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MyFaces dataScroller has problems with checkboxes

-0001-11-30 | Default
i use the myfaces dataScroller on a dataTable which has some properties and one booleanCheckbox per row bound to a boolean-property of the data. The property is set to false by default.
it could look like this:
| [chbox] | name | address | city |
whenever i have enough data for the dataScroller to split it to two (or more) pages and i select a checkbox it gets set on every page of the dataScroller that i view.
so there seems to be no connection to the model when i skip through the pages. let's say i
(1) select the checkbox of the top row on page 1
(2) go to pages 2, 6 and 7
--> the checkbox in the top rows of pages 1,2,6,7 are selected altough i never clicked them.
i already searched for a solution, but the only thing i found was a thread by a guy having the same problem, but no follow-ups:
please help me, this is really essential to my application.
regards, jimbo

Latest answer

hi again,
i just migrated to myFaces 1.1.0 (from 1.0.9). the bug has been fixed in this release and now the checkboxes work as they are supposed to.

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