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blackberry world will not open


Help Needed Badly | BlackBerry INC000025111306 | BlackBerry PlayBook - Tablet button does not work, almost stuck, copper under screen, seventh repair

I was really Humilitated my RIM on this Ticket whcih i rasied. 1) I bought a new tablet in last november in 2 months i had a Charger issue  2) They said this charger issue we cannot replace with new tablet and gave me a refurbished Tablet to me . 3)[More]


Blackberry 8310 not showing reply or send in sms text options menu

I have a blackberry 8310. iam able to recieve sms text messages but when i click to on options, there is no "reply" option in the menu for me to be able to reply to the text. The chip works fine in other phones so that tells me something in the[More]


BlackBerry z10 battery poor performanc​e

Hey i have a question with regards to how am I supposed to improve my battery on the z10. I bought this phone last year at full price from my carrier. Since then the battery performance has been very poor... even after the number of updates and reduc[More]


Feature Requests for BlackBerry​10 OS

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ This thread has been closed and is continued in this new thread here:  Feature Requests beyond BlackBerry OS10.3.1 Please click on that link. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++[More]


Error while creating a blackberry application in netbeans

hi everyone, i am trying to create a blackberry application along with my midlet in netbeans 6.5, where as the build failed with errors. here are the errors i am getting.. can anyone help me........ CreateProcess: "D:\Research In[More]


A few suggestion from a new BlackBerry 10 user.

Hello everyone. Im a new BlackBerry user and BB Z10 is my first BlackBerry device ever. I moved from Android to BB 10. BlackBerry 10 is a nice OS but some of the basic things are not functioning  correct even after 1 year of release. I will mention s[More]


Access to BlackBerry World store of US while being outside US

Hi BlackBerry I was wondering why the access to blackberry world is determined by which mobile carrier I'm currently using my phone with. Correct me if I'm wrong, If someone from the US for expample is out of the US and is using a sim card from the l[More]


ISE patch 1,2,3,4 with blackberry 9700

                   Hi, I'm using ISE patch 1,2,3,4, and I am trying to use guest portal on blackberry 9700. I verified that I am able to do 802.1x with blackberry. I associated to ssid, and opened web browser, and I can see the guest portal[More]


Blackberry Desktop Software has encountered a problem and needs to close

When I try to open Blackberry Desktop the message I get is that Blackberry Desktop Software has encountered a problem and needs to close.  I have a Blackberry Bold 9700 and as a result I cannot sync.  Does this mean I need to uninstall and reinstall?[More]


Metro PCS 8530 No Longer Connects to Blackberry Servers

I have the Q10 which I love. Wife has a 8530 which she loves. She basically just wants voice, BBM, and email. It works great for her. Her 8530 went wacked the other day. Phone turned on and worked fine except it would connect to nothing. We got Metro[More]


Not Working: BlackBerry Link Remote File Access Remove Old BlackBerry from BB ID

I have: removed my blackberry q10 from blackberry link, wiped my q10, uninstalled and reinstalled blackberry link, have link version, blackberry q10 os version - which whenever I plug in the q10 after removing the device from lin[More]


Can not log in another Blackberry ID in the same BB device

Can not log in another Blackberry ID eventhough I have already sign out(and wipe out data automatically) previsous Blackberry ID from the same the device. Please someone kindly assist ASAP. PS. Do I need to deassociate both via device & email?kkawin4[More]


Unable to install Blackberry Desktop Manager on Windows 8

Hi Team, Please help as I am trying to install Blackberry Desktop Software for my Blackberry Bold 4 (9900) phone, I did not get any software CD with the phone hence downloaded the software from and when[More]


Unable to download BlackBerry Desktop Software on Windows 8

I cannot get BB Desktop to install on my new Windows 8 lap file unzipped itself; asked for the preferred language; Install shield Wizard starts to run. Then I get the below message in a box called "Windows Installer". I click OK and the whole pr[More]


Unable to raise button Event in BlackBerry Emulator

Hi All, I've created a WebDynpro Application which invokes a BAPI on click of a button(or Link to Action). This Application s running fine on IE. I wanted t port this on a Blackberry device. I'm testing on a BlackBerry emulator. The first view is get[More]


HT3529 My friend switched his phone number from an iPhone to a Blackberry. My phone still wants to use iMessage to send him a text and won't let me send it as a text unless I turn off iMessage on my phone. Is there a fix for this?

My friend switched his phone number from an iPhone to a Blackberry. My phone still wants to use iMessage to send him a text and won't let me send it as a text unless I turn off iMessage on my phone. Is there a fix for this?jengrz wrote: My friend swi[More]


I can't not sign in in the messenger from my blackberry

I can't not sign in in the windows  messenger from my blackberry and also from any blackberry. This message apears." Server encontered unrecoverable error. Please contact your system administrator." Also I sing in with other contact and got thru[More]


2015 / BlackBerry Z10 (STL100-2) stuck at 99% OS 10.3 ...

Hello, Yesterday my device said it had an update (10.3) and it's now stuck on the boot screen (installing updates / starting BlackBerry 10 OS) at 98%, it goes really slow to 98% (12 hours). I've tried to reinstall 3 times now, and it's always the sam[More]


Unable to log in to BlackBerry ID after OS10.3 update - Now playing tennis with BB Help and my service provider

I am running OS on my BB Q10 and recently purchased a BB Classic thus wanted to switch device. The BB Q10 neither allows me to download switch or back up my device using BlackBerry Link - it keeps asking to sign in to my BBID. I am able t[More]


Display reports from BW using WAD on blackberry

Hi All, I have to display reports from BW using WAD on blackberry can any one please guide me how to do it? awaiting Reply Thanks & Regards Prasadyou have to integrate SAP Mobile infrastrcture with BW system to achive this.Read other 2 answers[More]


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