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Need Oracle HTTP Server for mod_plsql and link to download software

2015-12-10 | Default
Hi all,
I want to use mod_plsql to publish HTML from the database.
Therefore, I need an Oracle HTTP Server with mod_plsql.
I have installed the "Oracle HTTP Server with Apache 2.0", but there is no mod_plsql included! The welcome page refers to a "Oracle HTTP Server Standalone Administrator's Guide Based On Apache 2.0" which is not installed and can' t be found on OTN.
Can someone give me a link to Oracle HTTP Server installation software which includes mod_plsql?
Any hints are welcome!
Thanks, Markus

Latest answer

Based on the version of the database, you could use the listener from that - the same XML DB uses. That would not require an application server install at all.
Alternative: the mod_plsql replacement cartridge off Tom Kyte's site: Source only - compile against your preferred Apache

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