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disk utility


IPod not recognized by iTunes & Disk Utility - Recognized by System Profile

I have a 40GB iPod Clickwheel (4th Gen?) that i'm trying to fix back to life since my mini was just stolen and i'm out on the road on tour all the time. my iPod actually powers up by itself just fine, the battery life is just peachy, and it can run i[More]


Disk Utility says "drive can't be repaired, disk and restore your backed up files."

My Mac Book Pro froze yesterday and I had to force restart it. It had been showing me messages that my hard drive disk was full for a while and I was in the middle of transferring files to my external hard drive and I accidentally put a huge large fi[More]


External Hard Disc won't mount - Partition Map error.  Can't repair with Disk Utility

Happy New Year all and thanks in advance for any support/advise. I have some important data on an external drive that does not seem to want to mount.  The drive is a 500 GB Seagate connected via USB.  I am currently on an iMac 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 D[More]


External hard drive error / disk utility not repairing

I am having problems with a particular external hard drive. Device is a Transcend StoreJet 25M (640GB) currently formatted in Mac OS Extended (Journaled). It was previously formatted in FAT32, exFat, and also Mac OS Extended (Journaled). It started g[More]


Disk Utility create encrypted disk image hangs

I'm trying really, really hard to backup my data but apple is not making it easy for me. I need my files encrypted for an offline backup. Time machine only allows home folder to be encrypted, and due to my home folder being on my SSD drive I cannot f[More]


Disk utility error message

My daughter told me her Mac mini isn't booting up past the grey screen. I put in the install disk and started it up pressing "C" and used Disk Utility to attempt to figure out what's up. I got the following error message: Could not repair due to[More]


Disk Utility doesn't finish creating new disk image - naming issue??

Recently I upgraded to Snow Leopard and carried along an empty disk image created in OS 10.4.11. I use these for archiving data on read-only DVDs and password protect the images. In the earlier OS, I found the practical limit for the dmg was 4.3 GB,[More]


Disk Utility: Differences between "Zero Out Data" and "7-Pass Erase"?

I'm wondering if anyone knows if there's a significant difference between the "Zero Out Data" erase option in Disk Utility (specifically Disk Utility 10.5.5), and the "7-Pass Erase" and "35-Pass Erase" options in same softwar[More]


Wife about to give birth and Disk Utility failing to repair HD.

Good morning. Starting last night I began having serious issues with my 2007 20" 2.4ghz iMac. I hope someone can help before I employ the "nuke" option. First a little background. My wife is about to give birth to our second child. I have s[More]


Disk Utility unable to format or partition external HD

Last weekend I bought Leopard and prepared everything in my iMac (PowerPC G5, 2.0 GHz) to install it. One of the things I tried was to repartition an external USB hard drive (Iomega 120 GB P/N: DHD120-C) for use with Time Machine. This drive was alre[More]


Disk Utility erase tab for hard disk is missing after accidental OS deletion when installing Win 8.1 (BootCamp)

Hi there everyone, This is my first post and I hope I can get this issue resolved with your help . So the issue that I am having is that my Disk Utility is not showing giving me the option to reformat my entire hard drive. The reason I want to this i[More]


I have a late 2012 iMac running osx 10.8.5.  I keep losing access to my internal hard drive.  I can reboot and regain access and it will last for a few minutes or hours.  Disk utility does not seems to help.

I have a late 2012 iMac with an I5 precessor running OSX 10.8.5 and a 1tb internal hard drive.  I keep losing access to the internal hard drive/startup disk. I can reboot and everything operates as normal for a few minutes or hours but then I lose al[More]


Greetings world.I have created a dmg. of my entire iomega ext HDD via disk utility using a mac book pro. It is currently sitting on the desktop. I have erased the iomega and now I can not understand how to put the dmg back.

It is safe to say that i need help.................. let me start at the beginning. I have 1 2008 imac. always a pleasure never been a problem. Attached to it i have an iomega 500gb ext drive. also been ok. until now!! The HDD would not mount. Disk u[More]


Disk repair button in disk utility greyed out and I cant repair my disk

Safari stopped working totally and I downloaded it again but it wont allow me to install it onto the hard drive saying it cant use the software. Disk utility has detected that the disk needs repair but the repair button is blanked out. Also I have pa[More]


DVD Drive dropping off grid, followed by Finder and Disk Utility issues

I'm having a very strange series of problems with my 8 core 2.8 MacPro. A few weeks back I did a DIY repair/replace of my optical drive. For the last few months it was failing to open when the eject button was pushed. The drive would make a noise as[More]


Disk Utility - Won't Repair Flash/Thumb Drive

So my Mac froze for some reason, while my Kingston thumb/flash drive was in. I tried to eject it, but I could only force eject (which it said may cause issues). After that, whenever I put the thumb drive in, it said something like the drive won't wor[More]


External hard drive not visible in disk utility or finder

Hi all, I have had a good look through previous discussions and I can't seem to find an issue relevant to mine. My external hard drive has 2 partitions (1 time machine back up, 1 general hard drive). The issue is that the HD is running when it is plu[More]


My external hard drive is not recognized by Time Machine; "The backup disk is not available" according to Disk Utility

I'm not completely tech savvy, but I'm having troubles with my external memory & time machine.  I'm a student, and thus its very important to me to be able to back up my computer. I wanted to back up my Time Machine the other day.  I clicked the icon[More]


Prosoft Data Rescue for  Hard Drive "No Valid Packages" in Disk Utility

I have a Macbook and I believe the hard drive has crashed. When I turn it on, I get the circle with line through it and the folder with question mark inside blinking. I got the Install Disk 1 to boot up but can not verify the hard drive. I get the fo[More]


How do i repair or recover data from a corrupt USB external hard drive that does not show up on my Mac desktop or disk utility

How do i repair or recover data from a corrupt USB external hard drive that does not show up on my Mac desktop or disk utility? Last night i was using my external hard drive, for some reason the folder just closed and i couldn't find it on my desktop[More]


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