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Could please let me know how to use the function Module CRIF_RW_WEB_CALL_REPORT. I am trying to get the values of the report writer using this FM however the FM is stopped on the Selection Screen of the report writer - giving a message "Check the Sel[More]


Selection screen of report writer

Hi all, I am working on a report writer .In this report writer there is one column set which is a key figure set. It has two key figures,each is associated with one additional set. The fields of additional sets are as follows. Additional set 1 - peri[More]


Report Painter in Background??

How do you pass parameters or a variant to this FM (crif_rw_web_call_report)? I want to run a nightly job that executes a custom report painter report (with a selected variant or parameters) and dumps that data to a file. Edited by: Daniel Simpson on[More]


Function Modules to Execute Report Painter Report

Hi Experts, May I know if there is any way to execute the GR55 Report Painter reports, and get the report result back as a table? I need this to write a program to export the result to a external system. Many thanks!!! Regards, ChrisI am actually exp[More]


Need to call a Report Painter Report with filtered selection criteria

Hello All, I have created a Report through which I am calling a Report Painter Program 'Z443'  as I have to first filter out the selections and then pass it to the Report Painter Report. I tried the following two ways and found these problems : 1. Su[More]


Get report painter report result

Hi experts,    I use report painter/writer to create a report. Then I want to get the result of this report and print them. Could you please help to give a solution on how to get the result of this report in another print program?? Thank in advance!![More]


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  • Date when Stock is Posted in SLOC in MCHB table

    Hi Friends, My client has all the materials as batch managed and we wanted a report from MCHB to get qty of stock in each and every stock type and SLOC but we also wanted to know "On which date that stock has been posted in the respective SLOC",

  • Is there a way to make the bluetooth source I pick for Siri persistent?

    I have my iPhone paired with the factory Bluetooth hands-free audio in a car. I like using it for phone calls, but not for Siri. When I start Siri, I can choose my audio source, but the iPhone forgets the selection after that session, and defaults ba

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    I have the Design Premium CS5 suite installed on the laptop I am using, which I have rented from my uni as my own was unstable. I have got admin rights, and I installed Flash Builder 4. When I tried to debug code, I got the following error [IMG]http:

  • Output Determination for Credit Block/Release

    Hi All, I have a very strange problem with my Output Determination in SD. I have created several of these in the past and this is really, really becoming frustrating now! The scenario ... We need a requirement to send a form via email to a customer i

  • MySQL query to connect to multiple tables

    The following is a code I made for a search page to search my database "***_members". I want the code to not only take the information from the table "bands", but also the table "venues".  I would also like the search to not

  • Error in Proxy connection

    Hi Experts, I m trying to make connection between XI and SNC for Proxy. I have followed all the steps according to : /people/vijaya.kumari2/blog/2006/01/26/how-do-you-activate-abap-proxies even i have checked all the settings so many times. But still

  • ERROR Creating Web Form with "Create Sales Opportunity" checked

    When I create a new web form and choose to "Create Sales Opportunity" I get an error upon saving: "- Probability (%) must be a number and may contain a decimal point. - Amount must be a number and cannot be empty."Never mind, I see the

  • Tabular form template

    Hi all, I'm looking for a special template on tabular forms. It should provide different form elements only for a row that is in edit mode or in input mode. The other rows should be display_only_html. has someone done this before? thanks franzHi all,

  • What this function does: AIB3_EVALUATE_ODS_ASSIGN in PS/IM?

    Dear all, I'm investigating for the possible cause of data lost in transit in PS/IM area. The suspect currently is an update rule involving a function AIB3_EVALUATE_ODS_ASSIGN, as based on its E_SUBRC output value a record is skipped or not. Though I

  • Installing backup to lightroom 1 after re-installation

    I've re-installed Lightroom 1 after having my computer wiped clean.  How to I put the information from my backup into my program?The most important thing to copy back is the catalog ... beside the images of course . File locations: