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GRC 10.0 : BRM (Supress/Enfore fields)

Hi, We have a requirement at our client to implement a BRM methodology, where "impact analysis" is a mandatory step in the process. For example, if we are creating/changing a business role through BRM, it should enforce a mandatory impact analys[More]


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  • Cannot Open iTunes After Upgrading to 6.0.4

    I downloaded the latest version of iTunes and ever since, I cannot open the program on my computer. I have tried everything they say to do in the on line support manual. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have sent a few hours on this and nothing th

  • IPod Touch 2G need help to restore

    Ok so I have an itouch 2g that I am having a lot of problems. My little sister got her hands on it and I have no idea what she did but it seems the firmware on the ipod got corrupted and I have been pulling my hair out trying to get this thing to res

  • Facing problem in copy of standard SAP  program

    hi,,,,,,,,,,,,        when i execute this program in production server it displays an error ....i  m    trying to find out this error but this type(error) i cudnt find plz help me .....        i m sending the documents which i rcvd from the system af

  • Trying to understand ViewStack and child creation

    I'm trying to work with the ViewStack, but keep on getting error 1009, which means that the object I'm trying to use is not created yet. I just dont understand why the object is not created and at which point will it get created. The attached code de

  • How do I find out info about my G4, where  bought it, cost etc

    I need information about my G4. I bought it new some years ago but have no longer got the records of my purchase. Where can I find out those details please? The store was in Penrith, but not an Apple store as such. Even the name of the business would

  • Retrieve document id?

    Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to retrieve a ID of some kind (Document ID), to identify a PDF Form. When a user will fill a form in and send the data back to me, i want to know from what FORM it came, because i am working with multiple form

  • Loading .txt file in the Database

    I want to load .txt file in a table with datatype as LONG. Please Specify how i do i upload it using SQL Loader or any other Utility. Detail step would be a great help as this very urgent. Thanks MonaCheck the SQL*Loader chapter of the Utilities book

  • Long history of mail working well in variety of places, failure to send or receive mail even with 3 bars in CA

    I've been using my phone for mail for years. It has worked well, even when I had no access to wireless service (albeit slower). On trip to CA in Berkeley it has stopped sending or receiving emails on any of my three mail accounts.  Checked the settin

  • 10.4.7, PB G4 550MHz, Firewire external peripherals

    Hi, I updated from 10.4.6 to 10.4.7 a few days ago and since then no more firewire periphrals are mounted. No external HD, no DV cam, no external DVD-RW. I tested all these peripherals on other PCs and Mac and there are recognized without problems. I


    Hi, Wanna know if this can check for PD infotype authorisation as well other than PA infotypes? such as hrp1000 etc. Currently did not work for me.. Does anyone got any FM to check this? For HRP infotype... thanks a million, lihuiHi, By the way may i