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logo F140_ACC_STAT_01


How to customize F140_ACC_STAT_01 to change ides logo and footer.

Hi Experts, I want to customize form F140_ACC_STAT_01 to change default logo (ides logo) and default footer coming on the standard account statement we generate using Tcode F.27. In this regard I have copied form F140_ACC_STAT_01 to ZF140_ACC_STAT01[More]


Change Logo in F140_ACC_STAT_01

Hi, I'm having a bit of trouble with an Account Statement logo. The spool is displaying the standard IDES logo. I'm using transaction F.61 to create this spool but the logo should be specific logo depending on the company code. Does anyone know why t[More]


Smart forms background logo

Hi Please clarify me regarding smart forms background logo. I'm trying to migrate sap script into smart forms, for the background logo in smart form is it required to write ABAP code, please let me know? 2) Is it possible for background pictures in s[More]


Form with logo

hii, 1. provide me a form with logo so tht i can test in IDES. regards rahul Title was edited by:         Alvaro Tejada GalindoHi There are some Standard Sap Scripts in SAP. We cant directly execute them in scripts we have to use some T-codes and by[More]


Firefox logo missing from new browser; would like to see it so I can know at a glance which browser I am using.

Bring back the logo or something else to allow quick identification of browser. Chrome doesn't have its logo in the browser either so now it going be harder to tell between the two. Is this a contest to see which can be more self effacing?You can cli[More]


XML Publisher Report (where do we store Logos or Pics)

Hi there, Based up on the input parameter(lets say Org_id), i want to choose the company logo and print the report. My intention is that i want to print the same report with different logo and send it to different companies. How is it done in XML Pub[More]


Can we setup two sets different 7912 logos in one CCM cluster?

Hi, CCM 4.1(3) cluster within head office. We created the 7912 logo for system default image. However, the remote site 7912 phones, need to use a different logo other than the head office. as per[More]


How do i add a company logo to my email signature on my mac book pro

how do i add a company logo to my email signature on my mac book proI would like to know how to do this as well. All I'm able to do is add the link, but not the button. My colleague has done this on his Outlook on his HP. I'm not sure why this is so[More]


I tried updating my iPod 5th gen to iOS 8 but it only shows me a picture of the iTunes logo and a charger at the bottom, I'm not sure what this means or what I need to do. Can someone please help me?

I tried updating my iPod 5th gen to iOS 8 but it only shows me a picture of the iTunes logo and a charger at the bottom, I'm not sure what this means or what I need to do. Can someone please help me?After restoring to factory settings/new iPod you wi[More]


Would lIke to know how to add an Logo to a Local Catalog in iProcurement

Here is My Requirements: I have created a Local Catalog in iProcurement. By going to eContent has the ablility to create a logo and attach it to the local catalog. I did attach a logo from a url address. And I am able to see logo but th[More]


Error while loading a logo .gif image to the banner

Hi all, I'm running Portalea on NT platform and I receive the following error, trying to load a gif image as a logo to the banner (this is in spanish but I hope you can understand it): Wed, 27 Dec 2000 07:03:25 GMT ORA-06510: PL/SQL: excepcisn defini[More]


Error while dynamically setting logo image in Crystal Report 2008

Hi, We have embedded Crystal Report 2008 JRC in our web application which is an Enterprise Archive (EAR) deployed on WebSphere Application Server. The RPT files bundulled in the archive displays a logo which is dynamicalli picked up by the RPT files[More]


I have an older 8GB iPod Touch no longer supported by tech. It is locked up in "Restore" mode and fails to respond to 2-button reset. I get the apple logo and then it pos back to the cord and disc icon for restore. Any advice?

I have an older 8GB black iPod Touch (no bluetooth) no longer supported by tech. It is "locked" in restore mode. When I do a 2 button reset I can get the Apple logo but then it pops back to the synch cord-and-music disc icon indicative of restor[More]


My iphone keeps cycling apple logo, it won't power up when connected to a computer. I can power it up with just a power source, but the it comes up to a generic iphone "no service" screen

This phone worked great for 2 years until I inherited it from my partner.  Since we changed the phone over to me, it has done this 4 times. The last 3 times it somehow magically came back after taking the Sim card out and putting it back in. I even w[More]


I can no longer see my iphone on my computer. the ipone is gone blank only showing the apple logo

my iphone no longer shows up on my computer, the iphone screen has gone blank only showing the Apple logo. I am unable to make and receive calls. Can someone help me with this problem please?Your iphone is shown at the top of the page. You can also s[More]


Using Parallels with Windows 7 on Bootcamp caused startup logo to disappear

Please let me know whether this is just neurotic or what! Windows 7 RC on Bootcamp partition worked great until I installed a trial copy of Parallels 5.0. Even with Parallels, things seemed fine, but I did not like some behaviors of the program when[More]


Ipod touch 1st gen is frozen, all I see is Apple logo for 10 secs and then screen goes black. What's wrong with it?

My ipod touch (1st gen) is frozen and does not respond. All I can see is the Apple logo for around 10 seconds and then screen returns to black. What is wrong?Did you already try to connect in recovery mode and restore? iPhone and iPod touch: Unable t[More]


Installed the update tonight and now my phone (Lumia 928) won't power up.  I've tried a soft reset, but the screen goes from the Nokia logo to a red Verizon screen to a black screen.  What's wrong and how do I fix it?  Help!

Installed the update tonight and now my phone (Lumia 928) won't power up.  I've tried a soft reset, but the screen goes from the Nokia logo to a red Verizon screen to a black screen.  Tried it 10 times with the same result.  What's wrong and how do I[More]


Adobe Fonts used in logo design and copyright laws

Hi, if you are using an Adobe design software such as Illustrator, Flash or Fireworks to create a logo or banner for use as print and or web where it includes Adobe font in the logo and the characters create words ie; the trading name of the business[More]


How to place a Logo, Picture ..etc in the main body of an email.

My requirement is to send an email having a logo as the header. The logo must be placed in the main body of the email and NOT as an attachment. I have tried out the following but it gives garbage: REPORT  ztest_pratik01. INTERNAL TABLES DATA:       i[More]


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