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DSR-500 I cannot change the color saturation

Hi, I have a Sony DSR-500 and I wish to change the color saturation. I read the manual very carefully and it says you must go to the MENU at the page 12. The problem is there is no page 12 !. Pages are from 1 to 9.Do you have a solution to my problem[More]


Lost Photos on iPhoto upgrade

After upgrading to iPhoto '08 ver 7.1.5 on my Mac G4 500 running OS 10.4.11 i find hundreds of my photos gone. The album names are still there but no photos. This is a major loss of several years of my life. Before you could look in the folders to se[More]


Error starting up ApEx's Oracle HTTP server

Hello. I have just configured a brand new Oracle HTTP server on a brand new ApEx database. When I try to start the server, it doesn't start and I see errors in the log files. dads.conf in Apache/modplsql/conf directory: Alias /i/ "/u01/app/oracle/pro[More]


Lost photos in iphoto

by importing photos from my camera I all over sudden lost over 15 months of photos...????Before anyone can help, they need information to work with. Basic stuff: - What version of iPhoto. - What version of the Operating System. - Details. What were y[More]


Lost photos on iphoto

I was editing some downloaded photos in iphoto (large jpeg files from a nikon D7000) when I got the spending wheel.  The program close and got the dreaded window that the program terminated due to a problem. When I open iphoto back up that and two ot[More]


Http server to configure mod plsql for creating DAD required by Workflow

Hi, I have a question. Actually, I am working on Oracle Workflow 2.6.3, which need the Oracle HTTP server to configure the DAD. I have already installed Oracle HTTP server (which called Apache Standalone using the Oracle Database10g Compa[More]


Lost photos on iPhoto, taken on iPhone in Phototream

Made Events from some groups of the photos taken on iPhone and transferred to iPhoto throught Photostream.  Some of those photos are totally gone!  any reasons known??Disable Photo Stream in the System/iCloud preference pane and in iPhoto's Photo Sha[More]


Lost photos! aaaggh! (iPhoto 08). I disconnected my HDD temporarily when relocating.I synced my iphone and iPhoto it seems has rebuilt the library from the old copy

I have two ext HDD intended to ensure I don't lose my photos( iPhoto 08). I disconnected my HDD temporarily when relocating. I then synced my iphone and iPhoto it seems has rebuilt the library from the old copy of the library (2011. I have Time Machi[More]


Oracle 10g HTTP Server + PHP

Does anyone know how to enable PHP support on Oracle HTTP Server (from Oracle DB Companion CD)? I tried to compile PHP on it, bet I get the following error: Configuring SAPI modules checking for AOLserver support... no checking for Apache 1.x module[More]



_ mod_osso configuration _ I m implementing SSO using Oracle Http server (based on apache 2.0) to be more precise using mod_osso , which would communicate with sso server for authentication of a user( cookie management ). Then based on the result app[More]


HTTP Server - what to select

Hi, While installing APEX I see below instruction - 2.3 HTTP Server Requirements In order to run, Oracle Application Express you must have access to one of the following: Oracle Application Express Listener Embedded PL/SQL gateway Oracle HTTP Server[More]


HTTP_Server when starting OPMN.

Hi, I am encountering the following error while trying to start the opmn : C:\OraHome_2\oracleas_mid4b2b\opmn\bin>opmnctl shutdown opmnctl: shutting down opmn and all managed processes... C:\OraHome_2\oracleas_mid4b2b\opmn\bin>opmnctl startall opmnc[More]


Iphoto won't open after upgrade

I upgraded iPhoto.  Now when I try to open the application, I get a message "the photo libray needs to be updated..."  The spinning circle appears for a while, indicating 'work going on.'  Then the application shuts down.  I download photos to i[More]


Mod_osso and ssl issue

running Oracle AS 10g (10.1.2). I have protected a directory with mod_osso (in mod_osso.conf). <Location /directory/*> require valid-user AuthType Basic </Location> I navigate to https://mydomain/directory, and it redirects to the SSO asking f[More]


IPhoto 9.2 photo descriptions will not write - after a few letters words self erase!

