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ipod not recognized


USB Device for IPOD not recognized by Windows, whether ipod connected or no

During the past few days I have received a pop up error message from (I would think) Windows that the USB device is not recognized. I have the USB plug for the ipod connected (as always)but the ipod isn't even connected. It keeps popping up like ever[More]


1st generation iPod not recognized on Vista - drivers / hardware not found

I have a new PC, which now very unfortunately runs Windows Vista as an operating system - I have installed iTunes latest version 7.4 but still the PC does not recognize my iPod or doesn't find the hardware - can anyone help?Have you had a chance to l[More]


IPod is recognized by iTunes and computer, but wil not sync songs

iPod is recognized by iTunes and computer, but wil not sync songs. I have about 1400 songs and just got 40 more, and before I bought those 40 my iTunes was wiped out. I still had the files so my iTunes was filled up again. Now, when I connect my iPod[More]


Ipod not recognized by computer or itunes when not in disk mode

My ipod nano 6th gen. recently has stopped working.  I am able to charge it for a short amount of time but have to reset the ipod everytime I go to turn it on.  I wanted to update the software but when I plug it into my comp that I have previously up[More]


Ipod not recognized by itunes

My ipod mounts on the pc, itunes does not see it. An error pops up saying that the ipod is write protected...???? I restored it, reinstalled, rebooted. Not sure what other steps to take.. Thansk for any help.Hello Jennifer, Thank you for using Apple[More]


Ipod not recognized by Itunes, please help!!

Hi, When I connect my ipod to my computer the follwing message comes up- "USB device not recognized- One of the USB devices attatched to this computer has malfunctioned and windows does not recognize it." I've tried everything I can think of...[More]


IPod not recognized by iTunes 5.0.1

Hi, I recently formated my hard drive to reinstall windows xp pro. I installed my iPod and iTunes 5.0.1 and now, my iPod is recognized by windows but not by iTunes =/ I tried to uninstall then reinstall iPod drivers and iTunes but nothing changed...[More]


Ipod not recognized by itunes, why?

I got a new Ipod and it is not recognized by Itunes. I have reinstalled itunes. I have tried to reset the ipod. It also does not show up on Windows Explorer. I tried changing things in the MSCONFIG file and it still did not work. The USB ports work a[More]


Ipod not recognized by computer or itunes or anything!

just got a new ipod after i lost my old mini and when i plug my ipod into my computer using a 2.0 USB port it isnt recognized by my computer or my itunes , it doesnt even make the connection noise. My friends ipods are recognized by my computer and i[More]


Ipod not recognized by computer or itunes plaese help

Hey I have had my ipod since last december and around april it stopped working and responding to my computer. it does charge but now it can only hold a charge for a certain amount of time. Can sum one help me?Have you had a chance to look at these tr[More]


Ipod not recognized by windows code43

windows will not recognize ipod says device not working properly code 43 this happen after itunes upgrade what to do to fixHello Judy, It's impossible to sync your iPod if it is not being recognized in iTunes.  I found a few resources that I think wi[More]


IPod not recognized by Windows at all

Hey all, A friend's iPod recently stopped being recognized by Windows, and asked for my help in getting it to work. The iPod works fine, but whenever it's plugged into the computer (running XP Home), nothing happens. The cord is not the problem; when[More]


My ipod not recognized by the computer or itunes?

Ok, the iPod works fine playing music and watching videos and everything else it is supposed to, and it charges fine. But when i plug it up my PC to sync new music, the screen on the iPod does like normal and goes to the gray and orangeish screen tha[More]


IPod is recognized in Windows, but not in iTunes.

Ive followed the support site on what to do if the iPod is recognized in Windows but not iTunes... but to no avail. ive had a 20GB photo thats been working o.k. (need to send it in) but now neither it nor my new 30GB Video will appear on iTunes... ju[More]


What do i do when my ipod is recognized by windows but wont be recognized by itunes

my ipod is recognized in windows but not itunesHello chickaling Check out the article below to troubleshoot your issue to get your iPod to show back up in iTunes. iPod: Appears in Windows but not in iTunes Regards,[More]


My ipod is recognized in windows but not in itunes. I ran the troubleshooter and followed all of the steps to fix it....itunes still does not recognize my ipod.  Anyone know how to fix this?

My ipod is recognized in windows but not in itunes. It shows up in devices and gives me the ok to eject prompt, so I know that the connection is good. I ran the troubleshooter and did all the recommended fixes.  Hours and hours later, I still have th[More]


TS1538 I am using windows 7 and my 3rd gen nano is not recognized in itunes. I have followed all online troubleshooting to no avail. My ipod is recognized by windows but does not appear in itunes.

I am using windows 7 and my 3rd gen nano is not recognized in itunes. I have followed all online troubleshooting to no avail. My ipod is recognized by windows but does not appear in itunes.not recognized by anything:[More]


Ipod not recognized anymore

My old laptop used to recognize my ipod using usb but only when it was fully charged and even then it would only recognize it some of the time. It also wouldn't ever charge through my computer and the ipod updater never worked. Eventually, that compu[More]


TS1538 I have a 4th generation iPod. My system is Windows 7 64-bit. iPod not recognized in iTunes. Also getting iTunes error about cd/dvd drivers not installed. I have reinstalled 4 times and finally got iPod software installed properly. Please help!

I have a 4th generation iPod. My system is Windows 7, 64-bit. iPod not recognized in iTunes. It is in my computer. Also getting iTunes error message about cd/dvd drivers not properly installed. I've restalled 5 times and still not working.  Finally g[More]


IPod not recognized in 'My Computer' and in iTunes for Windows 7

I have stopped the services to the ipod and mobile devices and restarted the services.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled itunes.  My ports are fine and I have tried all gthree ports.  I also switched the cable and yet it's still not recognizing ipo[More]


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