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Iphoto crashing browswer when upload pictures

I have iphoto 7.1.5 and everytime I try to upload pictures online or email them from iphoto only it crashes my browser. Not sure how to fix - I took pictures off the computer to give myself more room and I am up to date with computer updates.Well, I[More]


[Apache 2] Critical error mod_rewrite: Could not set permissions on rewrite

Hi, Well I had a look around to this problem and it seems it is specific to mac os system on intel machines, so I send my post here. I had installed the apache 2 server from and it seems to start. However it is impossible to l[More]


Quicktime isn't working

I had to start my computer with the disc.  I elected to reinstall everything and had my old files put in a previous system folder.  First I couldn't open itunes because it was a older version.  then i copied it from the previous system folder.  Then[More]


Folder containing Swedish characters isn't recognise. IsDirectory()

Hello! I have a problem with an application that is supposed to delete folders containing to files. It works fine but a folders name contain Swedish charters the applications doesn't work because that folder doesn't get recognizes as a directory by i[More]


WL Server & apache 2 integration: mod_weblogic: could not create lock

Hi, we're running Apache 2.0.50 as a front-end for WL Server 8.1 using mod_weblogic as the proxy. We have to run Apache as a different user than the default LocalSystem account to be able to access a windows share. But when we set up Apache to run as[More]


Newsstand store button isn't active?

Iphone 4 with iOS 5.0.1.  I can't understand why it isn't working and wanted to check it out.  Right now its annoying because it seems to be a pointless empty folder I can't delete and won't link to store.  Can anyone help with this?I figured it out.[More]


Parent could not create lock ???

Hi, Please Im testing the Apache plug-in from Weblogic9.1.<br> <br> I've followed the instructions very carefully but still can not run it with an Apache2 server.<br> <br> I have tried for about 10 hours! <br> &l[More]


Batch changing iPhoto photo dates.

I've imported several thousand scanned photos into iPhoto 7.1.3, and changed the dates to the dates they was taken either by modifying the information window, or by using batch date change. My intention was to modify the original files so that export[More]


I got following erro message in Apache error log file

Why mod_plsql is not started while trying to use Oracle Apex I got connection error as below into modplsql log file <106296140 ms>[ReqStartTime: 11/Sep/2007:14:48:50] <106296140 ms>Request ID ReqID:5160_1189536530 <106296140 ms>Connectin[More]


Batch date in iphoto

I have used an Automator script to batch time and date in iPhoto when the usual methodology within iPhoto's batching did not work adequately. Can you help me with an Automator script and teach me how to install it for iPhoto to recognize it within iP[More]


Batch change colorsync profile

I have moved an iPhoto library from a PowerBook to an iMac. For all photos I had the Color LCD colorsync profile embedded, which looks good in the PowerBook but washed-out in the iMac. I now embed the sRGB profile for new pictures, but I would like t[More]


Batch Resizing within Aperture?

Greetings- I shoot 400-600 images a day, thus I'm beginning to run out of hard drive space. I don't want to create a new vault of pictures on an external drive.  I'm willing to reduce the overall size of my photos in order to create some space on my[More]


ERR-7621 Could not determine workspace for application (:) on application a

We are running apex 2.2.1 on a RAC. While testing an app, we get http-500 in the browser. In error.log, we see --- errorlog --- [Mon Feb 26 11:48:34 2007] [warn] [client] read request line timed out [Mon Feb 26 12:34:10 2007] [warn] [clie[More]


Batch Change Photo's

Hi, I am looking to make a number of changes to photo's that I receive to make them web friendly. I would like to be able to select a bunch of photo's (say around 70), reduce the size on disk, reduce the width to around 500px and also change the phot[More]


Batch Resize photos Larger than a certain size.

Is there a way to have a script that searches a directory and any image files that are larger than 1000 x 1000 pixels are resized to 500 x 500 pixels and then saved over righting the sources file? I am asking because our server has over 40,000 photos[More]


CRM order giving the document could not be saved exception! Please help!

Hi Experts,    I am changing the status of a order using CRM_STATUS_CHANGE_EXTERN and CRM_STATUS_CHANGE_INTERN.    After this I call CRM_ORDER_INITIALIZE and the BAPI_BUSPROCESSND_SAVE.    Finally commit.            CALL FUNCTION 'CRM_ORDER_INITIALIZ[More]


Batch uploading multiple projects from Aperture 3 into sets on Flickr

I'm a new Aperture user (ex iPhoto) and imported all my photo's into Aperture. Like many of you here I sort my projects into folders locally in format year-month-date - title. Now I've imported all these folders (around 450) at once and each local fo[More]


Portal Jserv : fetcher dying...The portlet could not be contacted.

I have a TAR open, but with no luck till now. So here it goes: Configuration: IAS on HPUX11 32bit, oracle on NT4 sp6 When trying to login to main portal myhost.mydomain:7777/pls/portal30 I get Error: The portlet could not be contact[More]


Batch Retrieve Image links

Hi, I've found the File -> Package -> Report quite helpful for generating a detailed report for image links. However I am dealing with a few hundred files so the act of going into each one and generating a report individually is quite time consuming[More]


The perennial SFW optimise to filesize question

Problem: Save for web in an action: save for web >jpeg> optimise for filesize records the quality value for the image used when the action is recorded. Apparently there is no way in the action or via scripting to get SFW to repeat that proceedure fo[More]


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  • Looking for app to keep shutter open, smaller aperture

    I like to take long-exposure shots with my old medium-format Rolleiflex camera. And I'd love to do the same with my iPhone. Are there any apps that allow you to keep the shutter open for an hour or longer - and shrink the aperture down to almost pinh

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    Hi , I have created an popup window and I have to remove the title bar of that window completely(either to make the title bar invisible or to remove the title bar completely). I have tried the following method but of no use, 1)window.removewwindowfea

  • IDoc Acknowledgemt

    Hi I have a scenario file-XI-IDoc. I need to collect Application error acknowledgement and send it back to file again. I have scanned through the forum and haven't got a reply for the same. This can be done if the scenario is SAP to SAP. I would like

  • The error... when I approve the workflow

    When I approve the workflow, the PR's status (PO_REQUISITION_HEADERS_ALL.AUTHORIZATION_STATUS) is 'IN PROCESS'. But the notification¡¦s status (WF_NOTIFICATIONS.STATUS) becomes 'CLOSE'. I find the error log in wf_item_activity_statuses. (where item_t

  • E7-00 Symbian Belle - Widgets loose colors

    After installing the Symbian Belle latest updates on these phones, most of the Widgets lost their colors. Now most of them are only in white. (I have 2 of these for the moment) Although it does not had an impact on the functionality, it sure would lo

  • Postion and priority field in status profile

    Hi, what is the use of POSITION and PRIORITYfield in user status customization? Regards, RizwanHi The position  and priority field in user status is meant for the below determination There are two types of status display: Status line: Up to 8 active

  • WRT600N weird MAC Address issue

    I've had the Linksys WRT600N for several months. One day the internet connection stopped working, after I power cycled it, I called support and they had me change the router to clone MAC address after that it worked. If I took off the cloned MAC the

  • Playing video on ipod(and yes i did search for this)

    Okay well i converted my video files to MP4 format and most of em go on to itunes fine then when i put them on my ipod(it is an ipod video) i go to videos and play them and the sound is messed up. Like you can hear it then not and goes on and off the

  • Trying to get my Xbox to connect.

    My xbox live connection doesnt work. Im trying to access my wireless internet but everytime i do i get a test failed. The only way it seems to work is when i have a cord connected from the router to the actual xbox. Is there anyway i get get it to wo