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  • In lion no update posible

    I have apple lion ever bought in the store (200,-), but since there is lion can not update because he has not bought into the apple store. (69,-) can simply update ..... this is true for all programs, s so that you bought at the store. how do I fix t

  • Unable to Share project or save to iDVD

    I have a 1:07 long movie that I am trying to share rd finalize. I am receiving an "unable to complete, heap size too small" message. I have a 2008 MacBook Pro, 2g memory.Hi Two things a. Free space on Start-up hard disk (Mac OS). How much ? I ne

  • Pre-Apple ID Apple support account shares e-mail with Apple ID

    Hello, I have a small problem: Before these forums required an Apple ID, I made an account using my main e-mail. The thing is that my Apple ID is that exact e-mail, so now when I sign in with the latter and it asks me to create a username, 1. it tell

  • Toast audio disc not read by other mac

    I burned some CDs with Toast 10 Titanium for my disabled sister. The discs were burned from apple lossless rips I had in iTunes. Once burned they appeared on my desktop as an audio disc with the album title and the tracks appeared in iTunes. So, all

  • Import a CSV file

    Hi, I'm trying to import a file in a table but it does not occur anything. Here is my SQL statement : sqlldr fi01_owner/aaaaaa2005 control=loader.ctl load data infile 'L:\XS_TREATY.csv' into table XS_TREATY fields terminated by "," optionally en

  • Problems: un-mounting .dmg and inconsistent preferences

    I'm really just looking for a place to report some bugs. 1) Since installing Leopard .dmg files tend to lag when being ejected. Sometimes they take so long it is easier to go Force Quit the disc image helper through Activity Monitor. 2) Some preferen

  • Calling BI Publisher From Apex

    Does anybody have an example of an URL that calls a pdf report in BI Publisher from an Apex button. One parameter needs to be passed in the URL, which is a page item in Apex Cheers GusGus, Please also take a look at our master-detail how-to document:

  • How to get the .class file for the extended Controller .java file

    Hi, I did the below steps. 1. Created New OAWorkspace 2. Created New project 3. Imported the page .xml file 4. Added new .java file by extending the controller class 5. Added code in the .java file. 6. Ran the .xml file As I copied all the folders fr

  • Kadmin: Missing parameters in krb5.conf required for kadmin client while in

    Hi all When i am going to run commands like kadmin addprinc -randkey kadmin ktadd -k i am receiving kadmin: Missing parameters in krb5.conf required for kadmin client while ininitializing kadmin interface any ideas?? What kind of parameters are missi


    Hi , the error mess In the moni, Please suggest. thanks. kanan <SAP:Category>XIAdapter</SAP:Category>   <SAP:Code area="PLAINHTTP_ADAPTER">ATTRIBUTE_CLIENT</SAP:Code>   <SAP:P1>110</SAP:P1>   <SAP:P2 />