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Observations when using CC 5.1

-0001-11-30 | Default
Hi guys, just thought i would like to share some interesting stuff i found out when using CC. There isnt really much discussion on using the actual products...
1. When creating a Risk with Risk Type 'Critical Permissions', you are not allowed to assign functions with actions in it. However , after assigning a function with no action in it, you can add actions to that function.
2. When running Risk analysis, you are allowed to run the query in background at Action and Permission level. However, you need to execute the query in foreground if you want to run for say 'critical permission' level. In this case, you are 'forced' to enter more specific criterias, otherwise the system will take an enormous amount of time to generate the results.
3. When you upload functions/bp/etc... into CC, the system will overwrite any duplicates and there will be no warning message.
4. The Security Reports under Informer to me should be improved. Currently it shows really the bare minimum information on roles/profiles/users. Perhaps more details could be added like who are the users assigned to the roles etc...
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When creating a Risk under Rule Architect, you are allowed to assign as many conflicting functions as you like but it will only take in the first 5 during the rule generation/update.
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