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Positioned updates with Oracle

-0001-11-30 | Default
I'm testing Oracle ODBC driver in a
Windows95 environment and I'm trying to
execute the following command:
SQLSetPos(hStmt, 1, SQL_UPDATE,
When the method is executed, it returns -1.
It seems like the Oracle ODBC driver
does not support positioned updates in
Windows95. However, the same command does
work in a Windows NT4 environment.
Is this a bug in Oracle ODBC driver
Is there a way (workaround) to make the
SQLSetPos command work in Windows95?
-- Andre W.

Latest answer

I just found out what my problem was.
Oracle ODBC driver does not support
positioned updates. For that you must use
the cursor library. When I did my test
in Windows95, I had a resource problem; the
cursor library could not be loaded. The
Oracle ODBC driver probably uses
more resources than older versions !!
-- Andre W.

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