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No communication from the Telecommunications co.

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I ordered a phone and Internet from BT on 5th March for installation on 2nd April.  Today is 11th April and I'm still waiting.....
I have an email addresss, a mobile and a work landline. Maybe BT can do the 'Tele' but they can't do the communication...
Oh wait- they can't do the 'Tele' either! 

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I've lost track of the number of times I have tried to contact BT- usually several attempts to get through the IVR before speaking to someone who can only read what's on the screen in front of them.
An email to Warren Buckley did generate an email AND a phone call from BT (who knew they had such technological advances) and now I have a working phone.
Still waiting for the internet though. 10 days late and counting....

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