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Shifting from procedural to object oriented

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Hi people,
I've been programming in ABAP in a procedural fashion since I started, because that's the way I was taught. Now I want to slowly shift to object oriented development. I know and understand all object oriented concepts (please don't copy paste OOP explanations or links merely to get points). Problem is, in the projects i'm involved everything is done in the old fashion. There's no use of UML whatsoever. I believe it's very difficult to shift my mind to OOP (an already difficult task for someone programming procedural for years) if the analisys and design is not done with OO as the base, as additionally I have very little practical experience with OOP (using ALV classes and such). If every other programmer does things in procedural way, when the time comes to integrate programs, problems arise.
I've been experimenting with OOP in my safe minisap at home, but in day to day work as pressure is put to finish programs on time, always procedural solutions come to mind.
Do you have any advice on how to cope with this? Can you post your experience on this subject? Has someone gone through this same problems?
Many thanks.

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Hello Alejandro
When I started with object-oriented ABAP programming about 2 years ago I made horrible mistakes in my classes and interfaces. However, I have my lessons learnt from these mistakes and improved my skills and knowledge step by step.
I have 3 recommendations for you:
<b>(1) Start now!</b>
Do not expect to develop perfect interfaces and classes from the very beginning. Understanding Object-Orientation takes its time.
<b>(2) Start with simple objects.</b>
Interfaces (or classes) can be used to define globally visible constants. Your first classes may contain only static methods. Yet while developing these "simple" objects you will get familiar with the class builder (SE24).
(3) Make heavy use of SAP standard classes.</b>
Before creating your own class(es) make a comprehensive search for available standard classes (of course, if you are dealing with custom-developed business objects you have to create your own classes).
For example, if you have to work with purchase orders have a look at the following classes:
If you create an instance of CL_PO_HEADER_HANDLE_MM you will have thousands of coding lines at your fingertip (e.g. method IF_PURCHASE_ORDER_MMGET_DATA returns the header data, method IF_PURCHASE_ORDER_MMGET_ITEMS returns the  order items -> no need of coding, just CALLING).
Finally, you may have a look at the following examples:
<a href="">Understanding ABAP Objects</a>
<a href="">Message Handling - Finding the Needle in the Haystack</a>
<a href="">Unified Access to All HR Infotypes</a>

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