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how to stop OfficeClickToRun.exe


How does one get officeclicktorun.exe to stop running?

Since installing Outlook 2013 I noticed that officeclicktorun.exe has been consuming the most CPU of any running app.  It takes focus of the machine when I'm in the middle of working on another app which is very annoying. I understand that it's insta[More]


Upgrade Click to Run Version Older than 15.0.4569.1507

We currently have an Office 365 installation older than 15.0.4569.1507 on all our SOEs These SOEs are managed by Windows Intune & we want to manage the Office updates ourselves. We've created an Intune package that we know executes correctly with the[More]


Office 365 x64 Click-to-Run Not Automatically Updating from Network Share

We are piloting Office 365 x64 and pointing the clients to a network share (see config file below) for updates.  When we subsequently download the updates to the share the clients will not automatically install them.  If we manually do so from within[More]


Office 365 Pro Plus install failures during SCCM OSD

Hi All, I'm in the process of deploying Office 365Pro Plus using SCCM 2012 r2 and have found some very weird behaviour. I have already downloaded the source and the Office folder exists in the same folder as setup.exe and my install xml looks like th[More]


Fail to install O365 additional product once some already installed

Hi community, I have following issue trying to install additional O365 product in case some product already present on my virtual machine(VM). I mean I can install several products at once e.g. OfficeProPlus, Visio and Project. But in case OfficeProP[More]


Deploying Office 365 Pro Plus via SCCM

Hi I am trying to deploy Office 365 Pro Plus via SCCM, I followed this process , we don't use the application catalogue but I made the application available to be run via[More]


I am getting the error Installation came back with 17002 when installing Office 365 ProPlus from a network share

I have gotten this error several times, but It works fine on most machines Here is the most recent example of the log file: Timestamp Process TID Area Category EventID Level Message Correlation 08/08/2014 11:28:29.131 SETUP (0xef8) 0x1964  Click-To-R[More]


Office Deployment Tool Help

Alright, further troubleshooting for any other boys and girls that may tune in with this issue.I tweaked my XML file (see updated version). The logging is now working (attached error log), and showing Download failed for c:\o365\office\data\15.0.4737[More]


C2R Client returned failing error

Hi, We are attempting to deploy OneDrive for Business desktop sync app to our organisation via SCCM, in-house packaged. Has been a high success rate, however there are few users of which the sync app fails to install and the log files return errors a[More]


Getting Error 17004 when deploying Office 2013 CTR on VM.

Timestamp Process TID Area Category EventID Level Message Correlation 08/04/2014 17:10:47.128 SETUP (0x8c8) 0x7a0 Click-To-Run amaxp Medium BaseConfigure::TryGetConfiguration: EULA's have been accepted. 08/04/2014 17:10:47.159 SETUP (0x8c8) 0x7a0 Cli[More]


Each time I try to synch photos from my Windows 7 PC to my iPad2, iTunes stops working, and the error report says Problem Event Name:     APPCRASH   Application Name:     iTunes.exe   Application Version:   Application Timestamp:     4deec35

Each time I try to synch photos from my Windows7 PC to my iPad2, iTunes stops working and the error message is: Problem Event Name:                          APPCRASH   Application Name:                             iTunes.exe   Application Version:   [More]


My itunes wont open and i cannot find an itunes .exe file

my itunes wont open and i cannot find an itunes .exe fileI have this same problem and when I go to the control panel to uninstall itunes, I can't do that either.  I have been trying to uninstall so I can reinstall.  Hopefully someone has an idea.Read[More]


Report Generation Exe Error

Hello,  I am using LV 8.6.1 with the 1.13 report generation toolkit and I am having problems getting my built exe to work.  I am trying to open an excel template and populate it with new data.  I have broke the vi down to just opening excel - opening[More]


Report Generation Toolkit error when running exe not vi

Unknown System Error in Get Report>Get Current>Excel Easy Table (str).vi->insert table and save>80x test 1. The above is an error I get from my exe 2. I do not get this error when just running the vi. 3.[More]


Report generation toolkit VI error when running EXE

A VI inside the Report Generation Toolkit (version 1.1.2), Excel Find Application, will not function correctly when running an EXE.  The "Current VI's path" block will return the path of the currently running EXE rather than the pat[More]


How do I perform an Open VI Ref for a VI in my EXE?

Good evening, I'm building a LV8.5 VI into an EXE using application builder.  I am trying to get a reference to a SubVI using Open VI Reference.  When I wire the subvi name as a string, I get an Error 1004 failure and the dialog says "the VI is not i[More]


LabView Exe Applicatio​n file not launch Excel applicatio​n for report generation

Dear All, I created one LabVIEW application file for report generation (using Excel Template). While I run the program in programming mode it works well and create the report file in the specified path. After creation of the application file(exe), it[More]


Error while running sawserver.exe file

Hi All , I installed OBIEE 11.1.5 in my machine and Database is in different machine (For RCU) .OBIEE reports are working fine but, I tried to run sawserver.exe file to register new instanceconfig file to implement multiple rpds and Catalogs in OBIEE[More]


Error while deploying web role - Invalid application runtime - a runtime component is missing:/base/x64/IISConfigurator.exe

I have Azure SDK 2.5 installed and when I try and publish my web role from VS 2013, it fails. When I manually upload the package and config through the Azure Portal I get the error:  "Invalid application runtime - a runtime component is missing:/base[More]


Rwbld60.exe error while calling a graph wizard from reports 6i.

Hi, I have a latest patch 4f installed on my machine for reports 6i. When i call a graph wizard from my reports i am getting a program error saying "rwbld60.exe has generated errors". How do i confirm that my new patch is installed successfully.[More]


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