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Tomcat with Apache

Hi, I have followed the tutorial on this website to configure tomcat to connect with Apache. I am on a CENTOS 5 system. Apache was already installed and serving three web sites without problems. I wanted to add the ability to work with .jsp files and[More]


IPhoto 9.5

iPhoto 9.5 is now up on the App Store. Note that it might be a couple of hours before it shows up on your App Store, depending on where in the world you are.I tred to update and all I get is: Failed to verify the preflight file. It is not signed by A[More]


Is it possible to combine Mp4 with a SRT file using Handbrake in such as way as to be able to view on appletv3?

Hi All, I have a Mp4 file and a corresponding SRT file that I wish to combine and then wach through AppleTv3.  I have handbrake as my tool for preparing video for the appleTV (through Itunes). I've tried to "add External SRT" but I can't seem to[More]


Iphoto 9.5 slideshow - custom export

iphoto 9.5 slideshow - why after upgrade it's impossible to export movie with custom settings? In 9.4.3 it was possible to make .mov with custom settings, and now program alllow only 720p & 1080p for Apple devices!!!There is no solution, Apple remove[More]


IPhoto 11...Thumbnails show, but pictures gone??

Recently I went under iPhoto to find a picture I needed from an event that happened last year.  When I went under iPhoto, all my thumbnails/events show just fine, but when I double click one of the pictures in the events and it shows in the large win[More]


HT2638 iPhoto database rebuild

My 2007 black MacBook died and I had the hard drive recovered onto a back up drive. I had a shop transfer everything to my new Mac Mini. All my pictures are intact in the correct event/album, but only as thumbnails. I do not know which option to choo[More]


Aperture & iPhoto referenced library issues

Hi, For the last couple of days I've been busy trying to get my Aperture library to work properly. I recently started using a referenced library because of lack of space on my internal ssd. I've generated previews on all of my 40000 photos. I can see[More]


Restore Mode and much more

So, I am having a ton of trouble with my iPod recently. I had outlined my first problem in an earlier thread <>. No one was of any help there, but now I have some new problems. Ev[More]


Integrating Tomcat with Apache

Hi there, I'm really stuck here. I'm trying to integrate Apache with Tomcate. Not having much luck. I have a number of things that aren't quite right. For whatever reason the connector (mod_jk2) between Apache and Tomcat isn't doing its thing. First[More]


Failed installation after computer stolen

I am trying to install CS5 on a new computer (Windows 7) that I purchased after my old one (on which CS5 was installed) was stolen.  I find the "Order", download it, all appears to go ok, but it never finishes the installation.  The "suppor[More]


Integrate Tomcat with apache

I need a procedure to check my installation of Tomcat 4.0.3 and it¹s           integration with apache. I was told I need mod_jk, but I can¹t find it even           in the source files of tomcat. Any word on where I can find it?           Any procedu[More]


Two iPhotos on Launchpad

I recently got a new computer for college. It is a a v.10.7.4, 15 inch, 2.4 GHz processor MacBook Pro, and has gotten all the most recent Software Updates. However, following my iPhoto 9.3 update, I noticed an issue. In Launchpad iPhoto appears twice[More]


Iphoto 9.3 update installation loop on step5 99%.

Do you have a solution please?Back Up and try rebuild the library: hold down the command and option (or alt) keys while launching iPhoto. Use the resulting dialogue to rebuild. If that fails: Restore from your back up, repair the Library and try agai[More]


Hello Friends...About integrating tomcat with apache

Hello Friends... I want to integrate apache with tomcat. using JK connector. It is working for red hat 7.3 n 9. But it is not working for Red Hat Enterprise ES (Red Hat 3.2.3-47) I search for jk connector for Red Hat Enterprise ES. Cannot get help..[More]


IPhoto 9.3 doesn't support Snow Leopard??

I'm shocked but it seems that iPhoto 9.3 discontinues support for Snow Leopard! Why does Apple seem to want to kill the best OS version they made? Aperture 3.3 is like this too!iPhoto menu -> Provide iPhoto FeedbackRead other 4 answers[More]


Is it possible to combine JQuery with Captivate?

Hi there, I'm using Captivate version 6 on a Mac OSX 10. I am creating an elearning resource for a client and most of their staff will be accessing it via iPads and iPhones, so I want to publish it using HTML5. They'd like to add a couple of drag and[More]


Library Vanished

Hi folks, I've just experienced the weirdest thing! My whole library has just vanished (Invisible) It all happened when I went to use the Neat Image 'Plug In' it had to restart A3 in 32-bit and when it did all my images were gone 23,000 The folders s[More]


New computer wants me to combine Skype with Micros...

I have both a personal and business account for Skype. I use the business account most. In the process of setting up the business account on my new computer, I was asked for Microsoft account login info. After entering that, it now wants to merge eve[More]


My library vanished.

I left my itunes library unattended for a few hours, my ipod was not connected but the window was open on the screen. When I came back the library was empty, I connected my ipod and nothing changed. It said that all of my playlists were empty as well[More]


Help with apache mod_perl

I'm in the process of teaching myself perl, and I've also just set up a server. I'd like to combine my efforts .    I'd like to know how to set up apache with mod_perl. I gather it will probably need some sort of recompilation? I also don't see a mod[More]


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    Can I wirelessly view pictures on my Samsung tv from my iPad?Use Apply TV. Only US$99.00 other 6 answers

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  • Error in S888 Table

    Hi All, I found some entries in S888 table,I found that the Order Retail $ > 0 when Net Order $ = 0. what might be the error? Helpful suggestions will be rewarded. Thanks, JaleelHi Mohammed, Please do not open multi threads for same question. Error i