iPhoto 9.2 photo descriptions will not write - after a few letters words self erase! Program update downloaded earlier today, 24.10.11. Fine on my laptop, but my desktop is having problems.Rebuild the main library. Option 1 Back Up and try rebuild th[More]


HTTP Server High Availability

Hello All. I have a question regarding OC4J and HTTP server High Availability. I want to do something like the Figure 3-1 of the Oracle Application Server High Availability Guide 10.1.2. See this link[More]


IPhoto 9.4 crashes on export

iPhoto 9.4 crashes on exportRemove any third party export plug ins If it continues post the first  50 lines of the crash log LNRead other 4 answers[More]


Mod-osso agents session expiry - Query

Hi, My setup details: 1) I have a OHS server configured with mod-osso agent. 2) There is a OAM server which has the profile created for this mod-osso agent.In the OAMConsole I set the 'SESSION LIFETIME'(under common settings) to 2min. 3) When I try t[More]


IPhoto 9.4 sliders for shadows: and highlights: only give black page. can anyone help?

iPhoto 9.4 sliders for shadows: and highlights: only give black page. can anyone help?While we all have MacBooks in this forum not all of us use iPhoto. There's an iPhoto Support Community where everybody uses iPhoto. You should also post this questi[More]


HTTP server: ORDS or Tomcat or Apache

Our current APEX configuration uses Oracle OHS with mod_plsql on Linux. In this situation, it is clear that the browser connects to OHS, makes a HTTP request and OHS hands that request to the APEX engine in the Oracle Database via mod_plsql which sat[More]


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  • I keep getting crashes and error messages when trying to use LiveCycle. So far, the most I have been able to is create and name 3 text boxes.

    Despite having uninstalled, reinstalled, change compatibility, run as admin and a host of other "fixes", LC keeps crashing, closing out and otherwise failing to operate. At this point the most I have been able to accomplish has been inserting 3

  • Why can't PC open a PDF document ?

    Many people using PC told me that they can't open a PDF document I sent them by email, from my MacBook Pro. I created the document on Pages and exported it in PDF, but when people try to open it, there is incompatibility. It's very bothering because

  • Can't get those buttons working!

    Hi, I know a lot of people ask about buttons, but i have been through the forums and the manual and as many tutorials on the internet as I can find, and they still won't work. I have a standard menu where i want a little star to appear next to the ob

  • Managing a custom property through the console

    I'd like to create a boolean property that I mange through the console. It is basically a timing mechanism that I need to be able to turn on and off without recompiling or restarting the WLS server. I've done some looking at the documentation, but I

  • SPAU problem in SAP 4.7

    Hi All, We are upgrading from SAP_APPL release 21 to 27. While doing SPAU of one include, I have selected the option 'Adopt Modifications' and have added some business specific code. At that time we missed to add some code. At preset, this object is

  • Blackberry backup on pc

    Cannot open my blackberry backup on my pc with ipd ext.You can open it in notepad if you want to but it is giong to be unreadable (something like this: 49 6E 74 65 72 40 63 74 69 76 65 20 50 61 67 65 72 20 42 61 63 6B 75 70 2F 52 65 73 74 6F 72 65 20

  • Can a Thunderbolt display be used with an iPad?

    Can a Thunderbolt display be used with just an iPad?  HalNot that I know of since the iPad does not have a Thunderbolt port and I know of no adapters to go from the iPad digital adapter or component cables to the new display.Read other 2 answers

  • HT4993 My iphone is frozen on a screen that says Itunes with a pic of a charger.  This was after i accepted the system update...what do i do

    My Iphone 4 is frozen.  It told me I had a system update.  When i clicked on the system update it froze on a screen with an ITunes circle and a picture of a phone charger.  I've tried turning it off and on, I tried to reset it, Sprint has tried to re

  • I have followed all the instructions to export a slideshow but it does not work

    can someone please tell me why i can not export a slideshow when i used to be able to What has changedThere are 9 different versions of iPhoto and they run on 9 different versions of the Operating System. The tricks and tips for dealing with issues v

  • Connecting web domain names with Iweb

    How does one find out who owns a domain name? I think I own the web site via Yet when I tried to connect it in the I web it keeps telling me that someone else owns the site. How is this? Any help would be greatl