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itunes download error 3259


ITunes download error "Service "Apple Mobile Device Service"

How do I get past the iTunes download error message: "Service "Apple Mobile Device Service" failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privilege to start system services." ? I have tried ignoring, trying again, and canceling and[More]


I have 3 songs that will not download and the volume of error messages from Itunes about these "3" is annoying. I know my way around Itunes but cannot find a way to delete them and stop these Itunes download error messages.

I have 3 songs that will not download and the volume of error messages from Itunes about these "3" is annoying. I know my way around Itunes but cannot find a way to delete them and stop these Itunes download error messages. Thank you.Thanks Moha[More]


Itunes store error 3259

i purchased a movie to download onto my ipod but i am receiving this error. the last movie i downloaded took a really long time, but this movie received this error after downloading 183.2 MB of 1.29 GB. Please Advise... Thank you 30GB   Windows Vista[More]


IOS 5 download error -3259?

I keep getting error -3259 when iOS 5 is processing for my iPod. I have perfect internet connection and my iPod is connected. What do I do?Hey y'all, I ended up going to "google" and searching out how to download iOS 5 apart from iTunes.  I foun[More]


OS 5 download error 3259

Trying to download OS 5 (without installing) but keep getting error 3259. It happens right at the end when it shows all of the 740+Mb has been downloaded (ie download has already finished), saying the network has timed out. I have unticked 'protect m[More]


ITunes download error on the iPad

I bought some videos on iTunes (episodes of 2 TV seasons). Most everything downloaded with no problems but there are 7 that didn't complete and show up on the iTunes download page as "Download error. Tap to retry." If I follow the directions and[More]


Itunes download error -42110

I get a download error when downloading rented movies to itunes on my pc.  The error messge is -42110"Error 3001,"  "-42110," or "5103" This alert is related to iTunes Store movie rentals and authorization issues. Make sure y[More]


Itunes download error message

I recently tried to download Itunes for my computer its a windows 8 64-bit. I downloaded Itunes twice and it won't open at all, anytime I try to open it, there is a message that says "Apple Application Support was not found. Apple Application Support[More]


ITunes download error

I keep getting a message "Download error. Please try again" when I try to download a song from iTunes to my iPad . Do I have to download them on my computer and then synch up? Shouldn't I be able to download songs directly to my iPad ? Thanks fo[More]


Itunes downloading error 2

I keep getting the message "Apple Application Support was not found. Apple Application Support is required to run Itunes. Please uninstall itunes, then install itunes again." Then "Error 2 (Windows error 2) when I try to download itunesHell[More]


ITunes download error, tap to retry

I purchased some songs from iTunes, and all except 3 downloaded just fine. 3 songs keep coming up "Download error, tap to retry". I have tried numerous times to retry the download, but keep getting the error message. I cannot select and delete t[More]


Itunes download error tap to retry - iphone 5s

When downloading a song from itunes on my iphone I got the download error tap to retry. I tried restarting the iphone, signing out of itunes and restarting but still got the same error, but I can download new songs fine. So I connected the iphone to[More]


Audiobook purchase on iTunes - "Download error. Tap to retry."

I bought an audiobook through iTunes last night and am having some trouble with the download. First, it was stuck on "processing" and I read in another thread that I needed to connect to wi-fi, which I have now done. Now, after I enter my iTunes[More]


TS3212 ITUNES download error for windows 8

     After I install itunes an error message pops up saying apple application support was not found. I have uninstalled and re installed 5 times and still the same message pops up.  Is there anyone else who has this problem?Let's try a standalone App[More]


Software update download error -3259

I am trying to update my iPad to v4.3.2 but every time the download finishes I get this error message: There was a problem downloading the software for the iPad xy. The network connection timed out. Make sure your network settings are correct and you[More]


Inception download error 3259

Got a free digital copy of Inception, but keeps coming up with Network timed out Error 3259. I can download other movies no worries. Gavdennnis.vasquez wrote: the -3259 error assuming that's a standard Mac OS error code (which is likely), it's a "tim[More]


IPod Touch and iTunes Download error

I tried renting a movie and buying four TV episodes two days ago. The movie started to download when i purchased the other four items. The movie then stopped downloading, and one of the shows began to download. Then that stopped downloading. Now none[More]


Itunes download error iPhone

I get a download error when attempting to my iphone 4. "download error..., tap to retry" It continues to show error nomatter how many times I retry. I have tried just about everything I could imagine to fix. power off, exit apple ID, synch with[More]


ITunes download error -100000

Downloaded an album, and one song is giving me download error - stopped -100000. I've tried to restart the download a couple times, but it runs, pretends it's downloading and then gives me the error. The internet doesn't seem to know what error -1000[More]


Download error 3259

My boss has an ipad, last week he downloaded the 2 entire seasons of 24, and a season of Rescue Me with no problems at all, now he's trying to download a movie and he keeps getting this error. If those shows downloaded just fine why won't the movie d[More]


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