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java excel spreadsheet


How to view excel spreadsheet in java

Hello Is there a way to open an excel spreadsheet in java? I don't mean reading and writing from an excel file, but instead embedding excel in java. For example instead of launching excel using the Desktop class and opening a new excel window, Java w[More]


Reading Microsoft Excel spreadsheets in Java

Is it possible to read a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet in Java? If so, how does one do it?There exist the JDBC-ODBC bridge driver which enables interaction with Excel files using JDBC, but you're restricted to only one platform (Microsoft Windows), onl[More]


How to get an effective EXCEL Spreadsheet as output for Oracle report 10g

Hi All, I am a newbie in Oracle reporting. I am using 10g. I have an oracle report whose output format is PDF from the user interface. User asked for Spreadsheet output. I changed the JAVA CODE "desformat" = Spreadsheet and got the report in Exc[More]


How do I display a few cells from an excel spreadsheet

Can a page be created that sets a field that displays information located in an excel spreadsheet located on a different server? Basically there is a cell within an excel spreadsheet that gets updated daily, and I want the coldfusion to reflect the c[More]


Copy and Paste from an excel spreadsheet to a JTable

Hi, does someone know how to copy and paste data from an excel spreadsheet to a JTable. It seems like copy and paste do not fuction from an to a JTable. Thanks, Fred.Take a look at an example included in my bug report link shown below: http://develop[More]


Java/Excel interface

Hello everybody!! I am doing an MSc Dissertation at the moment and was wondering if anyone could tell me how to get a tab delimited text file and use Java to create it in to an Excel spreadsheet format? This new spreadsheet will then need to be modif[More]


"Choose a digital certificate" pop up when save Excel spreadsheet in IE

One reporting page in our SSL application will generate an Excel spreadsheet. User will be prompted to either Save it to harddrive or Open it within the IE. If user chooses to Open it inside IE, then go "File --> Save as", this "Choose a[More]


Automatic email from an Excel Spreadsheet

Hi i have been recently asked to find out if there may be a program or something that will automatically email all the information pertaining to a particular email address on an Excel spreadsheet. Ex: So if my email is assigned to 3 things within the[More]


How to generate an excel spreadsheet from an Oracle Application forms runni

I need URGENT generate an Excel spreadsheet with rows and columns populated from a forms that is running on Oracle Application R11.5 and open this worksheet for the User save. I want to include a PL*SQL code on a button and this button to run the spr[More]


How do I fill an Excel spreadsheet with the contents of a DataTable? (C#, OleDb)

The following fills a DataTable with the contents of an Excel spreadsheet.     oledbCmd.CommandText = "SELECT * FROM [" + stSheetName + "$]";     DataTable dtDataTable = new DataTable();     using (OleDbDataAdapter oledbAdapter = new O[More]


Can't paste copied entries from online CSV file into Excel spreadsheet (chatted with zzxc on 5/3/10 at around 2.30 CST but got disconnected. did not get an answer ...)

Here is the transcript of a chat with Firefox community member zzxcon May 3/10 You are now chatting with Firefox community member zzxc zzxc: Hello zzxc: What happens when you attempt to download a .csv file? seegal: hello seegal: it doesn't copy zzxc[More]


EXCEL spreadsheet with MACROS

WILL NUMBERS 2009 SUPPORT AN EXCEL SPREADSHEET WITH EMBEDDED MACROS?Looks like Excel will get macros back. This is from Wikipedia: Microsoft has announced that the Mac OS X version will also be released in 2010. Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac will inc[More]


Excel spreadsheets with macro's

Good day Excel spreadsheets with macro's created in Windows does not work on my Macbook (excel for mac 2011), even if I enable macro's. I do not create these spreadsheets myself. Cn anyone assist please? Thank you for your time.Hi, As far as I known,[More]


Excel Spreadsheet as Data Source & Copying that Data to an Existing SharePoint List

Hello, I have an Excel spreadsheet that I get daily and cut and paste into an existing SharePoint list. Is there a way to make that Excel spreadsheet a data source and copy the data to an existing SharePoint list with less manual involvement? Tools a[More]


How do I show/refresh data from an Access Web App in an Excel spreadsheet saved in a Document Library on Sharepoint 2013 online

I have an Access 2013 Web App in my Sharepoint 2013 online website. It contains a query to report on its data (several, actually, but let's keep it simple). I want to connect an Excel spreadsheet to the query, visualise the data in pivot tables/graph[More]


When I convert my excel spreadsheet to pdf objects like graphs move down in the page!

Hi everyone I am very new to this! Please help! I was working with someone who has been migrated to Office 2007.  If we create an Excel Spreadsheet and convert it to Pdf all is well. When we do the same with his old files the graphs move to the botto[More]


Help with exporting an excel spreadsheet to sharepoint

I've downloaded the 'Synchronising with sharepoint lists' add-in and have linked my spreadsheet to a sharepoint list, where any changes made to the spreadsheet then updates the sharepoint list. This spreadsheet is full of formulas but as soon as I cl[More]


IMporting Excel Spreadsheets

Hello We recently upgraded RH in our company from x5 to HTML 6, build 099. In a project I worked on with X5, I had imported Excel spreadsheets saved as html and generated a primary layout without any problem. However, in 6, when I would generate a la[More]


C# Script to open and read an Excel spreadsheet with multiple worksheets

Can someone provide me the C# syntax and Edit Script to open an Excel spreadsheet with multiple worksheets and then using the data to create and output a .csv file? The multiple worksheets contain different data elements that I'll need to parse out a[More]


Automatically open excel spreadsheets with numbers

can anyone tell me is it possible to set numbers as the default application to ALWAYS open excel spreadsheets? each time i try to open an excel spreadsheet the computer starts up the trial office software. I then have to cancel and choose "open with&[More]


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