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Entire library vanished!!!

Hi everyone, As the title says!! Opened iTunes to find the entire library empty!! All my music is still located in the windows music folders so I can copy that back over (takes an absolute age), but where have the 2 movies I recently purchased gone.[More]


Help with Apache plugin for Tomcat

I downloaded jakarta-tomcat-connectors-jk2-src-current.tar.gz from I am trying to install this without any progress. The web page gives lots of info on how to install the plug[More]


IBooks library vanished after update

After updating my iOS to the latest version recently, I was dismayed to find everything gone from my iBooks library. Does anyone know if Apple is going to bother to remedy this unpleasant surprise for future updates? I recommend backing up your pdf b[More]



I was sorting my pictures and wanted to add some new ones from a memory key. I tried drag and drop, but it took too much time. The little wheel for my mouse was rolling forever, my computer froze, and i had no choice to restart it. When it came on ag[More]


Help - Difficulties with transate()

Hi, I am having some weird difficulties with the translate method. I am trying to reposition one of layers by using X and Y values from a CSV file. I tried to access the variables various ways. One was using part[5], (with 'part' as the variable'). T[More]


Tomcat not loading images with mod_jk

I have images stored in a database which when retrieved have the extension .tmp when I view these images using tomcat they are recognised as being jpeg or bmp files etc. and are displayed as images. When the same images are viewed using tomcat throug[More]


ITunes Cloud Library Vanished

My iTunes Cloud Library has vanished.  Yesterday I installed McAfee virus checker (just in case) - could this be something to do with it?  But it found no viruses etc and didn't delete or move any files - or didn't tell me it had anyway. Foolishly I[More]


Ibooks from my library vanished

Help! most of my library just vanished!Quit iBooks and restart. Go to the home screen first by tapping the home button. Quit/close open apps by double tapping the home button and the task bar will appear with all of you recent/open apps displayed at[More]


Apache + tomcat + mod_webapp or mod_jk

I am thinking for using apache with tomcat. i am reading information but i have one initial trouble: what i must to use for production: mod_webapp or mod_jk? why? which is better? and in the future which will be the useful? thaksUse mod_webapp. mod_j[More]


Help with Apache plugin for WebLogic on HP-UX

Hi, I am trying to get Weblogic 5.1(w/sp8) on HP-UX 11 talking to Apache 8080) also on HP-UX 11 ( both on same box ). I have WebLogic listening on port 9001, and I followed the instructions to configure apache and weblogic. However whe[More]


Library has vanished???

I had a 6 month period where i didnt acces my account , when i did access my account my 2000 tracl library only had 132 songs in it ( and only about 18 of them were from my original library) normally it wouldnt be a big deal but my car was broken int[More]


Music vanished from library after restart

Hi, normally, I'm using the Android App, but for organizing the music library I'm using the Windows application. The problem not related to any specific Spotify application, I tried all devices. If I add new music to my library (artist is "Dry Kill L[More]


Using mod_rewrite with mod_jk2

Hi, recently i posted a query about how to manipulate url in tomcat. I'd found out that Apache server do have this mod_rewrite that allow URL to be manipulated before the server starts to look for the destination pages. But since my apps are running[More]


My entire Library has vanished! HELP!

I tried to Create a New Library, b/c I thought I could separate my music I use for different purposes, and when I did, I can't fine the Old Library with ALL MY MUSIC! Can I retrieve it? HELP ME!!!!! please!!!!!!Shift-click itunes open and open a prev[More]


My iTunes Library has vanished

I have nothing in my iTunes library today.  Everything is gone.  I still have it all on my iPad, but not on my MacBook Pro.  Any thoughts on how I can get my stuff back?Empty/corrupt library after upgrade/crash Hopefully it's not been too long since[More]

2015-12-10 apache bridge ErrorPage setup

Hi I am using a WebLogic 5.1 server with apache 1.3.14 in front running on a solaris machine. Now i want to set the ErrorPage when the weblogic bridge fails. I checked in the documentation t[More]


IPhoto hanging and crashing

Ever since I updated to iPhoto 08 this morning practically nothing works as it's supposed to. When I start iPhoto, the normal iPhoto window comes up showing my photos. I can scroll through them and even zoom around but as soon as I click anything iPh[More]


Tomcat 4 - apache - mod_webapp problem

hi, I know this is no tomcat forum, but i don't know where to post this message. I'm unable to connect apache with my tomcat server. I've installed apache(1.3.x) and tomcat(4.0 final) as stand-alone. they work fine. I've added the and t[More]


IPhoto Stops responding when assembling new book

I've been trying to buy a book on iPhoto but it keeps freezing out every time. This is a 50 page photo book, and after I click on the "Buy Book" button, the "Assembling Book" process starts, but after no more than 7 pages out of 50 of[More]


Mod_rewrite RewriteRule's not working...

i'm trying to utilize mod_rewrite on my OS X 10.4.8 server but even the simplest rule isn't being executed. not sure how to read my rewrite .log but it looks like all my rules / "pattern" are being applied to '/server-status' ? i've tried to wri[More]

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  • Desktop Died - How to re-associate itunes on new computer?

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