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How To Make mozilla.cfg, override.ini, all-companyname.js, Files To Work Once And For All For All Users

I'm currently trying to apply a fix to the firefox browser (version 23.0.1) on over 250 computers. Setting default webpages, disabling annoying prompts like the default browser and importing bookmarks, and erasing the history on shutdown, or startup.[More]


In gui_download FM can we input  FILETYPE = 'WK1'

In gui_download FM can we use the filetype = 'wk1'. or it is going to support only BIN and ASC. i want to upgraded ws_download to that ws_download filetype was 'WK1' .so how to give WK1 IN GUI_DOWNLOAD. PLS ITS URGENTyou can use WK1 a[More]


CRDB_JavaServer.ini file is missing in linux (for Crystal reports designer in Rational Application developer)

<p>Hi </p><p>I am trying to design crystal reports in rational application developer on linux.  <br /></p><p>But I cannt find CRDB_JavaServer.ini  on linux. This file is present in Windows </p><p>in c:\progr[More]


[SOLVED] Php.ini syntax error, unexpected '&'

Hi guys, I'm having a trouble setting up a local hosted LAMP, I want to enable the error reporting and display, but it's giving me this error: [[email protected] albert]# php PHP: syntax error, unexpected '&' in /etc/php/php.ini on line 105 Line 105: ; err[More]


Odbc.ini entry on local unix server to connect to a T10 on remote server

I am trying to setup an entry in the ODBC.INI file on local unix server that has T10 client installed. I want to connect to a T10 datastore on a different server using this ODBC entry (client/server connection for a Informatica tool) Could some one t[More]


I set firefox to open a filetype (.SGF) w/ a program but it doesn't, so I set it to save/ask and neither option works, it always opens file link in a new tab.

I've gone into the Options and set the .SGF file to open with Smartgo. It refuses to do that. Clicking on a link to a .SGF file simply opens the file as text in a new tab. Since this didn't work, I tried to set firefox to download it instead, because[More]


Issue with instance config.ini

Hello All, I have added one line code in my instance config.ini file <WebConfig> <ServerInstance> <ForceRefresh>TRUE</ForceRefresh> </ServerInstance> </WebConfig> as per my knowledge it will by presentation server query[More]


Save for Web filetype default in PSE 8 on Windows 7

I just installed PSE 8 on a new Windows 7 system. On my earlier Windows XP system running PSE 6, the Save for Web filetype defaulted to JPEG Medium, which is what I wanted. On this installation, it defaults every time to GIF; I change it and save the[More]


How to create and edit a .ini file using java

Hi All... Pls help me in creating and editing an .ini file using java... thanks in advance Regards, sathyaLet's assume the ini file is a mapping type storage (key=value) so lets use Properties object. (works with java 1.4 & up) import; i[More]


How To Get FileType and MIME Type from a File

Hi, I am using following ways to get FileType and MIME Type. I am able to get file type, but I am getting MIME Type as */* Can any one please let me know how to get MIME Type, but it should not be time consuming process. For File Type I am using foll[More]


MDT 2013: bootstrap.ini not applying username and password for share access

I customized my bootstrap.ini file to skip the welcome screen, set keyboard locale, and enter a service account username and password for share access.  The welcome screen skip and keyboard locale work beautifully but it's not applying the share user[More]


Memory leakage when using Ini-file VIs

I'm using the Configuration File Vis to read and write data to different .ini files. The files contain both standard keys and clusters written as a segment using the Open G toolkit. Instead of opening the files and keeping them in the memory of the C[More]


Is it possible to share an ODBC.INI across Essbase servers?

h5. Summary Our planned production environment may have as many as 15 Essbase servers so it would be useful if the odbc.ini file could be maintained centrally. Is this possible? h5. Problem The servers are implemented as a high availability cluster.[More]


Php.ini sendmail_path directive in Mac OS 10.4.8

Hi, I am taking a PHP progamming with MySql course and am working with email forms. My book tells me to edit my php.ini file and assign the path where sendmail is installed to the sendmail_path directive. In an old discussion forum I found that this[More]


Can't change filetype association back to CS5

[FYI - similar post in the Acrobat and InDesign forums.] We  installed the CS5.5 upgrade  today, and for the time being I would  prefer to open my existing Illustrator docs with CS5.0, using 5.1 only when  we receive v5.1 files. I  highlight an AI fi[More]


Is there a way to change the default export filetype in Illustrator CS4 for Mac OSx

Hi, I do a significant amount of exporting from Illustrator and always need my images exported as JPG. The default filetype for exporting in CS4 (for mac) is PNG, and I can't find a way to change this. Since I always want to export as JPG, I feel lik[More]


How do I hide Windows .ini files in a dock folder?

