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IDOC : Interface behaves differently when updated via external system

-0001-11-30 | Default
I have a z idoc function module to update customer master table. z function module was created coping the standard fucntion and added a additional logic.
Now when the idoc from other non sap system hits sap, the tables are not updated as expected by the logic but updated the tables when it used to update with standard function module.
When I reprocess the same idoc through we19, it updates correctly.
Am i missing something please help.

Latest answer

I created a zprocess code and assigned it to inbound parameters in partner profiles settings. and z process code is assigned to z funtion module.

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Hi, I have a z idoc function module to update customer master table. z function module was created coping the standard fucntion and added a additional logic. Now when the idoc from other non sap system hits sap, the tables are not updated as expected [More]

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