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Download E16GFIMS.518 bios


Bios Download failed, corrupting bios; machine will not boot up

My unit -Lonovo 3000 K100 57068352; Vista OS. on 10/12/09 I downloaded Bios; 2skg33a; released by Mar coGU; Release date 2009, 2, 27; based on Bios 2skg31a.  The download went smooth, and reported everything completed.  I rebooted the machine, and it[More]


I cannot download the latest BIOS

I have got a HP Envy 17-j020us, and I cannot download the latest bios sp69886.exe, for my windows 8.1 cause it goes to another pages..... Where at could i get that bios and download it directly??? Thx in advanceSimilarly, the same problemRead other 1[More]


Satellite Pro A300D-161 why i can't download the latest Bios from Toshiba

Hi, i want your help because i can't download the latest Bios for my notebook from toshiba-europe support page. Either internet expoler 8, either firefox can't open the Bios download page. Why is that problem? Is thre anyway to fix it? Does anyone ha[More]


Download P965 Platinum BIOS: 1.5B1

Please, someone tell me, where i  download this famous BIOS version.  Thanks to all. P.S: Sorry about my English.Quote from: cobayo on 27-April-07, 09:15:53 Please, someone tell me, where i  download this famous BIOS version.  Thanks to all. P.S: Sor[More]


Trying to download most current bios version

I have a K9A2 Platinum board and I am trying to update the BIOS.  I've tried Live Update 3..Nothing... I've done the "manually identify" to get to the BIOS, but none are listed. Does anyone know where I can Download the most current BIOS for my[More]


Why can't I download the latest BIOS for the H50-55

I can't download it, the page just refreshes.Sorry to hear you have encountered additional problems. Try clearing the CMOS.  Sometimes after a BIOS Update the new BIOS will have a conflict with the information stored in the CMOS which can cause a boo[More]


Satellite L100 - How to download and install BIOS update?

I bought this Satellite L100 in 2006, and it dawned on me that by now I might need a BIOS update (the laptop sometimes freezes at Startup). I found an update on the Satellite website dating July 6th 2007 but the download instructions are confusing an[More]


I want to download MS-9628 bios file but in the website does't have.

I have a MSI-9628 board and i want to update the bios,,,,how can i get the bios file? Who can help me ..thanks.I just want this one W9228IMS.100 this can help me . Quote from: Jack t.N. on 13-September-10, 19:47:11 What is your current BIOS Version? [More]


Where can I download a beta bios?

I have searched the web for hours and I cant seem to find a Beta bios for my 865G-PLS MB, I am looking for a bios that has fixed the X800 videocard problem and one that allows the CPU core voltage to be adjusted.       Thanks for the help.Thanks Del[More]


MOVED: P45 NEO-F (MS-7159) problem with downloading the latest BIOS from liveupdate

This topic has been moved to BIOS. please don't resurrect 3 year old threads  >>Please read and comply with the Forum Rules.<< Topic split >>Posting Guide<< Please describe y[More]


990XA-GD55-One Click Bios 2 In Windows Download? 2133 DDR3 Ram?

I am new to this site.I have been using these boards for awhile now..I noticed that most of my builds, that have one click bios 2...will have a download for one click bios 2, that you can use on your desktop..I like this feature and i have used it on[More]


VGA Bios download without internet connection

Hello, can anybody help me? My problem is that one PC (including MSI GeForce 5700) that I use has no internet connection available. I would like to download new VGA Bios, which I think should be downloadable with MSI Live Update utility. Is there any[More]


Cannot download BIOS Update for Tecra M5

I'm trying to download the latet BIOS update for the Tecra M5. When I click on the download link, I get redirected to another server. My login does not appear to work for this server - is there another location I can download the file from? Thanks.Hi[More]


Downloaded and installed Flash Bios and for some reason an error occured, not computer wont boot! THeres what i downloaded, shortly after i tried to restart my comp but it was all frozen. I used the button to turn it off and when i turn[More]


Unable to download hybrid bios

I've been trying to download the hybrid bios for about a week but I'm still unable to download it. I have the R9 270X GAMING 2G. when I try to download the bios in Live Update 6 the progress bar comes up and is full but says 0% and then it says it ha[More]


Re: A problem downloading BIOS updates for A200-1AX

Hi, I am trying to download Windos XP Bios Update for A200-1AX (PSAE6} but the Toshiba Support Site Keep asking me to enter a Username and Password : "The server at requires a username and password." Any[More]


Where can I download DKA790GX bios?

 Hi, Tell me please where can I download bios for my DKA790GX? Current  version is 1.2 but whit this version some CPUs  don't  start my mobo. On MSI web it is only live update and that is not god for me, because my net conection is very bad.ThanksYou[More]


Can't Update Bios (missing files in official download)

I still have problem with BSOD on my GS60 2PE Ghost Pro. so I thought I would try and update the BIOS. problem is It seems there are some files missing in the official download. And I try to find information what model my moder board is but there are[More]


Request for BIOS: GE60 2PE Apache Pro

Hello Svet. From what I have read, you can unlock the BIOS features from MSI laptops. I have a MSI GE 2PE Apache Pro with BIOS E16GFIMS.518 retrieved from www . msi . com/product/nb/GE60_2PE_Apache_Pro.html My installed OS is Windows 8.1 x64 English[More]


Bios Flashing and Recovery

BIOS FLASHING We do not recommend using the MSI LiveUpdate tool to update your BIOS! It may be okay for updating your drivers, but please do not use it to flash the BIOS in Windows! Windows-based flashing - If you REALLY insist on flashing the BIOS u[More]


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