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inventory movement report


Inventory aging report for vehicle parts

Hello Guys, I need to prepare an inventory aging report for Vehicle parts. We already have new vehice ad used vehicle's inventory aging reports created by somebody else. I am very new to sap-bi. I am very confused about designing same cz i checked wi[More]


Inventory audit report and Inventory GL balance - Not matching

Team I taken the report from Inventory audit report , this is not matching with inventory charts of accounts balance. What may be the error How to close old topics, how to provide the points for good suggestion. My points also not increased , what I[More]


Inventory Audit Report - Not followed FIFO and Batch management

I have created an Item say XYZ, with Batch management and valuation methode FIFO. Then I have created a batch say 1 with posting of opening balance transaction with posting date as 1st April 2009. Now when I post an A/R Invoice with posting date as 1[More]


Inventory Status Report issue

Hello, Upon running the Inventory Status report for  item group    item no. 'A' shows 5,000 Ordered.   When I drilled  down on the 5,000, SAP B1 only shows 4,500 on open POs.   Please help   Using SAP B1 9.0 PL11 Thanks, JagritiHi, Please refer SAP n[More]


Inventory Aging Report

Hi Experts, I have a requirement to implement Inventory Aging report . The report should show total qty of inventory on hand in buckets of (0-30 days), (31-60 days) and so on upto a year for given plant and material . I also need to show value of inv[More]


Transaction value in inventory Audit Report

Hi, I have received some quantities say 100 without any price in the Goods receipt.But when i run the inventory Audit report it is showing some value in transaction value field.Where as when i check the item cost the item cost is 0 even then system i[More]


Inventory Audit Report and Inventory G/L Account discrepancy

Good Day! Hi Everybody. I had experienced a discrepancy between the Inventory Audit Report and Inventory G/L Account. Before everything else, our client does not have any PO, GRPO. Only A/P Invoice and A/P Credit Memos so there are no difference bein[More]


Error message in inventory audit report

Hi I'm trying to generate an Inventory Audit Report when this error appeared > "You have an insufficient resources to complete this action.Select fewer records and try again"..  I know that the report is too big coz it's from 2006-2010. Can s[More]


All Inventories Value Report&Inventory Ageing Report& Current And as on Date Stock not matching

Hello All, I am new to inventory. I need some help. After opening the periods of purchasing and inventory for the month of April'15. The below reports should match in costing. But they are not matching. Kindly help on this as its PROD. Inventory Agei[More]


Inventory aging report,  plz help me its very urgent

Hi experts, i have a problem in reporting, yesterday i got requirement form uesrs for Inventory Aging report, the report fields Contains 1) Plant 2) Meterial 3) Stock as on date( closing stock) with both  fields Quantity & value fields 4) Average Use[More]


Bug in Inventory Audit Report before upgradation from SAP B1 2004B to 2005B

Sir, We upgraded SAP Business One 2004B to SAP Business One 2005B on 26/05/2007. Earlier we were having SAP B1 2004 in which therer was no Inventory Audit Report function in Inventory Reports. After upgradation if we take Inventory Audit Report, the[More]


Error while running Inventory Audit Report

Hi All, While running the inventory audit report based on posting date, we get the message,'The report returns too many records for this action and may cause SAP Business One to stop responding for a long time or shut down. Do you want to continue?'[More]


Difference between G/L Balance and Inventory Audit Report

Hi All,         while checking the G/L ledger for Inventory account and the Inventory Audit report, there is a difference between the amounts posted. The closing balance till 31/03/09 is fine but afterwards the balance is not matchin at all. I hav tr[More]


Inventory Aging Report in BW 3.5

Hi We are designing inventory aging report wherein we have inventory aging periods as 0-60,61-180,181-365,>365 and Non moving. The formula to calculate Inventory days is Inv.days=((Cummulative Inv.Value)/(Avg.consumption for 6months))*30 Depending up[More]


Inventory Aging Report in SAP BI

Dear All, Please let me know the best way to calculate the inventory aging report for materials in inventory management . Based on the Key date we have to calculate the inventory mangement report . And the key date will be may or may not the sy-date[More]


Inventory Audit Report with Batch Number

Hi all. I am trying to build a query that similar to the inventory audit report but with batch number. I want to know which batch number of each item is being charged out in deliveries or goods issue and which batch of item is being received. I am us[More]


Inventory Audit Report

We used the Inventory Audit Report to determine inventory value ending in a specific period.  It seems to work okay but it lists every single item in our inventory. We are looking for more of a summary report.  The only option we have for this is by[More]


Insufficient Memory error when running Inventory Audit Report

I have a user who has cannot run the Inventory Audit Report.  He used to run this report regularly, but in the past few weeks, he gets the following two errors: The report returns too many records for this action and may cause SAP Business One to sto[More]


Inventory Audit Report - Zero quantity but with value

Hi All, Our client are using FIFO costing, due to some backdated transaction we get 0 Qty but the value is not 0 when running Inventory Audit Report base on posting date (system date is fine) at the month end. I understand that the system calculate t[More]


Zero Quantity, Negative Stock Value in Inventory Audit Report

Hi all, The Cumulative Quantity of an item has become zero but the Cumulative Value in the Inventory Audit Report displayed as -150. How to adjust it to make it zero? Kindly advise, thanks. Regards, XavierHI Xavier, Mentioned below is teh detail from[More]


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