Here, I describe the steps that I follow. I[More]


Can not cast from object to int

Hi All, I have the following bunch of code Session session;           session = getSessionFactory().openSession();           Query query;           int MaxPageId = 0;           List list;           try{                query = session.createQuery("sel[More]


Returning int array from C to Java as method parameter

Hello, I've been trying to accomplish this Java int[] myArray = ... (filled with some data); int retCode = myNativeCall(myArray); if(retCode == 0) doSomethingWith(myArray); //myArray gets overwritten with new data (with new size also) during the nati[More]

2015-10-11[], int, int) extremely slow

Hi everyone, I'm trying to send several commands to a server and for each command read one or more lines as response. To do that I'm using a good old Socket connection. I'm reading the response lines with BufferedReader.readLine, but it's very slow.[More]


Class & int/String issues

Upon compiling, I am receiving the following errors: cannot find symbol symbol : class ButtonPanel location: class TeamRosterPanel ButtonPanel buttonPanel; ^ cannot find symbol symbol : class ButtonPane[More]


Public int move(CDRack anotherRack)

I have problems with method: move(CDRack anotherRack). It removes CDs from anotherRack, but the rack I'm trying to fill in with anotherRack's CDs is filled with a one same CD from the anotherRack not various CDs as it should.. hard to explain.:) Is s[More]


Null value for int and datetime date type in xml schema

hi: I am embarrassed by a qustion in xml schema; i defined a xml schema file like this: <elementFormDefault="qualified" attributeFormDefault="qualified"> <xs:element name="test"> <xs:annotation> <xs:docum[More]


Date from a string and int value in ssis

hi so my table is as follows active      expirymonth      expiryyear 0              October                         2014 0              February                            2015 1               January                        2012 and so on now my requ[More]


Need help returning an Int!!!

here is the code for my sport quiz class: import javax.swing.*; public class Sport      public static int main (String []args) Object[] sportValues = { "Freddie", "jimbo", "the destroyer" }; Object sportq1; Object[] sportValu[More]


Convert byte array to table of int

[|] Hello friends. I'm pretty new with PL/SQL. I have code that run well on MSSQL and I want t[More]


Convert jstring to char array or int array

Hi all, please help with the following code. I've tested this code with hard coded char array and it works. Now I have to get the char array from parameter "param1" which is passed from Java. The following code compiled with error message: error[More]


How to check for null int/null Date

Heres the situation, there is an interface accepting an int value and a time/date that are not required(and are not set to anything automatically, i have no control over that part unfortunately), but I need to set up some sort of null/has value type[More]


How do you invoke a method with native int array argument?

Hi, Will someone help me to show me a few codes samples on how to invoke a method which has only one argument, an int [] array. For exampe: public void Method1(int [] intArray) {...}; Here is some simple code fragment I used: Class<?> aClass = Class[More]


How to get int value from [session.getAttribute("String")]

i am not able to get int value from the following statiment int i=session.getAttribute("String"); i also try by casting it into int but it dont work, can somebody help me in this regardabuu wrote: i am not able to get int value from the followin[More]


Getting int values from a char array

Hi, I need to make a fast program which reads lots of data from files and process them. I need to interpret these data as int's. To be more efficient and avoid to make a lot of disk access, I allocate in memory buffers part of the data, then process[More]


How to convert multiple string values in a single row from nvarchar to int

suppose I have a table like below.all these values are in nvarchar. How would I find the minimum year from START_DATE?? PRODUCT_CODE  PRODUCT_DESC START_DATE P00002933 VITAMINE C 2005,2000,2011,2001,2002 P00003087 BIOFENAC 2011,2009,2006,2007,2004,20[More]


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    I am trying to add files to a 4G Transflash card using a Transflash SanDisk Adapter. I have tried two different card readers and the mini never recognizes the card as a drive. I formatted the card in the cell phone, so the cell phone recognizes the c

  • Flickering problem with live viewing with IMAQ Image Display

    Hi everyone, I am trying to write a program to do live imaging with Andor camera. I am using some examples from Andor. The images are acquired in sequence and send into IMAQ Image Display and also Intensity Graph. There is minimal flickering issue in

  • No internet, drivers installed

    Hi I installed Windows yesterday (Windows XP SP3) but to my dismay, I can't get internet wirelessly or through a cable. I don't see any connections pop up or anything like that, and I can't tell if theres a setting off or if I should just reinstall.

  • No table names appear (only Stored Procs) when connected to SQLServer w/dbo

    Greetings, I'm using Crystal Reports 11, connecting to a databse on SQL Server 2005. I am on Windows 7. I also have the problem on Windows Server 2003 Starting from a blank database, I create my connection through ODBC, and when I expand my database,


    WINDOWS XP PRO 32. internet explorer 8. I HAVE INSTALLED AND UNINSTALLED READER AND FLASH PLAYER SEVERAL TIMES, WITH SAME RESULTS, WITH AND WITHOUT GOOGLE CHROME SELECTED. ALL Files and desktop  are so large they can not be navigated.A screen shot mi