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  • Mac Mini Server mid 2010 problems

    I have a Mac Mini server mid 2010 model, running Mountain Lion server. It reported a fault with the HDD in the lower drive bay some months ago, so I changed the disk. It still reports a fault with a new disk and the original disk works perfectly in a

  • After Updating to Itunes 10.5, I keep getting an error message telling me my Ipad, my ipod can't sync because I do not have enough priveleges. HELP!

    I updated to Itunes 10.5 this morning.  Then I downloaded some new apps and podcasts.  Now when I try to sync my Ipad 2. It gives me a message that says my ipad cannot be synced.  I do not have the privelege to make the changes. WHAT GIVES?  It was w

  • Problem in saving a file in TextEdit

    When I try to save a file in TextEdit in Mavericks, I receive a warning such as "The file "Untitled.rtf" couldn't be opened." although I use a different file name. And the file is not saved at all. I would appreciate if this can be sol

  • File Sharing - Shared folder with forward slash in name

    I have a shared folder that has a forward slash in the name:   Test/Folder I can't remove it. Any suggestions on how to delete this from the File Sharing?Try this: sudo sharing -r name where name is the name of the sharepoint you want to delete.Read

  • What Should I See Entering Time Machine?

    I am using a Lacie 500 gig external drive to retain Time Machine backups. Everything appears to work properly. On entering Time Machine, I see only the contents of my 'Desktop' (except the Mac HD and Lacie HD) and nothing else. Is this as it should b

  • How to use CooCox software(C​oBuilder+C​oDebugger+​CoFlash) to develop applicatio​n program using

    1.Install JAVA platform and GCC compiler. eg: jdk-6u2-windows-i586-p.exe arm-2009q3-68-arm-none-eabi.exe website:​CDS-CDS_Developer-Site/en_US/ -/USD/ViewProductDetail-Start?ProductRef=jre-6u16-​oth-

  • Randomly kicked off wireless even with Snow Leopard.

    I had 10.5.8 and was suddenly being kicked off wireless repeatedly. Several groups said upgrading to Snow Leopard would fix the problem but it hasn't. I still get kicked off wi-fi randomly. It reconnects on its own after a few minutes, then starts ag

  • Website appearing different/poorly in Chrome than In other browsers

    I'm having a problem and hope to be able to send the file to an administrator to look at. I've been holding off launching the website because I can not get it to appear right in Chrome but it appears perfect in Firefox and Explorer. I have the latest

  • Viewing and Editing Issues with iPhoto 09

    While I have enjoyed the new features of iPhoto 09 vs iPhoto 08, there are two differences that may be bugs or may be "new features." The first is that while viewing images within an event, the image zoom slider in the lower right corner of the

  • DR Database-Issue?

    Hi, DB Version:10g R2 OS:Windows:MS Windows 2003 Server. DR database resides on this server,we use to reboot the server after applying the MS patch,the proble is DR database is coming up in ready only mode as soon i start the oracle service. Oracle s