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PCI-e Graphics in Advanced Dock isn't worth the loss of the Undock Button !!

2015-10-11 | Default
After using ATI Radeon X1300 in the advanced Dock with my W500 (4061-38U) for over a year, I'm in clear position to conclude, it isn't worth it. Here are the reasons why you should not have this setup :
 - the complete loss of one of the TOP features of using a Docking Station : the possibility of fast dock/undock the system without restart.
 - the use of PCI-e 1X is rubbish performance.
 - the native 1900x1200 resolution of the 4061-38U , which is very frustrating to read. So this screen ends up not being used at all.
 - the possibility to connect 2 screens : 1 using DVI, the other using VGA with very little quality loss depending on the screen, cable and resolution.
 - the docking station operating in high fan noise (though I had this worked)
 - eventually the dock becomes unstable due to power and heat issues
 - the waist of time, thinking on how to continue being stubborn and approaching different setups to improve performance in thee issue :
  ->Lenovo USB DVI box, (Slow performance, USB Bandwidth consumer. CPU Consumer)
  -> Other USB DVI products ( same issues)
  -> Matrox Dual/triple Display (likely to be of slow performance, PCMCIA card is not part of the Laptop Docking procedure, don't know if it requires restart, overpriced in my point of view)
 - lastly and not less important , the waist of space: it is possible to operate the laptop lid closed, and so arrange one of the LCD's to be over the Dock, VESA table mounted.
So as of yesterday, I got back to this simpler yet more efficient setup : W500 + Advanced Dock + 1 Viewsonic 22" LCD operating in landscape mode + 1 Viewsonic 22" LCD operating in portrait mode + backup disk in dock's UltraBay + external USB mouse and keyboard.
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Hi ppl
After more than a year and i still maintain the same setup: mentioned in this topic. It's been performing very well, graphics wise.
Overall the W500 is a great laptop. It's been updated with a 256GB Samsung 830 SSD and nothing more.
4GB 32bitW7
All the best for You people 

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