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jeff crnogorac


Loading Hex Files with multiple records with each line starting with : record marker, how do I load this hex file into a front panel table ? thanks in advance, Jeff.

I have written a routine that loads a Hex file, checks for record marker,length,address etc then loads the data into a table on front panel. However, my routine only loads single record hex files. I need to be able to load multiple record files, I ne[More]


Unchecking Print Resolution - need clarification, need Jeff Schewe

Seeking clarification on using the print module in LR. Have read several threads in which Jeff Schewe (Jeff, are you there?)suggests that you use your file as a master file in LR and that if you uncheck the print resolution box, you can print multipl[More]


'davviss.jeff.cellexporter' exception when running .rpt in JRC

<p>Hi,</p><p> </p><p>Has anyone seen this error?  It doesn't seem to have effect but makes for an ugly  stack trace.</p><p> We're using CRXIR2 jrc.  <br /></p><p>Here's  a similar forum post: <[More]


Real Quick Commissions Reviews Released by Jeff Carter

Real Quick Commissions Review are entrance in all the measure instantly. A portion of colonize suffer taken Jeff transporter up on his novel invention Real Quick Commissions transporter and colonize are already getting results and bearing in mind an[More]


Jeff Schewe - More capture sharpening examples?

Jeff, I confess to being a bit frustrated at how difficult it is proving to be to learn how to apply optimal capture sharpening (source+content) in ACR (v. 4.4.1). Yes, I have studied Bruces sharpening book and the CS3 version of Real World Camera Ra[More]


Daviss.jeff.cellexporter.CellExporter in JRC. I have installed all patches

I have installed Crystal Report XI R2. And I put the lib of JRC to my webapp. When I run it, there is an erro: (I have installed the SP1 and Sp2, there are so many patchs    ) ================ java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: daviss.jeff.cellexporte[More]


Keeping Photoshop Up To Date - Kudos to Jeff Tranberry

I just saw Jeff's blog page that provides everything you'd want to know (and then some) about keeping the various parts of Photoshop up to date.  It's excellent! Clearly it's[More]


Need help from Jeff in getting CC desktop application

Jeff, I was unable to find my previous question to you from the other day. To start over, my CC desktop application is gone missing after 10 months of CC usage.  I need to  download a LR update so I can use my camera with raw files. How can I get thi[More]


@Jeff Mott: what is considered to be an FTE paragraph?

@Jeff Mott (or any else how knows the definition of an FTE paragraph ) In a TextField a paragraph ends when a carriage return or newline character is encountered. Is the same true for FTE? Or is it more to be seen like an HTML <p> element? From the[More]


CVI crashes - event log shows [FATAL] [LW_UAE_Handler] [..\jeff\i386\except.c:161] Assertion failed: 0.

Hello, When calling lua_error(L) (pushing a Lua error in an embedded lua interpreter in my CVI code), I have been encountering a complete crash.  Not only does my code stop running, but the full CVI 9.1.1 IDE crashes without even an error message.  W[More]


Jeff + Michael 'New Video Tutorial' ?????

Did I read a while back that Jeff and Michael had (were) producing a new video tutorial concerning LR called something along the lines of 'From Shoot to Print'? Have I got this all wrong, and if not, anyone else heard about it and when/if we can expe[More]


For Jeff Schewe

In your Camera Raw CS3 book, the link for downloading at the Camera Raw site with username RWCR and the password in honor of Bruce Fraser, doesn't work. Was something changed?Using my favorite four letter word as an incantation, I returned to the sit[More]


Jeff Schewe - Anything to report on meeting with Epson?

Just wondering if anything came out of your meeting on Wednesday regarding my color cast problems printing from LR, using certain non-driver installed profiles with the 3800? Any reassurance that the problem is known and that a solution might be fort[More]


Attn: jeff bryan or anyone else?

Hi Jeff, I saw your reply to someone else (*copied below) but my question is kind of different and I hope maybe you can help me also. My question is: I'm not sure what mode my ipod or iTunes is set to, manual or automatic, but, I would like to add on[More]


1080 30p  recorded as 1080 60i ?? (Jeff B. or Ann) ?

Using CS6.  I set my camera on 1080 30p, but the owner's manual shows this: After further searching I found that the explanation seems to be that 1080 60i is the wrapper. So, when I set P. Pro CS6 to 1080 30 p, P.Pro tells me that's the wrong setting[More]


Jeff / Joe , HELP! Suddenly Im getting email for everything that is being posted!

How do I make it stop?   ;-)Thanks Jeff. I went in and deleted all of these, which Im guessing is the browser cache you are referring to... But its not clear which setting stops me from getting every new thing that is posted. Any hints?Read other 14[More]


Public thanks to user "Jeff Bryan" for post on itunes not detecting  ipod

after several hours of going in circles on apple's ipod support page finding no answers i came across a post by jeff that at least made my ipod semi-functional again. my only question to apple is why do other ipod users have to provide product suppor[More]


When I play Freway Jam by Jeff Beck it cuts off half way through. What do I do.

When I play Freeway Jam by Jeff Beck it cuts off half way through and goes on to the next song. What do I do.Many thanks. If your country's iTunes Store allows you to redownload purchased tracks, I'd delete your current copy of the track and try redo[More]


[svn] 2615: swfutils: Merging a fix from Jeff Kamerer.

Revision: 2615 Author: [email protected] Date: 2008-07-24 12:58:14 -0700 (Thu, 24 Jul 2008) Log Message: swfutils: Merging a fix from Jeff Kamerer. Reviewer: Pete, Jono Bugs: 233635 QA: no Doc: no Fixing DoABC2 parsing code. When calculating number o[More]


[FATAL] [HandleExecuteFnEvent] [..\jeff\stdlib\thrdpl.c:1425]

Hello, Labwindows cvi 2012 on Windows 7. I have an error in application events log, error is in CVI and Event log says : [FATAL] [HandleExecuteFnEvent] [..\jeff\stdlib\thrdpl.c:1425] Assertion failed: 0. In LabWindows, the log says : FATAL RUN-TIME E[More]


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