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  • TS3297 This software asks security questions that you never setup, real bad software!

    Beware,  after updating to the new version of itunes and trying to purchase a song it thinks it is a new computer and asks security questions that you never setup.  Real bad! Still do not know how to reset security questions with new version of Itune

  • My ipod touch is disabled and won't turn off, itunes doesn't recognize the device and i can't see the serial number on the back

    My NOSY (now ex) husband did something to my ipod touch and it is now disabled. It was dead and I charged it and NOW the sucker won't turn off. When I connect to itunes i see a message that says i have to UNLOCK it with a passcode. I tried to get app

  • Text disappearing in pdf file

    I received a word file that was converted to pdf using "pdf maker". In the word file there is "shading" behind the text. In the pdf file if I select portions of the text and try to "highlight" it to make comments, some of the

  • Socket, setSoTimeout and SocketTimeoutException

    I am experimenting with different Socket.setSoTimeout settings while reading the inputstream with BufferedReader.readLine. I have tried to provoke a SocketTimeoutException while reading a string from the Socket.inputStream. I have noticed that if a t

  • Year end rate rollover issue (Retained Earnings)

    HFM Retained earnings Showing wrong values after the years end(For January). It is happening for all parent entities at local currency total level(Entity Curr Total) but if we look at USD total values it is showing right values..  Thanks, MoBBeloware

  • Non additive aggregation -  custom defined aggregation possible in BW?

    I have the following problem: there is a key figure that is non-additive relative to one characteristic, e.g we need the third minimum as an aggregation for a time characteristic (there a 250 values for that characteristic). Is there a way to create

  • From Dave2512

    I have recently downloaded an update for camera raw to cs5and have checked that all updates are up to date. I have lost access to camera raw. thr open with camera raw option is greyed out in cs5 and if I try to open the NEF files from Bridge it tries

  • Using my Mac mini with my old Cube - questions

    Hey, all- It was my hope to use my new mini along with my old Cube (the Cube to be an additional hard drive more than anything else) but I can't seemto figure out how to make them work together. The firewire cable I have connecting the two isn't lett

  • Need Read URL parameters from Adobe from

    Hi all, I have a specific application where in i need to read the parameters of the iview URL from an adobe form. The adobe form is a stand alone adobe form in KM. Its not developed using netweaver developer studio.  It would of very major help if so

  • Please help me, I have a problem!

    I have a E50 Nokia and I have reached a problem. On my display near the SMS icon it shows me a number - 2. I know this means that I have 2 new messages. I deleted all my inbox messages but it keeps showing me this number - 2. What is the problem? May