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Safarai for Windows crashes

-0001-11-30 | Default
I am using Safarai for Windows version 3.0.4, on a XP desktop, I do have it set up as the default internet browser. The problem that I'm having is when I'm on a site that requires me to sign in, if I press the Tab key on my keyboard after typing in my user name it will crash and bring up the "Do you want to send a error report to Microsoft?" But if I use the mouse to move to the next field to enter my password it works fine. Why is it doing this if I use the Tab key instead of the left button on the mouse? I would like to be able to use the Tab key in case the batteries in the mouse stop working and I don't have any spare batteries on hand. Thank you for your help with this situation.

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It's not the correct place, you are supposed to click the the bug button which is located immediately to the left of the addres bar
I used it to report some ommissions, errors and annoyances; but it crashed Safari and raised a General Protection Fault to Windows - staggeringly impressive in its inneptitude - a bug report mechanism which is buggered
Re your particular issue; from what I've read Safari 3.x does not support authentication in this laughably labelled "beta" release. A messagebox or dialog might have been nicer than a program abend for a feature so obviously flawed, assuming that it is implented at all: but hey, "it's beta" as the Aplle fanboys will no doubt post if you continue to mention Safari's shortcomings

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-0001-11-30 Default

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