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expression is of wrong type package type


'expression is of wrong type' - but which and where..?

hello. Hopefully this will be clear as day to someone.. Please could someone tell me why I'm getting the following error message.. [061010_042222995][][EXCEPTION] SQLException encounter while executing data trigger.... java.sql.SQLException: ORA-0655[More]


PLS-00382: expression is of wrong type

Hi, oracle 9.2 I have to write one simple procedure to retrieve some column records from the table. In the Begin... end block...I have written select statement Now, if i include all the columns in the select query then procedure gets compile without[More]


"An expression of non-boolean type specified in a context where a condition

I have below query and its respective result set "0 and NoofRows" in Execute SQL task select count(*) from TEMP_InterfaceSAP_LoadFile where (timeid = '20110100' and  ([ENTITY_AFF] in (N'6050'))) When I run the task individually, there is no issu[More]


An expression of non-boolean type specified in a context where a condition is expected, near ','

I am getting the error message, "An expression of non-boolean type specified in a context where a condition is expected, near ',' " when running an ssrs 2008 r2 report. The sql embedded in the dataset is: IF @reportID <> 0 BEGIN   SELECT '[More]


An expression of non boolean type specified in context near id

Hi Sorry for duplicate posting. I am desperately looking to solve the issue for  display image tif format using datawindow inkpict. I am little bit going progress . My Sqlserver  table  <mpdoc> id <int>, empdoc  <image> In datawindow obj[More]


Expressions with different data types

hello I have an animated clock and a line on a chart that I want to animate together--hopefully all tied with expressions, to make easing across them very *easy* I've got the big hand and little hand of the clock linked up (pick-wipped rotation and m[More]


Airport Express and PS3 Nat Type 3

I have a Airport Express with a Cisco DPH151-AT modem for AT&T DSL. I'm having a lot of problems trying to get my PS3 get a Type 1/2 Nat, but all I get is Type 3. It's causing a lot of lag and unable to join groups or connect in certain games. Can an[More]


Expressions for Databank Variables Type Internal

Hi, Does anyone have examples of valid expressions for the databank variables type internal? I would like to know how I can use this for my tests. ThanksHi Aether, Hope the info below provides some insight for you. I have not used expressions, but ha[More]


Iif() sql statement is not working please help. An expression of non boolean type specified the context

the following sql is not working . If  sum(salary) = null   should be displayed  1 or 0 select empname,iif((isnull(sum(salary),0)),1,0) from salary group by empname regards Pol polachanI think what you're looking at is this select e.empname, COALESCE[More]


Problem accessing SQL Express 2008 R2 after VS package install

I've written an application package in Visual Studio 2010 which requires SQL Express 2008 R2. I've also created a separate setup package and set SQL Express as a prerequisite. Everything runs as expected except that after the install on target machin[More]


Problem when calling a return type BOOLEAN SQL Function in a package

Hi All, I am having problem when trying to call a SQL function in a package with return type BOOLEAN The SQL function signature is as follows CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE RMSOWNER.ORDER_ATTRIB_SQL **** FUNCTION GET_PO_TYPE_DESC(O_error_message IN OUT VA[More]


Colour expressions for Chart type report on SSRS

Hi Folks, Actually My Graph is populating this based on Table 2 results : At No 3 there is unique colour yellow there in table . how can I apply colour yellow bar at 3 , rest of them are one colour please help me. Thanks in advanse.Hi Cherukuri19, Ac[More]


Add column to user defined type based on existing table

Hello guys, I am trying to compile my function which returns a user defined type based on existing table. Throughout the initializing process though my query returns one additional column - SCORE(1). Here is my package: create or replace PACKAGE STAF[More]


Callable statement: out parameter type issue

Hello again. My question is: how can I register the out parameter of a callable statement so that it may contain an oracle Cursor? Whether I register it to Types.OTHER (Types from the java.sql package) or OracleTypes.CURSOR (OracleTypes from the orac[More]


Create user defined type under SQL type

Hello guys, I have a table PART_NEEDED and a table function which returns table of PART_NEEDED%ROWTYPE. This works fine but if I try to create new user defined type with with the same attributes as PART_NEEDED and pipe the rows into table of that typ[More]


Java Callout-how can we pass certain type other then primitives

Hi, I have a java method: void which accepts a message of certain type (bean with various properties i.e. LogType) which i want to invoke from the java call out method. I already have jar in the resources and can select the method but cannot figure o[More]


Dynamic SQL on Unicode data types

Hello, We're in the process of converting our database to support Unicode. So, converted the tables to NCHAR/NCHAR2 from CHAR/VARCHAR2. Now, dealing with stored procedures. Here's a stored procedure that's causing issue:(I am just giving the part of[More]


BINARY data types

Hi all, I have a simple question. I want to reproduce the SET data types (mysql) in Oracle. So I want assign a binary value to a column. I create a column with CHAR(1) type and I want assign for example 00000010 binary value. It's possible ? Thanks i[More]


Error while assigning dates to associative array of date type

Hi All, I am facing the issue while assigning dates to associative array of date type: Oracle Version: SQL> select * from v$version; BANNER Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bi PL/SQL Release - Production CORE  [More]


"Disable tracing" as part of custom step type behavior

Hi ! Currently writing custom step types based on sequences (my step type's default adapter is a sequence), I would like to set the "disable tracing" right in my step type definition. The problem is that this option isn't visible in the 'Default[More]


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