Background: On my MacBook Pro, I divided my hard drive into 3 partitions - one for Mac OS X, one for Windows 7, and one for common storage that I use to transfer my files between OS's. With this setup, I set my Dropbox folder on the "common storage&q[More]


Accidentally deleted firefox "profiles.ini" and now says firefox is already running when I try to open it.

Accidentally deleted firefox "profiles.ini" and now says firefox is already running when I try to open it. "a copy of firefox is already open. only one copy of firefox can be open at one time. Now I'm aware this happens often and people hav[More]


Error in getting the BAPIWrapper name from the ini file or SAP mobile configuration: Agentry Error

Hello Experts, I follow the flightbooking tutorial to create a Material application to get material list. I  can start the agentry server but when I connect to SAP server and get data, I face below issue Error in getting the BAPIWrapper name from the[More]


Need help on resolving the issue with adobe output server - error MSG256 & MSG 210 not in .ini file

Hi, I am using adobe output designer 5.5 for designing the label template and using the Adobe output server for printing process. In the Jfmerge.ini we given the condition "DiscardUnknownFields=Yes" for ignoring the unwanted fields in the .dat f[More]


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  • Help required!! Java WebService

    Hello everyone. I'm working in JAVA making a WebService using Netbeans IDE. The purpose of webservice is to call an API of another application to do some work. Now that application is installed in another server not on my local system. I am provided

  • MacBook pro morse code?!

    I am in boot camp Windows 7 Enterprise, so I don't know if this is windows 7, but here's the story ========== I came in my room, after I turned the display off by turning the brightness off, and the screen was flashing. I didn't think to much of it,

  • TV on the IdeaCentre A600?

    I recently purchased an IdeaCentre A600.  I made the purchase because Lenovo was touting the IdeaCentre as a computer and a TV.  But apparently I had a different definition of "TV."  The biggest disappointment was the total lack of documentation

  • CUCM 10.5: User Device Profiles provisioning possible?

    Recently we've Upgraded our CUCM Cluster from 8.6.2 to 10.5 to gain some new features. In the feature list there is a lot of stuff for provisioning and making admin things easier. Right now, if there is a new employee in our company, we manually crea

  • Flashing folder with "?" instead of startup progress indicator

    My computer froze and starting making a clicking noise yesterday. The clicking noise is mechanical, not from the speakers (I'm thinking from the drive heads?). After waiting for about a minute, I held down the power button to turn the computer off. W

  • CISCO ACS has stopped handing out IPs from IP Pool

    I've setup ACS to assign a user an IP address from the IP Pool assigned to the group. Gave the pool a - range. 20 clients worked fine, and now it won't hand out any addresses. I rebooted the ACS and one of the clients that did

  • Custom Login Module and failover

    I'm trying to figure out how to handle authentication when failover from one OC4J to another occurs. I have a custom login module using the example provided by Frank Nimphius (

  • Use Grid to Refresh test from production or Using Grid for Cloning

    Is there a specific area of grid OEM specifically for database refreshing or cloning? We are about to do refresh of test from production and this has been brought up. We usu ally do either the copy datafiles+create control file or exp(dp)/imp(dp) Is

  • Location services seems to be tracking my stolen phone.

    My "frequent location" service shows that I checked at South Kitsap Mall in Seattle suburbs on Tuesday.  I live in Chicago now, so obviously this is impossible!  My old 3G was stolen during a vehicle break in in Lynwood, WA In 2010.  I also have

  • " could not convert Unicode characters (23::46) "

    I am suddently received an error message: " could not convert Unicode characters (23::46) " on my OS X version 10.9, when I trying to open a template. I have no problem to open the file on my friend's pc tho..  Any suggestion how to fix it great