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I cannot make phone calls using Skype

Hello, I have a subscription to call numbers in Argentina. I've been using that plan for a long time. I need to call a number that I called many times in the past but my Skype account is not working. Please help me. I need to call this number today.[More]


How using ABAP function in fox formula ?

Hello, I want to launch standard function :"RSW_CURRENCY_TRANSLATION" by Fox formula. I declare this function in SAP Table :rsplf_fdir, and I can call this function by fox, with all parameters. But when I want to use it, I've a problem with the[More]


Using home wifi to make phone calls

Please someone - I have been reading info until I can't see! Will someone please give me some step by step instructions as to how to set up a C6 using a SIP client? I've seen almost every phone discussed but the C series. ThanksYou are probably using[More]


New VI function token in Labview Student Edition

All experts out there, This VI mod_qam token is not available in Student edition. How can i be able to create/find one? I am not able to search one in the Function Seach option. My objective is to create a M-ary QAM communication syste[More]


Nonlinear Curve Fit LM Formula String in Labview 8

hi, guys. I write a vi which use Nonlinear Curve Fit LM Formula String. When I run it ,the program says "Syntax error of parser." and I don't know what's wrong with it, so help me,Please. By the way ,you can fill the arrays as you wish. 帖子被trini[More]


TS5419 Unable to make FaceTime calls.

I have Iphone 5 and am unable to connect to FaceTime calls whether on wifi or not.. I have friends try to call me and it just says connecting.... for two minutes and then the call drops..Do you follow the steps listed in the article that you just lin[More]


Strange problem of calling library function node in labview 2010 and 2011

one year ago,I develop a program to usb device data and it works well,in labview 8.6 or 2009(win xp).Recently, When I test the program in labview 2010 and labview 2011(win xp).,the program always crash immediately.I check the program and find main pr[More]


Can't used my iPad to make phone calls with 8.0.2

I can't get my iPad to make calls or answer texts through my iPhone. Same network, bluetooth on both devices, same FaceTime account. I can't find wifi calling on my phone to turn it off. Handoff is working just fine with safari any suggestions?Hello[More]


Really need Min(a,b) and Max(a,b) function in "Eval formula node"

Hi all, I've been using the 'Eval formula node" to let the user of my app configure his own calculations, but now I've found out that the "Eval formula node" doesn't support these functions. e.g        y= min (a,b) or         y = max (a+3,[More]


Is it possible to call out the camera's propertypage in labview?The camera is based on directshow.

I'm currently working on a project that contains a part need to call out the camera's propertypage and enable users to change the property.I've learned that the propertypage has already been passed via directshow what we do is just call them out. Thi[More]


Can i make calls(plus mesaages) to some one from ipad air cellular?

Because in my country there is no 3G so can i make calls and text through gsm to my friends from ipad air cellular? if no it means ipaid cellular is only for 3g or 4g connections to access internet anywhere?you can't make calls, but if its supported,[More]


How to pass a pointer in labview library call function by using dll programmed in Labwindows​?

Hi, I'm trying to interface a camera with Labview.  However, the camera can only be programmed by C, so I'm using Labwindow CVI. I need to pass a camera handle from one function to another, eg. from a opencamera function to setparameter function.   /[More]


Skype Premium (group video) - unable to make calls...

The Skype Premium pages suggest that group video also gives you free calls to U.S. and Canada calls. However, when I go to make a call, I am told that I don't have funds and the call cannot be made. Are the marketing pages wrong? Are calls not includ[More]


Making video calls on skype

hi,I'm unable to make video calls on skype, i have a trust 17405 webcam, the trust drivers for this cam cause my pc to crash, without the drivers i'm still able to get a video image on trusts diagnostic tool on their webpage.i'm using a pentium 3, ru[More]


Nokia c-7 secondary camera issue

my nokia c 7-00 is about a month old, my secondary camera is not working, whenever i try to switch it on it says "unexpected error occured. restart phone." even after restarting the phone several times problem didnt got fixed. i also restored fa[More]


HT1507 I do not see a firewall tab when going to System Preferences Sharing?

I do not see a firewall tab when going to System Preferences>Sharing. I am unable to make or receive iChat video calls. Trying to figure out what is going on with my router.Hi, For others. The Firewall is in System Preferences > Security > Firewa[More]


Mod function in java

Hello everybody, I need help on mod fuction in java, but I don't know how can I use it, if you know how use it, please give a little example...thanks.. other 3 answers[More]


IPhoto library deleted - How do I get my pictures back?

Hello, I have just spent hours categorizing my pictures from my Mac HD into Iphoto folders. Once everything looked good, I deleted the Iphoto library on the HD just to save space. Pretty stupid! The problem is that I see the grey frame of the picture[More]


Mod Function in Partition

Hi, Could someone explain me or send me syntax for using a MOD fucntion in partitioning a table. Vishalbachc wrote: The age of the thread is less important than the rating of google True, as far as the date is concerned, but the relevance is. Your mo[More]


Deleted iphoto library - recovered library not photos help

I was trying to clean up the photos in my Picture folder and accidentally deleted the library folder. I have recovered the folder but not the pictures. How do I get the pictures back? I opened iphoto and was asked about a library so I checked the lib[More]

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    Mail is not functioning right, as well as iWorks. And everything started to break down since I updated the OS please help!To check the local network for some of the common configuration problems, launch and issue the following diagnostic

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    So when i'm on Facebook and have a couple of other tabs open at the same time, on a few occasions now Facebook has just stopped responding. All the other web pages are fine and loads things prefectly. I close the Facebook tab, re-open, try to reload

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    Hello Gurus, We have the Order Priority concept where we can give the priority when we create a Sales Order. The priority can be given in the Shipping tab --> Planning Priority. We also have the Demand Priority in the MDS where in we have to invoke t

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    I have been unable to get OS X.3.9 or OS X.2.x on 3 separate Macs to burn DVDs with a Fantom DVD +/- R/RW 16X Dual Layer Firewire external burner. OS X (Jaguar and Panther) both say the disk drive is unsupported. The burner box has the OS X compatibi

  • Business Rules Error : Exception Occured.

    Hi Everyone, I have a problem with business rules , an error message is Exception Occured. I already restart all services, but this error still appear. Please help ... Thanks EenIf you are doing this in planning, you need to go to Business Rules repo

  • Regarding Universal Work Flow

    Hi all we are making use of universal work flow where when the publisher publishes the item is there any possibility to trigger any java code since we want to make use of that information in our WebDynpro java code. please help us in this regard from

  • Photo Stream Pictures Are Disappearing

    Since my photo stream is full, when I take a new picture, it goes to photo stream. However, since the photo stream is full, my old pictures dissapear. Can I every retrieve back my old picturesIf they were only in photo stream and have since been dele

  • Joining cubes and relational data

    Hi we run std 2008 r2.  My experience is that voluminous dims have no place in olap cubes.  If I remember correctly power pivot can join a cube to a relational table.  Is that correct? I'm contemplating going that route but wonder if the same perform